Aorta and Sanguin

Bloody Vengeance
"I have a plan." the one dark-red haired fairy, Aorta said to her companion Sanguin. He too had red hair, just a tint lighter, and eyes as black as coal.
"What?" he asked.
"I say we take over the world."
"That's always been the plan, Aorta."
"I know." Aorta sighed, "But I suggest now we do it!"
"But staying here and torture is quite fun already."
"You have to think big."
"Big?" Sanguin asked, "As in dragons?"
"Now that's a plan!"


Slightly after the peace returned two small twin dragons stepped into the light. Their black wingless bodies sucked up the light and their blood-red spikes and daggers glowed bright as the male stopped and whispered something in the females ear. It was such an unusual display that Cyan only stared. Dragons always spoke to each other with telepathy... What were these two doing?
Suddenly they skipped and flip-flopped into the audience like two skilled acrobats and found their way to -as expected- two more elves. These two examples of mischief were called Aorta and Sanguin. They were blood elvens that had registered for the Halloween clutch a few days ago. 
"Aorta, my name is Sawblade Handle." said the female.
"And I am Sawblade Teeth." smiled the male.
Cyan was quite surprised to see the elvens impress dragons -even such small examples as these- that were clearly evil. She was even more surprised when the two elvens giggled, hopped on the dragon's backs and speeded out.

Handle (f) and Teeth (m)

Lantessama Isle
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