Darian, 19, male is the last of my remaining Pernese ideas. I thought it unfair to drop him so I used him as a filler on one of my own clutches. Here are his elaborate stats and history :)

Name: Darian
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Looks: Darian has a dark tanned skin, black hair that grows quite long in between cuts and deep brown eyes. He has a very gipsy-like appearance and does not like it one bit. But what are you going to do about it in a society that has no plastic surgery, laser skin treatments and/or hairdye?
Thoughts and Behaviour: Darian is vicious. He does not like company, staying as far away from humans as he possibly can. The only time he entres holds he intends to gamble, gifht or drink enough beer to forget he was ever born. He is not someone you would enjoy meeting in a dark alley, but at least the chances of that happening are minimal.
Darian also has a rude way with words, using them often enough to insult and quip, rather than to astound (yeah right). It's safe to say Darian goes to great lenghts to ensure no-one gets close to him.
Hobbies: Glaring, Looking angry and just Staring down other people. Does anyone need more hobbies? Oh yeah, Darian enjoys the occasional bar fight.
Pets: None.

History: As a child, Darian lived with his travelling parents in a caravan. They traded and performed tricks around the holds and Weyrs of Pern, never being openly hostile. And yet everywhere they went they were checked, looked down on and kept a close eye on. They were strangers sure, but the way they were treated wasn't like the holders would treat any stranger, no, they were always met with looks as if they were scum, criminals best to steer away from. arian never uttered his thoughths to his parents who seemed not to mind or see the stares. In stead he nourished them, letting them grow into a general hatred toward the 'normals'.
One day a fire caught the caravan. Most wagons burned down, many people died. From one day to the next, Darian found himself a 15-year old without family, without trade and without marks. He felt the stares of the people growing more heavy upon his shoulders. Turning more and more inward he became a paria, an outcast, living at the edge of civilisation where he kept feeding his paranoia until finally he was about ready to go postal.
It was then that Saranna found him. For a woman she had an open mind and a good knowledge of tough cases like Darian from her time on Earth in it's major metropols. She could see that he was a loony, but a loony that might be cured. Taking him home to Lantessama, she decided that a dragon would be the first thing to get him on the way to recovery.
And thus Darian became a candidate.


It was night when Darian was called to the hatching grounds. Being glad that he would have at least shadows to skulk in, Darian did not expect to bond. He did not like the concept of a glowing clutch, after all... they would be kind of noticeable. Should he ever want to return to Pern, a thing he doubted with a whole uninhabited continent laying on the other side of the bay, he would want to be inconspicuous again.
The eggs started hatching and Darian watched with disinterest until the second egg broke with a loud crash. The hatchling falling from the shell was blood red, darker than most other bloods, but not glowing with even the smallest spark. Looking up defiantly at all the worried faces he said: "Come Darian, these losers wouldn't know a healthy hatchling when it hit them in the face."
"Yes, Bleeth." he said, an angry glitter in his eyes, "They're not very smart around here, I've found."
the rest of his words were lost by the angry roar in the hatching caves.

Blood Bleeth


Still on Lantessama, Darian let his legs soak in the small lake on the isle. It was a warm summer's day and he felt like destroying everything in sight. He knew he wouldn't, but still his anger burned white inside him. Worse maybe than his own anger, were waves of dark excitement coming from his dragon Bleeth.
"I have my mind set on something rider mine." the dragon said, "A final test to prove my worth."
"And then can we go away from this happy place?" Darian asked. Bleeth had been insisiting they'd stay on Lantessama till he had proven himself a strong dragon, capable of taking on any other, and surely a match (if not better) than his clutchmates. According to Darian he had done so a few weeks ago already, and he certainly wasn't the smallest of dragons anymore, but Bleeth still wasn't satisfied.
"There is one that if she chooses me, will quench my thirst for adventure."
Darian arched an eyebrow, that was like the most amourous thing he had heard Bleeth say ever. The meaning of the sentence was also something he wasn't too fond of happening. Quench his thirst for adventure? Staying here raising a family? Darian did not feel up to that.
"She is Blinding Hope, Darian." Bleeth said, "The only light in my eyes, the only feather touching my heart. If she does not accept me as her mate I will follow your heart to the wastelands you so want to roam."
Darian nodded and Bleeth continued: "But if she does choose me and make the sky bright for me, I will want you to stay with me here, and as you put it, start a family. She is worth that."
"What's the name of her rider anyway?" Darian asked, not liking the idea of being paired up with just anyone.
"Sekally is her name. Do not worry, If her heart bears any resemblance to Naderenya's you will not renounce her call if she wishes to call you."
"You'd better not win." Darian said frustrated.
"I can only try." Bleeth answered cryptically.

Bleeth lifted shortly behind Naderenya. He and the four other chasers that were trying to catch her, were on her tail, falling of one by one as the flight progressed. In the end only he and Opal Klierth remained, following the young female in her speeding manoeuvres. Bleeth knew he and Klierth were equal in speed, but the white dragon was older, more trained in matters of flight, though he did not have much more experience in mating flights, as Bleeth had come to know. No, this flight was pretty leveled, the only way he'd win was with a risky trick.
Flying up, Bleeth prepared himself for a speedy fall right on top of Naderenya. Too bad that a mountain peak rose up in front of him, unseen in the night. Bleeth dodged it, but could not save his right wing from colliding with the slope. In a long spiralling fall, Bleeth went down...
"Bleeth!" Darian called when he saw his dragon fall. In a second the bond between his dragon and himself loosened and the presence Darian had gotten used to seemed to disappear. Thinking only of what he might have lost, one small voice sounded in his mind: "Now you can go wherever you want. No Bleeth to hold you back." Pushing away that voice, Darian reached Bleeth.
"Bleeth?" he asked, "Are you alright?"
"I hurt.." the blood dragon groaned. Pain spilled over the link between their minds and Darian grimaced from the sudden aching. The pain in his head bloomed open with the sudden sounding of loud high-pitched noises in a ullulating pattern. 
"Ambulance passing through!" A bright foliage-green dragon called.
"Who are you?" Darian asked, grimacing from the pain.
"We're the ambulance of course." the green explained, "I'm here to take this wounded dragon to the infirmary."
"Really?" A woman, presumably the green's rider asked. Bleeth stirred and Darian felt an name coming through the link: 'Lilimasith' the green and her rider apparently were in the same situation as he and Bleeth. He and Mike were Pernese while their dragons were Lantessaman.
Behind Darian, Bleeth got up, grinning, "No really, I'm ok."
"Just now you were telling me you were hurting all over." Darian frowned, getting a hard shove in the back for his efforts. Rubbing the sore spot, he called over the link: "What was that about!"
"You can never be too careful." Mike said to Darian, "He should be checked out."
Darian looked at Bleeth and Bleeth nodded not all resenting the attention of the female pair. "My wing does kind of hurt when I flex it."
"Hmm, I don't see any blood, but maybe you strained a muscle, broke a wingbone or twisted a joint."
Swallowing, Bleeth added, "Do you think so?"
Darian nearly laughed, he had never heard his dragon so confused and scared for what now seemed to be only a mild injury. If Darian's opinion had been asked, neither Bleeth nor he would go to the infirmary, but his opinion suddenly did not seem to matter much.
"I'm sure you can take it, being such a big dragon." the green dragon said with an odd look in her eyes. Darian shook his head, apparently flirting was something green dragons did not shy away from.

In the infirmary, Bleeth was given a quick physical by Zeni, the dragon healer. She took about five minutes before finally looking up from Bleeth's wings.
"You were lucky."
"It's not hurt at all?" Darian asked, with a scowl in his eyes.
"Oh, he bruised it. I think a black spot might appear tomorrow and stay there for a week of two, but he shouldn't have any problems with it, maybe some imcomfort when flying."
"You made me come all this way for a bruise?"
"Maybe we hould still bandage it."
Lili added, "White would look so cool on you."
"Black is my colour." Bleeth hissed back.
Lilimasith pulled a bit back, looking at the ground. Why did he yell at her? With a dragon puppy look, moist eyes and a quivering lip she looked back up.
"Sorry. I did not win," he gruffed, "My mood isn't as good as it can be." Darian arched an eyebrow.. Bleeth seldom was any more friendly than today.
"I still think white would look good on you." Lili said carefully.
"Please, don't continue." Mike suddenly intervened, "She can do this for hours, trust me."
They all got up to leave, splitting up in opposite directions at the exit of the infirmary, when unseen by their riders, Bleeth's tail for a second lingered in the grip of Lilimasith's green tail. With a last look at each other they went with their riders.

Darian walked in small circles in his cavern. His mind was fuming. He had just found out that his dragon had been setting up a whole new romance behind his back. Apparently the Blinding Hope Bleeth had spoken so vehemently about had left the blood's heart without so much as leaving a presence, but she had left the door ajar and now a new dragon had made herself cosy.
Darian remembered the dream he had had last night, a copy of the dream Bleeth had had that same moment. It had deeply disturbed him. Darian had hoped that Bleeth would be ready to leave Lantessama within two weeks, when his bruise had healed. But now he could only talk of that Foliage, and how the blinding hope had led him to her and that it wasn't breaking the bet.
This morning he had heard that the two dragons had been pushing their riders to meet each other around the isle. Ten times they had gotten together like this, but no more. Darian did not feel like being played. Granted, the dream had not felt wrong at all and he had to admit that Mike, Lili's rider was cute to the eye, but he had been played these passed three weeks. Darian did not know if what he was feeling were his own feelings, or just what Bleeth had fed into him.
"Rider?" Bleeth asked, "Are you alright."
"I am not and you know it!"
"I didn't do anything wrong." Bleeth added, "I'll leave you for a moment to calm down. Bye Darian."
Bleeth left the cavern and sighed. Everything seemed to be going down. Darian was angry with him, Lili did not want to meet him anymore. Suddenly he saw Mike walking around the mountain, she seemed to be talking to herself. Shaking her head and tapping her feet. Arguing with herself like this, she didn't notice the red tail coming up behind her. With a sudden grasp and pull, Mike was hanging upside down in front of Bleeth's face.
"Shhh!" the dragon rumbled, "I have a problem."
"Put me down!" Mike screamed, "Or I'll have to hurt you!" getting ready to put the moves on him, Mike suddenly felt herself slip. At the last moment she was stopped and then let down gently.
"What is it?" she asked irritated.
"It's Lili." Bleeth sighed, "She does not like me anymore. She's been avoiding me. Not following me around anymore. I kind of miss her."
"I don't want to spoil her fun, but actually she loves you deeply, madly, incoherently in her own very crazy way."
"She does?!" Bleeth called out, looking happy.
"That's the first time I saw you smile. Trust me she wants you."
"Ehm, yeah, I'm not made of stone." Bleeth answered, "But what should I do?"
"She wants something romantic. A serenade?" Mike suggested.
"I can do it." Bleeth said, walking off without a goodbye.
A plan formed in his mind to do just what Mike had suggested. Darian might need some convincing, but in the end he would see that this was better than wa&isting their lives in some far away hellhole that was at the fringes of the universe. That he was a blood dragon did not mean that he had to be a trouble-maker at all times, it just meant that passion coursed through his veins. And passion was something he felt deeply for his Lili.

The next morning, early when Darian was still sleeping, Bleeth snuck out of their cavern, and headed toward the cavern of Mike and Lilimasith. All he had was a blooming fazzle friend to give to Lili, along with his heart. 
Bugling outside her cavern, he called for Lili to come out, almost like the sound of a hatching. People started to come from their sleeping places, dragons stuck their heads out of their cavern openings and candidates started to poor from their quarters to make way to the hatching caverns.
But the only dragon that mattered had not yet showed her face. Bleeth called harder for Lili to come out and acknowledge his love. His heart jumped up when he saw her green crest arch from the opening. She waited, and he sung harder until he heard Mike call:
"Darnit Lili, go out now before he wakes everyone up!"
Then she appeared in the moening light and Bleeth knew that he would never let her go again, no matter how hard Darian nagged.
"I do not nag." his rider's voice sounded from behind him, "I cannot say I like this, but I know true love when I see it and I know I cannot keep you two from each other."
"You don't even mind Mike?" Bleeth asked.
"We'll have to see about that." Darian asked, "Love between us won't spring up like it has between you and Lilimasith." Darian said, "But I'll try because I remember what it felt like when you fell down. I cannot live without you anymore."

Bleeth is weyrmated to Foliage Lilimasith
They have a clutch at Lantessama Isle
(Read their Flight - Hatching)


Darian impressed at Lantessama Isle.

Lantessama Isle