Iselyn waved her long red hair and stroke her hands down her well-formed body in a strapless black dress. She had only one thing on her mind right now. To have some fun. It had been so long since she had been out, sometimes it felt like she had been kept locked up for years.
"Hey there." She said in a low voice as a man by himself passed, "Looking for a good time?"
Being in the neighbourhood she was in, wearing what she was wearing, it was no surprise that the man stopped and approached her "Whatís the current rate?"
"First timeís free." She winked and giggled.
The man nodded, smiled shyly and followed Iselyn into the alley. This neighbourhood didnít bother with sleazy motel rooms and that suited Iselynís purpose. No-one needed to know where she had been.
"Right here is fine, honey." She told the guy and turned for a while to see no-one would see them. When she turned back her eyes had darkened and her smile had twisted a bit. Iselyn wasnít the same anymore. As her last thought faded into another she murmured: "Too soon."
"Be quiet."
"What?" the man asked.
"Nothing sugar." Iselyn answered with a lisp, "Just need to make sure we wonít be interrupted. The cops donít like our kind."
With a strength that was unnatural for her small frame and aided by surprise, Iselyn threw herself onto the man and brought him down, where he hit his head on the asphalt.
"Now letís have some fun."
Iselyn kneeled down beside him and opened her purse. She had a number of knives and other small things she could use to cut, pry and stab with. But before she could start with her games, Iselyn decided to let her other side out.
"Want to play too?" she asked, letting the little scared girl she had once been out, but remaining in control herself.
"What are you doing?!" the girl shrieked.
"Only what comes naturally. You want it too, after all, you made me!"
"No! NÖ no!" the scared Iselyn said closing her eyes.
The bloodlusty Iselyn opened her eyes again and noticed the other presence fleeing to the subconscious of their person. She smiled and knew that one day she would break her and take control completely. Smiling she took out some rope and bound the man to several trash containers. Shaking him to wake him, Iselyn took out a jagged pin and put it on his eye.
"Do you think you would bleed to dead if I stabbed you here?"
Shuddering the man tried to crawl away, as if somehow he would be able to disappear in the asphalt. As if.
"NoÖ" Iselyn murmured.
Great, there was an audience. Iselyn smiled viciously and pushed deeper. She put her hadn over the manís mouth and muffled his cries. He was a screamer, she would need to find something to gag him with.
In two hours time she had transformed the man into a bleeding heap of dead flesh. No-one would identify him by face or dental records, and he didnít have fingertips anymore. Iselyn smiled and retreated, leaving the mess for the other Iselyn to clean up.
The older, yet younger-feeling Iselyn, found herself opening her mouth to scream. Quickly she got her control back, and with a cultivated sense of detachment she looked at the body and tried not to think of the pain the man had gone through. She had locked herself away with her hands over her ears, trying to not hear, but there were also the feelings. Hatred and Lust when the victims died. And after that there was the clean up. She had once tried to leave as many evidence as she could so someone would take her into custody, but her other self had just taken over and cleaned up. Iselyn felt it was better to be sure she left a few hints at every murder, but so far no-one had caught on yet.
"Whatís happening there?" someone called from the back of the alley.
Iselynís heart leapt and she felt releaved that someone would see her. Maybe it would all be over soon. But even now she could feel the other half rear her ugly head and get ready to take over and kill whoever witnessed her leftovers.
"Is anybody hurt?" the voice came again, female and steady enough to come over here and see what was wrong. This woman would not run away.
"I think someone died here!" vicious Iselyn called out.
With a look of disbelief the light half took over again and knew that she would not be allowed to confess, and that this personís only chance to walk away was if she played along with what her dark half wanted. Seeing she had no choice Iselyn started to talk.
"I came in here because I thought I saw something move, but I donít think he has moved recently. How could he?" Iselyn heard her breath accelerate. She was going into shock and felt ready to cry. That wasnít good.
"Eklith said you were here when it happened." The woman said.
"Who?" the dark Iselyn called out.
"Ahh, interesting." The woman said, " Another split personality. Weíve been searching them a lot lately."
"They are needed." A voice from the shadows sounded, "Though be careful around them."
"Who are you!" Dark Iselyn called out, followed by a "Run!" from the other side.
Saranna took a step aside when the dark half lunged toward her. In the shadows a bright red eye opened and a blue claw stopped the young woman. "You cannot hide." The dragon said, "I will take you away from here and into the care of another."
"Will you help me?" Light Iselyn asked.
"We will try." Saranna assured the young woman with the haunted eyes. "We will try."
Carefully helping the woman onto her dragon Saranna hoped she would be able to keep her promise.

Iselyn, sulking because of her earlier encounter with the shadow glider female was busy paining her good self by replaying some good old memories. If she knew her good half she would feel forever soiled to know what had happened to the men and women she had murdered... well not exactly she, but knowing the good side, she would feel guilty.
Laughing a bit, the bad Iselyn felt her good side cringe in the back of her mind. She left the forest and felt the rain pour back down on her. Turning her face up Iselyn felt bad and loved it. She stepped of the road and wondered what would happen if she let her good side take over in the middle of the lake. Would she try to kill herself?
"I think she might resist you long enough." a voice told her.
"No way, this one is much stronger." the second replied.
"Who are you?" Iselyn asked the intruders.
"Look to your right." the first voice said, sounding feminine, "I am Ta'veren."
"And I'm Manetheren."
the male said bowing his head slightly.
"Let's try it out." Iselyn said with an evil grin.
"We can always hold you down and see if she'd swim back up to save her life." Manetheren suggested innocently.
"Why not just poke her?" Ta'veren asked.
"Not subtle enough." Iselyn said, we'll try the other one.
"We'll do your idea next time."

2-headed Tainted Blood Ta'veren (f) - Manetheren (m)

Five voices tried to gain control of the body that was Iselyn. Every morning was like a struggle. Iselyn didn't know how to solve all of the troubles that ailed her. Both her other personalities had gotten chummy with the two personalities of their dragon, and together the four of them had pushed her even more into hiding.
Training and practicing had turned into a four-way argument and Iselyn didn't know how to cope with it anymore. And today she would be in for more surprises.
"We want to fly." Ta'veren declared.
"Fly what dear?" One of the Iselyns asked.
"Each other. More dragons. Frankly I don't mind." Manetheren said.
"I agree with that." Ta'veren nodded.
"Could you... erm really, fly each other?" Iselyn asked.
"Why wouldn't we be able? We've got all the necessary equipment."
"And then some." Manetheren chuckled.

Lantessama Isle