Being Late Sometimes has It's Purpose
Alani ran home as quick as he could. He had stayed far too long at the harper's house, but he had firelizards! And Endi had promised he could have one if he helped out around the house...That wasn't even hard work, cleaning up and sometimes copying when the harper didn't have time anymore. Today he had helped with the clutch of Srindi, the little gold firelizard of Endi. She had been flown by the Bronze Madri of a visiting harper, and now there were 16 eggs available. The thought of owning a flit made him work even harder for the harper.
And now he was late. He was often late... if he got home after his father did he would probably get some sort of punishment....meaning he was homebound for a week or so... As he came closer to his home he saw he was in luck. His father wasn't home yet. He and his father had lived here alone for several years now, after his mother had passed away. She had died of a fever that no-one could lighten. The only thing he still remembered from his mother was her hair, it had been long and blond like his' and very soft. He opened the door and ran in, just in time to open some glowbaskets and close the shutters before his father got home.  


A week later he was getting ready to leave for Endi, who had promised the eggs would hatch today or tomorrow, when his father absolutely wanted him to help him sort out some wood first... As a result of that he arrived late at Endi's house. The hatching had already begun! Oh no! He hurried up the stairs to the fireplace and saw a lot of people with newly hatched flits. His heart missed a beat when he thought Endi might just have given the egg away to someone else when he was grabbed by the arm and pulled to the fireplace.
"Good!, you're finally here! There is one left, but if you had gotten here 5 minutes later..."
The loud cracking from the eggs alerted Alani that Endi was right, this egg was hatching... he looked helplessly up to the harper, who handed him food and told him to look in the flit's eyes.
The egg cracked and a lovely amber female emerged from the egg. Were there Amber firelizards?
"Endi, is this a normal colour?"
"I've heard about these, there aren't many of them, consider yourself lucky."

Charibda, the Amber Flit

His father wasn't all too happy with the new pet, but seeing how Alani glowed with pride when he showed the little Charibda, as he called her, he didn't mention thinking his son was too young to keep pets. He was 15, true, but he was always away, hanging around that harper fellow. He didn't need a pet to distract him even more from learning a trade. Sure he was training him to be a forester, but he hadn't quite started on that yet.


A week later his father sent Alani out to deliver a message to a nearby runner station. On his way back Alani saw a blue dragon soaring through the had been a while since he had seen dragons flying. It seemed to be heading to town. Alani ran as fast as he could (and he could run fast, being late a lot) and entered the town as the dragon landed.
"I'm a searchrider from beach Shards Weyr, and I have come to find candidates for the clutch hardening on the sand. Who should I see about this matter?"
"Me, bluerider." Endi said, I'm in charge of these affairs.
Alani rushed up onto the square when the blue dragon suddenly turned his head and caught him with his eyes, his tail waving slightly in the air.
"Looks like we found a likely subject!" the bluerider exclaimed "Care to be a candidate for the next hatching?"
Alani was stunned, the only thing he noticed were the swirling eyes of the blue. Luckily Endi took charge:
"He might like it, but I can't let him leave before consulting his father, who might object."
So they headed to Alani's home, and waited for his father to arrive. Alani's father seeing the blue and his son staring at it, immediately knew what had happened and sighed... giving a slight wave with his hand. Allowing his son to go. Alani went to his father and asked:
"Is it really ok, father? Can I go?"
"Sure, if you really want to, you can. I'll miss you, but I'll be proud if you impress."
So Alani said goodbye rode a dragonback to the Weyr. In the Weyr, he got a small bedroom he shared with other male candidates. They were all pretty excited, and Alani noticed neither of them knew what to expect from a hatching. That made him even more nervous. He cuddled up to Charibda and felt the warmth of her breath on his arm.
The next morning they were permitted to see the clutch. Alani didn't dare touch the eggs, he might do something wrong, so he just stood in front of this one egg with purple speckles he liked. Suddenly a girl with long black hair that looked strange asked him:
"What are you doing?"
"I don't want to disturb the dragon..."
"There is little to disturb now, plus sometimes I've heard you can feel them move in the shell! But I don't know if that is true."
"Won't I do anything wrong? What if I fall over it?"
"You won't! I'm Sarabande, what's your name?"
"That's enough time for today boys and girls! Let's go eat!" the rider in charge exclaimed.


Alani could feel the tension rising. The clutch was hatching and they all stood a bit lost waiting near the eggs. The Green Virith looked at them and took some steps backwards to let them proceed. The first egg cracked and a green hopped out, turning to Nema, who had once stood for a queen. Alani thought she might be a bit disappointed with a green, but the girl happily gazed into the eyes and said:
"You're perfect, Tiahanth..."
Watching the pair as they went to the tables, Alani didn't notice the 2 other new hatchlings, that is until he heared a voice saying:
"Alani! Watch me!"
He turned his head and looked straight at the little blue who was getting too close! The little hatchling bumped into Alani and staggered back up when Alani, just able to maintain his balance looked in the big blue eyes....
"Oops... Sorry, A'li. Couldn't help myself... maybe I'll be an early flyer. Anyway, A'li, I'm Caillarth. If you could feed me now, I'd be even happier."
Alani, barely understanding he was now a dragonrider and that the dragon had used his shortened name led the dragon out to eat
"Of course, Caillarth. Let's go eat."

Blue Caillarth


A'li dropped from the sky screaming. A loud splash accompanied him hitting the water and a few moments later ripples extended to all sides of the mountain lake.
"Was that enough?" Caillarth asked.
"That was perfect!" A'li called back, his heart racing and his body comfortably cool as it drifted back up to the surface.
"There was a lot of screaming..." Caillarth said a bit concerned.
"Well it was exciting, but the good kind of exciting."
"Oh... I know another good kind of excitement!" Caillarth said happily and pounced on A'li before the boy could evade him. The dragon found his rider with his front paws and gently carried him back up to the surface and extended A'li out from the waters.
"Pretty." A'li sighed as he watched the surroundings from a different vantage point. Maybe Caillarth was right and he should make use of the opportunity to enter a couple of flights with his dragon.

Al'i impressed at Beach Shards Weyr.
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