Candidacy Page for Ryslen.

Eliany laughed when she saw her sister hanging from the tree.
"Now donít get all cocky because you are on the ground and Iím hanging upside down!" Enyda yelled. "I didnít choose to be in this mess!"
"No, I can clearly see that. But then how did you get there?" Eliany asked.
She and her sister were on a voyage around the nebula. Travelling from planet to planet in search of knowledge. When they felt they had learned enough, they were permitted to come back home and write an essay about what they had seen. It was a great honour to be allowed to cooperate in such a project. Only 5 students every 2 years where assigned to the program. And clearly her sister had learned something about this one.
"I was walking below the tree, so Iím guessing a booby trap?"
"Maybe. Now how will I get you down?"
"Youíd better worry about what made the booby trap...."
"Hmmm, hadnít thought of that, maybe Iíd better leave you here and hide to be sure I know what planted the trap here when it comes back for you."

She giggled.
"Nah, you wouldnít do that....hey Eliany! Where are you going?! Eliany!!!"
"Be quiet!"
She hissed when she reappeared below the tree with a saw. "I had to go back to the ship to get the saw to free you. Watch out, you might fall."
Eliany started on the rope.
"This is a really weird rope you know Enyda. We should take some for analysis"
"This isnít the time to get into science!"
Enyda wondered why her sister picked this time to worry about their assignment. She hadnít once shown interest in any of the other worlds, while Enyda herself was always busy gathering samples and researching plants and animals they found.
"Well, I donít know, you should never neglect science."
Something connected.
"I see, you are teasing me. Stop it!"


"Ouch! You could have warned me at least!" Enyda said, rubbing her elbows.
"I did, but you were too busy thinking."
"Don't play with me! I can see you're making fun off me!"
"Ahh sis! you have to admit it was funny. And to think you usually keep your eyes on the ground. I can't imagine how you ever managed to get in that trap."
"I don't always watch the ground!"
"Oh no? Then there must have been something really weird in the sky."
"In fact there was. A dragon, I think."
"Really? Hmmm, and tonight we'll see fairies dance around the fire...I think you fell harder than you think Enyda. All that hanging couldn't have been good for you too."
"Don't you think I know what I saw! I saw a dragon, or a creature that couldn't be called anything else."
"Well, I see you aren't wearing your glasses."
"Ahhh, Eliany, you know I hardly need them!"
"True, but you might have changed a bird into looking like a dragon..."

Enyda got bored with the conversation and her sister not wanting to listen to her.
"I'm out of here! I'll find proof and then you'll believe me!"
Eliany watched for a moment and then started following:
"Wait up! I know you aren't all that well in geography either!"
Oww, she had better not said that...Enyda started running. Eliany ran behind her, careful not to hit branches her sister angrily threw back. Now why had she gotten angry? She had only told her the truth.

After what seemed an eternal run, the two got to a huge mountain ridge.
"I could swear that dragon was headed here."
Eliany lifted one eyebrow, as to ask how Enyda could have known that. Enyda turned back to her sister and said:
"Don't look at me as if I couldn't do that! Maybe I can't find my way in a big city with streets all around me, but I can here!"
"Sure, if you say so."
"Now, we need to get to the other side. Maybe there's a valley of some kind where it lives."
"How big did you say it was?"
"Something around the size of an airplane back home."
"No kidding, and you're planning on just walking up to it?"
"Yeah, why not?"
"Enyda, not all doggies are nice doggies....remember?"
"Don't patronise me! I know what I'm doing!"
"Sure, you're the smartest. Just lead the way."
"ok, I think we can climb this wall...."

Eliany pointed to a small passage that lead into the mountain.
"Or we could try your way."
Eliany smiled and shook her head as she followed her sister. So bright and yet so stupid on normal things. Luckily Enyda had her to make sure she didn't have an accident. Enyda insisted on singing the entire way they were in the mountain. No offence to her sister, but she couldn't sing. Eliany had told her once, but that seemed to make her sad, so she just tuned in and followed her not so normal melody. In her mind she kept saying:
"Butchering a song isn't that great a deal....you'll still get into heaven."
They finally saw light at the end of the tunnel when other noises came through. Secret noises, whispers, shrieks and shuffles. Both sisters froze on their feet and carefully looked around them.
Nothing to see.
They advanced some more...
Suddenly Enyda felt a hand cling to her. She screamed.
"What!" Eliany asked.
"Something's holding me...."
"That's just me. I'm scared, it's dark and cold and I'm starting to think of small insect things....I can feel them....never mind."
"And you tell me I have a big imagination!"
"Well, you have....dragons, pfff."

Suddenly they came into a much larger passage. A cave.
"Think this might be the centre of the mountain?" Eliany asked.
"Could be, it's not uncommon for volcano's to have air bubbles..."
"This is a volcano?"
Eliany's fear was only noticeable through the widening of her eyes.
"Sure, didn't I tell you? It's extinct though." Enyda turned around and started counting.
"I wonder how big this place is."
"Can't we just find the way out?"
"No, think of it as research, you got into science today, right?"
"You know I was kidding."
"Of course, but that doesn't mean i can't use it to torment you with. I'm your sister, I deserve it."
"Come on! I'm not that bad, I can think of way worse sister's than me!"

"Yes, but I don't have to live with them."
Eliany screamed.
"Now don't try that on me again! I know it's you Eliany..." Enyda said as she turned. She stopped mid sentence, her comment freezing in her mouth when she saw the big eyes her sister had seen.
"We are not alone in here."
"Ya think?"
Suddenly all lights were switched on and people ran in. But neither of the sisters noticed that, they were too busy looking at the first dragon they had ever seen from up close.

"Are you staying on for the hatching like they asked?" Enyda asked.
"I think I might....Impressing a dragon seems cool."
"Yeah, but I don't think we'll ever get home after that...."
"We'll just be missing in action...nothing big, anything could happen to us on that trip. That's why I think we got chosen, the real intelligent ones would be able to safely stay home."
"No, I can't believe that."
"No? You never wondered why you got a place and Ivoryn didn't? She was smarter than you....you can't deny that."
"Maybe, but still...I'd like to get home one day."
"Well we can, remember what they said about between?"
"And remember what you wanted to do just to see one again? I'm surprised you didn't say yes like you usually do when you see a new creature."
"This is different. It's not just a creature."
"No, but think of the adventure!"
"Ok, I think I'll stay..."
Enyda said still doubting a little.
"That's the spirit!"

To the Dragons


Name Enyda
Age 19
Family sister Eliany and parents back home.
Pets Nope
Appearance long and science-like. Can usually be found wearing a long white robe and some comfortable sneakers. She has long brown hair and light blue eyes.
Thoughts She is the older and more serious sister. She always tries to do the best thing considered the situation and manages. She is usually too busy to think of relaxing, but she enjoys reading, music and working with animals.      
Name Eliany
Age 17
Family Sister Enyda and parents back home.
Pets Nope
Appearance Long and pretty with freckles and a smile on her face. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes.
Thoughts She is the younger sister and less known to study, but might be smarter. She has no tact what so ever and rages through life like a runaway train, always trying to find a fun thing to do. Although she can be careless, she can also be very responsible, usually when kids are around.