Wes and Sulai

Wes pressed in a few buttons and launched his battle guns. The ship he was in lost some of it's speed but it was now defendable. Wes carefully aimed until the other ship was in the bulls' eye. Then he pressed the red button to fire. A ball of flames exploded at the edge of his screen. Wes let out a cheer. But then he realised he had nothing to party over. The blast had damaged his ship. Desperately trying to keep control Wes knew he was going to crash. He knew he was going to die...


The phrase blinked on the screen. End of game for him because he was out of money. But maybe...
"Hey Blink! Can I borrow some quarters?"
"And never see them again?" asked Blink.
Blink, a 17-year old arcade regular had hung around with Wes before. The girl was even more addicted to the games than he. He was 15 and completely whacked. He knew more about the games than the people that made them. With his small frame, pale skin and blond, almost white hair he looked like a younger version of Chad Kroeger.
"Come on Blink... For me?"
"Do you even know my real name?"
"Blink?" Wes tried.
"Nope... too bad. I only lend to people that know me."
Blink, or Sulai as her real name sounded, turned away and went outside. She was tall and slender with long medium brown hair. The loose ponytail flowed like in one of those Japanese cartoons when she closed the door behind her. Wes followed her to the parking lot and started begging. He threw himself to the ground in a melodramatic show. Tears streamed down his face as he looked up to his friend.
"It's a matter of life and death, ma'am. A quarter can save me!"
Sulai turned around and looked at him, one brow retracted up. A faint smile appeared on her face. "A quarter I shall lend you then, if it is a matter of life and death... but know that one day I will come to you and ask you for a favour."
"Anything, ma'am."
"I've got just the favour in mind." Sulai smiled.
"What?" Wes asked.
"With all my playing here my room has been terribly neglected... it could use a cleaning."
"Ack!" Wes said, "Do you know you look like Lara Croft?"
"Don't try to sweet-talk your way out of this. If you want that quarter you'll have to clean my room."
Wes looked at the quarter. Maybe he could play another hour with it, maybe not... But cleaning Sulai's room would take longer. The girl was messy, he had seen her around garbage.
"I'll pass..." he said, "You can clean your own room."
"Doesn't that feel better?"
"No worse...." Wes said.
"Come on! Turn that frown upside down." Sulai laughed.
Wes really felt like striking a blow at that smug face. He decided against it. Blink was bigger than him and probably more powerful too.
"What is your name anyway?" he asked.
"Sulai." she shrugged. "Shall I walk you home?"
"Yeah, who knows what an addict on the downfall might do."
"Tear down buildings." Sulai suggested.
"Pose a hazard for small pets and children more likely... stealing quarters." Wes continued.
"No... Would you steal candy from a baby?"
"Not candy, quarters... besides I would be helping that baby."
"How do you figure that?"
"What if he swallows the quarter and chokes on it."
"My hero." Sulai said rubbing his head.
"One day I'll be bigger than you you know." Wes warned her.
"I still have time until then... I hope. hmmm Maybe I should rub you more often." she smiled. Wes started running: "You'll never catch me!" 
They turned the corner, Wes faster, but Sulai's longer strides could keep up without much trouble. Sulai was laughing hard, feeling she should pick one: run or laugh, before she collapsed from lack of air. Suddenly she bumped into Wes.
"What?" she asked.
Then she also saw the woman with the green dragon in front of them. The green beast, about the size of a very large horse, looked at them.
"Hello, " she said, "Could you guys point me to the nearest coffee-house? It's been so long since I've been on earth that I crave for some coffee." she smiled.
"I'm sorry." she said, "My name is Maira and this, " she pointed at the green dragon behind her, "is Dresynith. We are finders."
Wes and Sulai were both still trying to make sense of the situation when a strange voice said: "Can I have coffee too Maira?"
"Dresynith... I told you, caffeine and dragons don't mix. But I'll bring you ice cream."
"Yay!" the green dragon remarked, closing her eyes in anticipation.
"It speaks!" Wes blurted out.
"Yes she does... though only telepathically."
"I think I have found my two already." the strange voice announced.
"These two?" Maira asked.
"The sooner I find, the sooner I get ice cream... so yes."
"Rascal." Maira said. She turned to the two teenagers and started: "As you can see I'm a dragonrider. I come from another planet as you might have guessed and I am not here for coffee alone. I am a finder and I find people that are likely to pair of with dragons. If you're interested, I could take you." Maira announced.
"Won't our parents have a problem with that?"
"Once you have a dragon you can come back only seconds after you left. That's a neat trick they do. The only if might be that these spots are for two different agencies. I need one for my own Isle Lantessama and one for Eriol Weyr."
"I won't be too shocked about splitting up." Sulai said.
"What? Who will I borrow quarters from then?" Wes asked semi-hurt.
"Maybe Maira can help you." Sulai shrugged. "Take me to that Eriol place."
"So be it. Dresynith, take us back..."

From the dark that had chilled their bones Dresynith emerged above a crowded bowl of activity. She landed and helped Sulai of Dresynith. 
"Don't worry. People here are very friendly. If you need anything just ask anyone to send me a message. They'll find me and I'll come back."
Sulai nodded. She had been on her own before.
"Oh and also... Find the head searcher Shanti, she'll have to confirm the search though I imagine you'll be added."

Second stop was in a far less crowded place on a sandy beach. This time Maira also jumped from Dresynith and told Wes to follow her. "I'll show you your rooms."

Sulai's Dragon  -  Wes' Dragon

Wes is a Candidate for Lantessama Isle
Sulai is a candidate for Eriol Weyr

Lantessama Isle