Cherub looked down and giggled. His thick blond hair nearly obscuring his view as it fell down in soft curly strands. He hastily flicked it out of the way and returned to the two young lovers. So boring they were.
He had other plans in mind for them. Their hearts would feel more than they could possibly be feeling now. The male bend down and sat on one knee as he took out a little box.
Cherub stuck out his tongue and pointed one chubby finger toward the boy. A soft pink spark left his finger and slowly drifted down to the two humans. The room they were in was decorated for Valentine. Pink and red hearts everywhere. It was the perfect time of the year to be a Love Elven.
"Will you..." the male began.
But then the spark hit him. Cherub rubbed his hands as he saw the young man turn toward another girl in the coffee room. The first girl started to cry as she saw her -now ex- lover kiss the new girl and offering her the silly box.
"You should be glad!" he yelled down, "Who would want someone who doesn't give you bigger presents?"
Cherub shrugged as the first girl kept crying in stead of realising how lucky she was. If his skills weren't wanted here, he'd go elsewhere. Thousands of little hearts surrounded him as he teleported to Elven Dimension again. Cherub personally liked that teleportation trick. It had taken him a lot of time to learn it, but he mastered it completely. Like he mastered all sorts of love spells. But still the older Love Elvens didn't want to promote him to a higher function. In fact, he shouldn't even be down here. But he knew he was doing the right thing. It was Valentine...
"Cherub!!!!" a loud voice came towards him when he re-entered his own dimension.
"Yes, master." he quickly said.
"Where were you?" the old, almost blind Love Elven, that was his tutor asked.
"I was gardening, sir." Cherub answered.
"Ah, yes, gardening, one of the many skills young Elvens should be thought..." the old fool started. If it was up to his master they'd be all learning silly things like human traditions. Like they were any different from theirs! Luckily the old fool slept through most of the day, only bugging him when he needed something to be delivered.
"Can I be of any service?" he interrupted his master.
"Yes, as a matter of fact, I'd like you to bring this letter to a Forest Elven named Sage. It is a letter from a male Electric Elven who admires her from afar. This letter will get their relationship going."
"Ok." Cherub grabbed the letter and flew off.
Outside the house Cherub quickly opened the letter. Nothing even mildly interested in there. Where were the spiders or toe nails that would so show the males affection? All he found was a delicate white lily. Cherub shook his head, that letter was all wrong. Comparing a relationship to a flower that would wither and die within days was no good.
Cherub quickly took out a new envelope, a piece of paper and started writing:

Dear Sage,

I have seen you from afar and I'd like to see what you look like inside. I want to know how big your heart is exactly and how fast it will go when I hold it in my hands. I just know we are right for each other.
Please except, as a token of my undying obsession for you, these parts of me that will never die if you store them properly.

-Your Secret Admirer-

For the final touch he added some of his hair and finger nails. His tutor would be surprised if he saw how well the two new lovebirds got together. Maybe he'd even reward Cherub when he told him he had changed that strange letter to something more fitting the situation.
Cherub raced to the Elven's home, knocked and watched, hidden in the bushes, for her to find his message. She came out, found the letter and opened it where she stood. She looked around and went back in. Cherub was relieved when she came back out, with a coat draped around her neck. She was probably going to her lover right now.
Cherub flew off and went back to his master. When he arrived his master was already waiting for him on the porch of the house.
"What in love's name did you do?" the old man shouted.
"I delivered your message." Cherub said.
"No, you didn't deliver my message, can't be with the effect it caused."
"Well, I might have made some improvements to make it better..." Cherub started, a bit boasting.
"You ruined it! That whole relationship is heading for a crash!" his master came toward him and slapped him in the face.
"But... I helped..." he managed to say.
The look in his master's eyes was too angry to keep looking at. Cherub winced and bowed his head. Staring at the ground he only saw his master's feet walking toward the door.
"From now on, you are no longer an Elven in my care. You clearly don't understand love or anything even remotely related to it. Maybe someone else would like to take you in, but I doubt it after the stunt you pulled today."
The door banged shut. Cherub couldn't believe his ears. He not knowing what love was? He was a Love Elven, that was like saying Hard Rock wasn't romantic music! He just couldn't live with that. No, he'd have to prove his master he was worthy of Love. But how?
A sudden burst of genius lit his spirit as he watched the clouds. Wind Elvens! If he got two of those to fall in love forever his master had to agree he was a good love Elven. Winds never stayed together long, but he would change that.
Quick as bunny, a pink bunny with hearts all over it, Cherub raced to the Wind and Air lven territory. It was starnge how Elvens so different had come from the same race, but than he was the same race as his master, that couldn't be too right either.
The first Wind Elven he saw was a young adult male. Just what he needed. He saw the Elven checking his watch as if he was late. Late for his date on Valentine? This was going good. Cherub followed the man and watched him eneter a house.
Cherub screened all the windows and when he finally looked intot eh right window he saw the prettiest Wind Elven he had ever seen. She was much prettier than her companion. She went out the back way and missed the male Elven entering.
Cherub staued a few moments, to dazzled by his sudden love to move.
"Twister? Is Inea still here?" the male asked.
Inea? The name of his precious was Inea? How pretty...
"No, she just left. She was very excited about your date."
Date? Cherub snapped out of his temporary gaze into the world of cloud number nine. This couldn't be. Finally he saw a girl he loved... and then she was taken? No, he'd have to settle this. A soft spark hit the two Wind Elvens and they stopped talking. they moved toward each other and kissed.
Cherub smiled, love was such a pretty thing. And when he got to his Inea he'd teach her how good it could be. Better than anything she could have experienced with this sorry excuse for a man.
Cherub turned and saw his love was already heading in his direction. She had felt the change! Cherub sighed and stared at his love. How graveful she was as she pulled her long hair back and went in.
Suddenly a scream interrupted his quiet ponder about love, faith and good fortune. His love had seen his work. Cherub smiled, he was nearly exstatic. No-one had ever told him Love was this good to experience. Sure he had seen it, but to feel it...
Suddenly he heard Inea scream again. She saw her nearly poking out the eyes of the other female. Then the big bully of a male Elven grabbed her and threw her out. Cherub wanted to run toward her and comfort her, but suddenly he didn't dare. She looked so pretty sitting on the lawn weeping he'd rather make a painting of her.
He went home to get his equipment and when he came back she was gone. Maybe only 10 minutes had passed. Cherub could slap himself for leaving her. Maybe he'd never see her again! He flew up desperate at the thought.
But then he spotted her. She was up high in the sky, doing something. Cherub flew closer. Inea had her back turned toward him. He would surprise her and then all would be good.
Slowly he flew toward her, he didn't want to scare her... not too bad anyway.
But before he could reach her a big whirlwind pulled him under. Cherub's little wings couldn't deal with the downward pull and he lost altitude at an alarming pace. Suddenly the winds stopped. Cherub opened his eyes and looked around. The wind had blown him far away. he didn't recognise this part of the Elven dimension. He started flying south, back to where he came from, or at least in the direction he thought he had come from. He looked down and passed over a castle-like structure. He had seen these, but never in Elven Dimension.
"I'm not there anymore!" he cried out.
"Where am I?" he asked himself as he frantically looked around, trying to find some point he knew. How was he ever going to get home?
There! A human! He had to get to the man walking down below. Maybe he knew where they were.
"Hello!" he called.
The man looked around but didn't see him.
"Up here!" he called.
The man started to laugh.
"What's so funny?" Cherub asked.
"Well, with the Valentine clutch and all I knew there'd be funny persona's coming to Cy, but I don't think i've seen one quite like you yet."
"I'm one of a kind." Cherub proudly said.
"So, would you like to see the eggs?"
"What kind of eggs?"
"Dragon eggs, I though you said you were here for the Clutch."
"You said, sir, but I'd like to see them."

Cherub once again let his eyes go over the interior decorations. Everything was pink and small rose petals were covering the sands were he stood. Ridiculous. It was so wrong for this
Joyful occasion. Some black and red would have suited this place better. At least the candle lights were right, Cherub thought.
Cherub sighed and put his eyes back on the hatchlings, most of them were kind of dull. That is until a certain striped red emerged from his egg. Sadly he wasnít the only one who emerged at that special time. A spotted red was also recovering on the sands and the striped red, still shaky on his paws, tripped over the otherís tail.
The spotted red turned toward the striped red Cherub was following and started a complicated fight of snapping and slapping. Suddenly the spotted red overturned the striped red and placed his paw on his belly. Cherub felt a stab of regret when he saw the beautiful striped red take the fall.
After his defeat the striped red got up and made his way toward Cherub
"My name is Rancor." He said.
The dragon sounded a bit sulky about losing the fight. Cherub could feel his pain and was a bit startled that it resembled his own defeat so much.
"Itís ok buddy, we all lose sometimes." He said and patted Rancor on the head.
With those words spoken and nothing really cleared they left the hatching sands. They would see what was coming for them when it got thereÖ


Lantessama Isle  -  Cy Dragonstake

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