ATAVI, To Fly or not to Fly?

Atavi looked around. No-one was around... He sighed with relief and went into the forest. No-one would notice he was gone. No-one would see what he was doing. No-one would disturb him. He was on his way to the forest to practice his flying. Not many Elves knew he wasn't good at that, and the ones that did wouldn't tell. His parents knew of course and they were ashamed. Which Air Elven couldn't fly?
Atavi kept his eyes on the ground. Flying would be a lot easier, but he had never learned. He had always been too busy reading. Maybe he should have played with the Wind Elvens more, but they were such airheads. They didn't have a clue about what was happening in the world.
Inside the forest he looked at the trees, maybe tonight he would be able to touch the highest leaves without the help of carefully hidden machines.
"Hey! Wait for Me!" He suddenly heard. "Atavi!!!"
It was Fall, his water Elven Companion. He thought about going on for a while, but finally he turned and waited for her to catch up.
"Hi! I saw you walking and I thought I'd join you." she said and kissed him. She looked happy, but then she suddenly became sad. He really couldn't use her at this time. He didn't want anyone to see him fall.
"I don't want you following me!" he said and ran off, it was all for the best. But then, why did his heart ache as he got further away from her?
He sprinted through the bushes and cut every corner he could think of, trying to lose her. When he didn't see her anymore he slowed down a bit and headed for the ravine. The hot air from the old volcano would probably help him fly. And it was the perfect occasion to try one of his newer theories about aero dynamics.
Atavi walked to the edge and looked down. it was deep. He thought he would fly if he was in danger. All Elvens could fly, how hard could it be?
"Atavi No!" Fall's voice from above shouted. 
"Darn." he whispered and started making his way toward her. Didn't she understand no? He was arguing in himself about what to do when he lost his footing and fell down. His heart froze for some seconds and he was gasping for air. But in stead of air, the sulphur made him sleepy. Maybe this wasn't so bad...
"Fly! Atavi, please fly!" Fall said next to him, how had she gotten here?
"I can't.." he mumbled.
"I never learned ok!" he yelled as his anger about her nosiness returned.
"You will have to! I can't get you up!" she said. "Spread your wings!"
Atavi obeyed, he was here to learn to fly and that was something you did with your wings open. He giggled...
"There!" Fall suddenly yelled as she grabbed his arm and started pulling him toward one of the walls. A soft breeze from their landing cleared up his head. They were in danger! He heard Fall coughing and desperately looked for a way out of the dire situation. He started breathing through his sleeve and as he bent down to get Fall he saw the cave.
"In here." he said. 
Fall didn't struggle. Atavi was glad for that, if she panicked he would be lost too. She could fly out, he couldn't. Finally they reached some clean air. Atavi waited for Fall to catch her breath.
"Thanks for saving me." he said.
"No problem, but how are we going to get out?" Fall asked.
"Go up, I guess...this must lead somewhere..."
Suddenly a light flashed and the walls of the cavern rumbled.
"Something's wrong!" Fall said as she stopped and listened.
"Keep going." Atavi said and they were off again.
At last they saw daylight again, but when they got out of the cave they knew something had happened when they were down there.
"Atavi, this isn't our world." Fall said.
"No, I've read about these exits. Exits to other dimensions and places. I don't think we can go back." he said as he looked back into the dark. He wasn't going back there...
"What do we do now?"
"Find out where we are." he said. 
At the base of the mountain they saw a crater, filled with people and creatures they could only name dragons.
"I've read about these places!" Fall said, "We could get dragons and go back home!"
"And fly..." Atavi whispered before he followed Fall down.


The next two eggs hatched to reveal another blue and a tiny green. The blue looked around worriedly for a moment, then chirped happily as he bounded across the sands like an oversized canine. Suddenly he tripped and landed, nose first, in front of Atavi. The calm elf smiled broadly as the blue struggled to his feet again, then bent down to help the blue untangle his wings from his hindlegs.
Thanks Atavi. The blue said adoringly, his multi-toned eyes whirling happily. Atavis grin widened as he stroked the downy head with its light scaling. "Its ok Karasun, lets go and get you fed and find Fall."


A puppy like dragon, Karasun will like nothing more then to please his rider and get good food. He craves attention and has such a bubbly personality and innocent view on life that few in the bowels of Fire Ridge would want to see his spirit dimmed by the Wars. His powers are mainly water and wind.


Atavi is a Candidate at Fire Ridge Weyr