This is a Candidacy Page for Cathair Fionabhainn


Name Bryan
Age 23
Family No living relatives
Pets Blue Caerlizard Gedan from Caer Mystrach
Appearance Long and athletic, with strong legs and arms. Short black hair and brown eyes.
Thoughts Adventurer, looking for the thing not done before. Afraid of dieing, but without realising it. He doesn't like Greyelle too much because she has what he wants.


Bryan cut down the long vegetation on the island. His caerlizard flying behind him to not get caught in the falling branches. He and Gedan had done a lot of travelling already, but this island was the first uninhabited one they had gotten too. Humans had prospered on Alskyr. This sometimes saddened Bryan, everything important had already been done. He knew he was an adventurer in heart and soul. Touring Alskyr had seemed the only reasonable thing for him to do. Ever since his father had died 3 years ago he had been travelling. Nothing had kept him home. His mother had died right after he was born and his father 20 years later after a long and agonising disease. The disease had slowly infected his muscles and organs until his heart and lungs had stopped working. Bryan had known his father was going to die soon, had thought he was prepared for the loss. But he hadn't been. There had been no-one to comfort him, to help him. He didn't have any siblings because his father hadn't remarried. Both of his parents had been only child. He didn't have any family left. When he heard about the money his father had left him, he had made plans to trek around Alskyr. He had thought it would help him find peace. On some days it did, but he knew he couldn't run away from death for his entire life. People would die, they had always done and they would keep doing so.
In his long days of travelling he had learned much more about himself then he had ever wanted. He was a philosopher and had a deep hatred towards death. That was something he had never realised before. He had always been a daredevil, ready to bet on everything. He had found out he did that because he could mock death like that. He pretended to be immortal and acted like it. Now he knew better. He had picked a really bad time to get to know himself. Being afraid of dieing wasn't something to worry about when you were hiking along deserted islands with who knew how many dangerous animals. But all he could do that day was think. The scenery didn't get his attention and the work was too numbing to stay alert: cut-cut-swoosh, cut-cut swoosh....
The chitters of Gedan warned him when he came dangerously close to a slump in the ground, where he could break or sprain an ankle, and when he reached the occasional island cliffs.


Suddenly Gedan made a sound he had never made before. Bryan shook his head to clear his mind from the last daydreams and memories. He turned and saw the caerlizard twirling in the sky. That was weird for Gedan who usually was very calm. Maybe there were females nearby?
Suddenly the bushes in front of him parted and he saw a boy, about 5 years younger than him, run towards him with a black shadow behind him.
"Hey! Wait a sec, we need you!" the boy shouted
"I can't help you, I don't know where I am exactly either." Bryan replied
"We need to find a planet with dragons on it."
"Well, Alskyr has dragons in the Caers."
"We know, but we are looking for a planet with an eternal sunset apparently."
The boy looked a bit annoyed at the shadowy humanoid.
"I can't think of one right now, but they might know more in the Caers. A lot of offworlders pass through there. They might know about your sunset world."
High in the air his Gedan and a similar brown creature were having a little talk aswell. Gedan seemed to like the visitor as they exchanged paws and looked deep in each other's eyes.
"But you won't get their soon, the nearest Caer is miles away!"
"Oh, we'll get there." He turned to the shadow and said: "Greyelle, do you know where you should go?" He had to look her in the eyes for her to notice. Bryan thought this was getting creepier with the minute. But above their heads, the two lizards kept on chattering friendly, so nothing was wrong. If the brown was similar to his Gedan, it wouldn't have stayed with anyone that abused it. Weird or not, they weren't a real threat.
The shadow, apparently named Greyelle, a name that suited her, gazed at the boy and nodded her head.
"Is there any room for me? I'm getting bored with the travelling and I'm running low on food too. If it isn't too much." Bryan asked. Weird or not, if they got him home, he would be thankful.
Again the boy looked at Greyelle and she nodded. Before he could argue about prises, the girl came forward and grabbed both their arms. Her grip wasn't exactly soft and week like he had thought it would be. He could see all her muscles were tightened and she definately gave off signals of panic. Weird, there wasn't anything there to make her afraid. Then they hopped. He couldn't describe it any other way. One moment they were still there, the next they were standing outside a Caer with the two lizards chittering cries of disbelieve. For this surely beat their way of travelling. Bryan didn't feel a tinge of cold. He hadn't known people could do this. Well, she didn't look like a normal human at all, not with her black wings....there was something about her that made him afraid and angry. The boy with her didn't have those sensations clearly. But what shocked him most was that he reacted to her in that way, he had always thought he was open to offworlders, but apparently he was more of a traditional man than he thought. He considered never leaving his home again, at least than he wouldn't have all these discoveries about himself. But then, he didn't think he could leave the adventure behind.
"What do we do now?" He asked.
"We talk." the boy answered.
"And you think that will just work? What's your name by the way?"
"I'm Yan. If you know how to go about it, we will be talking soon enough."
Yan looked at the girl. He was worried. Well, she didn't look all to good.
"I think we better let Greyelle stay here."
Bryan shrugged and entered the Caer, Yan followed shortly after. They looked around the Caer. It was a peaceful day apparently, not many riders were about and a lot of dragons were swimming in the nearby lake. Bryan followed Yan to the nearest dragon, a purple. Her rider looked up, irritated.
"Alskyr's all you need, but if you must know, Sermelon will tell you where that planet is."
She pointed at a large building inside the Caer with beige stone walls. Bryan and Yan walked up to it and went through the door. Bryan was amazed by what he saw in there. They were in a mostly dark room, but the roof had openings at some places, those seemed to be covered, but not entirely. Enough light came in to see the man at the desk, writing.
"Are you Sermelon?" Yan asked.
"Yes, you are?"
"I'm Bryan and he's Yan." Bryan said.
"You don't look like the youngsters they usually bring me to teach."
"Oh, but we just need to find a planet."
Bryan said, moving closer to the man.
"A planet eh, there are a lot of planets around, you will have to be more precise."
"Well, it is a planet with dragons, and an eternal sunset."
Yan told.
"I think I know one or two planets as you describe, do you know anything else?"
"Yes, there was a huge flight and a lot of female dragons are now sharing sands."
"Ahhh, That would be Danach! An off worlder told us about it, a month or so in the past. That isn't too far from here...I think."

Sermelon got up and walked slowly to another bench, there he took out some maps and started arranging them in squares.
"This is Alskyr" Sermelon pointed to a small circle in the lower corner of the maps, "And this is Danach." A slightly bigger circle in the upper right corner.
"So you want to impress a Raug Dragon? I wonder how you will get there."
"We will, thanks for the explanation."
Yan said.
"Yeah, we should probably go." Bryan said.
"Young people are always in such a hurry! But you're right on this one, those eggs will hatch soon."
Bryan and Yan ran back outside the Caer. Greyelle already waiting for them. She took both of them by the wrist. Bryan was just about to argue that he was going to stay on Alskyr when she teleported.

The next thing he knew, he was in a forest-like surrounding with all kinds of weird plants. He couldn't keep his eyes of them. This was totally new to him. The plants seemed to be the only logical thing around. They looked like the plants on Alskyr. All the rest was different. The sky was a bright orange, but he couldn't see a sun. His mind tried to grasp things, but it couldn't. Then he saw Yan leaving with Greyelle. Maybe it was better if he stayed here for another 5 minutes, quietly letting all this soak in.
"Come on! You'll have plenty of time to do that, but only once to attend a Raug Hatching!!" Yan yelled
The boy made sense.
"I'm coming."

That's All for Now

Bryan's male striped fireworks rainbow blue Olodrankaeth
Parents - Divra and Mashakath