The running girl is about 18 turns, blond and tall. She athletically built, making it almost logic that she should be running. Her feet placed themselves on the rocky underground like she was part mountain goat. Her arms pumped rhythmically with her striding legs. Her head steady on her neck. Her glazy blue eyes scanning the ground in front of her. She was rushing home, leaping over streams and making her way through bushes. 
Amy wished she would soon be home. Her mother had asked her to be on time for once, but she had forgotten it. Again! She always did this. Why she didn't know. Today was her birthday and she knew her mother had been planning it for months! She had prepared something big. Amy clenched her teeth together as she almost twisted her ankle in a hole she hadn't seen in time.
Finally she reached the path that would take her home. The sky was an angry red telling her just how late she was. At long last she could spot her home in the distance. Something was off. There were a lot of people in the garden, somehow she had expected that. But there also was a big hump of green that didn't fit into the landscape. It hadn't been there this morning.
She came home exhausted and panting. There was no way she would be able to sneak past her mother to her room, anyways, all those people were waiting to see her. Carefully she went to the back of the house hoping her mother wouldn't scold her with all those people present.
"There's our little miss birthday girl!"
Clearly she had been wrong, the sound of her mother's voice didn't predict much good.
"Yes mother?" she asked casually.
"I told you to be on time for once in your life!" she said.
"Mom, you know I tried, I just forgot." she tried.
"Well maybe you will be on time for something more important, like let's say a hatching?" 
Was her mother kidding?
"Wha?" she said.
"You heard me right. It was not easy getting a Searchrider here so she could check you out and make your lifelong dream come true." her mother said, nodding and waving her arms above her head.
"You did? You are the best mom ever!" Amy shouted and hugged her mother so tight she could hardly breath.
"Anyone call me?" A woman said, "My name is Quara and my dragon's name is Dimenth."
So that had been the strange green hump in the yard.
"I think you're quite suited, luckily for you, you get summoned for a hatching." Quara winked.
"Oh, I can? Really?" Amy asked, almost dancing.
"Yes. We'll leave at the end of the party, you are packed and ready to go."

"I know you will be good for the Weyr." her mother said, as the stars shone brightly above.
"Thanks again mom." Amy said, looking longingly at the green dragon.
"Be sure to visit now and again, I don't want you forgetting me!" her mother said, hugging her again.
"I won't."
"Everyone ready? Deminth says she is going to cry if you hug her one more time." Quara said.
Mother and daughter wiped away some tears. Amy was helped onto the dragon while her mother watched and waved.
"To Tiynarea Dimenth!" Quara said, "to Home."

The morning was misty and moist, but that was part of the beauty of Tiynarea. It is astonishing how many different ways misty mornings can be. And this particular misty morning would urn out to be the happiest in Amy's live. There was a hatching waiting to happen before the end of the day, and the knowing afterwards that the event was to take place had griffed every single detail into Amy's mind.
She would never forget them and neither would she forget how Veredth hatch, one dragon from three greens who bounded to different corners of the hatching sands, and Veredt on a clear path towards her. 
Veredth, the darker half of a twin, waited for her sister to bond and then came to Amy, and nudged her in the leg. She looked up hopefully at her chosen rider. The girl belt over slightly and rubbed the hatchling’s eyeridges and said, “Don’t look at me like I’m not going to accept you Veredth, you know I wouldn’t do that.” The hatchling warbled happily and nuzzled against her new rider again.
"Thank you, Amy... one more thing, where is the food?"


Veredth spread her wings and felt the wind pass around her. Her eyes were closed as she retained the pose, tail gently swaying in the breeze.
"Perfect!" Amy called out excited, "We'll be flying in no time."
"I can hardly wait!" the voice of her green echoed in her mind, "Why can't we go now?"
"And what? Drop of a cliff?"
"Well, I would soar..."
"It's the possibility of smacking down that frightens me." Amy winked, "I don't want to lose you."
"I know what I can do. And I know my wings are strong enough to fly."
"We'll ask the instructor later today."
"Now." Veredth insisted.
"Ok, now." Amy sighed and followed her dragon to the weyrling trainer, knowing very well that Veredth would be flying before the day was over, there was no stopping the green if she had an idea in her head.

"Do you want to fly, Veredth?" Amy asked.
"Why do you ask?" the green answered with a question.
"Well, now that greens can fly since so many dragons are leaving Pern with their alien bonds, shouldn't that be something you want. A thing you weren't permitted to do and now you CAN do it."
"And everyone's doing it... I think I will let the flight issue rest." Veredth said deeply, "In fact, greens have never been forbidden to rise, they just did not lay eggs afterwards. And is that something I want to do right now? Being stuffed in a hot cavern with sand up into my nostrils waiting for some eggs to hatch? Not likely. No, I want to see the world, more, I want to see the Universe!"
"Slow down!" Amy laughed, "But I get it, no flights as of yet."
"You do." Veredth replied smugly.

Lantessama Isle