Name: Dwaallicht
Gender: female
Age: 212 (young adult)
Description: Dwaallicht likes to cloth herself in large, flowy white gowns. Her blond, nearly spring-green hair drapes loose around her head and bright blue eyes give her an innocent appearance. Two small feelers spring up from between her curls, each sporting a small bulb that shines a fluorescent blue light in the dark.
Personality-wise Dwaallicht is a problem child in her community. She refuses to lure unwary travelers into the swamp to take their treasure and haunt their bones. She does not take pleasure in revenge, she is plainly all wrong. And yet Dwaallicht loves her family for they are the only family she's ever known. She places the fault with herself but is unable to change her morality. She can neither join them nor leave them. Balancing on a very thin wire above an abyss, Dwaallicht won't be able to postpone her choice for long.
Theme: Struggle of Lawful Good, max 1000 words.

Name: Hoaka
Unnamed ("One of Integrity) -- reincarnated Lawful Good human
Height: 7-13' tall at the head, and 1.5 times that in length.
Gender: Female
Bond: Dwaallicht
Ban: May not naturally breed purebloods. Purebloods will be reincarnations of Lawful Good humans. Will not produce offspring when mated with same species. Remember their past lives.
Personality: Playful, Intelligent, Supportive
Light Magic Ability to create light or use it to one's advantage 5
Fire Magic Ability to create or bend fire to one's will. 1
Healing Magic Healing 4
Psionics Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Illusions, Mind-reading, Bending another's mind 3
Order Magic The ability to take an element of chaos and twist it back into order 2
Shapeshifting -- ++
Verbal Speech -- ++

*A Dwaallicht manifests itself as a small bluish light seen at night around swamps and cemeteries. They are said to lure unwary travelers into the swamp/water. In folklore they're said to be the spirits of still-born or unbaptized children.
English term: Will-o'-the-wisp.


Dwaallicht hovered slightly above the ground. It took a lot of energy and she knew it was hard to get new energy without committing sins, but to her, crushing whatever life might be below her feet was as much a sin as killing a human. And there lay her problem. She was a will-o'-the-wisp after all. Her purpose, if any, was to lure unsuspecting humans into the swamp and make use of their remaining life essence while their bones lay rotting in her territory.
And behold. Dwaallicht sighed, she only had to think about humans and they appeared into her lovely little seclusion. Floating away, she hoped, prayed even, that the human wouldn't take note of her. At least it would seem then that she'd actually been trying. If he did see her she'd have to choose again. Choose to either lead him away from danger as was her wish or lead him further into the swamp like her elders, siblings and friends wanted from her.
Suddenly a light flared up beside Dwaallicht. Dwaallicht winced and pulled her cousin Thewis behind a bush.
"Your light is too bright." she hissed.
"Lights are supposed to be bright." Thewis hissed back, "How else would they lure people?"
Dwaallicht's face darkened with sadness when she knew that her feelings weren't being understood. It was futile to try and tell a bird that worms and bugs had a right of living too after all. To most will-o'-the-wisps humans were food they needed to live. To some they were even toys they could break without having to worry. But not to Dwaallicht. She just wanted to be without having to kill. Even when her body demanded a human's essence to keep on going she'd rather attain it by doing menial jobs for others. Some life essence could also be found with the recently departed. Though she did not like stealing from the dead, the essence was pretty much free after the human's heart had stopped. So that passed her sense of rightfulness, barely.
"You'll use your territory like this." Thewis sighed, "not to mention your life."
"I know what I'm doing."
"We're all worried about you." Thewis insisted, "Just lure him."
Dwaallicht felt her heart being torn in two, "You know I can't."
Tears started streaming from her face at just mentioning killing. She knew Thewis was trying to do what was best for her. Somehow that only made it worse. She felt like... like a human. Dwaallicht had always known she identified with humans too much. Even though she had been born from the spirit of a baby too young to have memories of the human world she had not grown to hate those who had been allowed to live. She was alive now too, wasn't she?
"I really can't Thewis. I'd rather die myself." Dwaallicht sighed, "Just as much as I'd rather die than hurt any of my kin. I just can't pick either end because both will grieve me."
"But don't you realize!" Thewis called out, "I'm here to make you chose! If you haven't killed by the end of the day you'll be exiled Dwaallicht. there'll be no coming back."
"Maybe it's for the best." Dwaallicht said, "I almost feel relieved to know the choice has been made for me. I just cannot kill. No matter how many times I try, I cannot shake the feeling of kin I get from humans. We are the same Thewis. And if that means I need to go elsewhere, then so be it."
"I can't let you go." Thewis screamed and flung his body into the field of view of the lost human. Surprised the man looked at the light that shone so brightly under the trees. He started toward it, not noticing the danger he was getting himself into.
"No!" Dwaallicht called, rushing toward the man, her light brighter than she could afford to make it. All of her power went to erasing Thewis from his sight. She could not let him die. Not even if Thewis did it was it justified for him to die.
The man felt the light pass his face. It hovered around him and seemed to be trying to attack. Scared he fell to the ground. Turning and stumbling up again he ran for his life. No doubt with visions of ghosts, monsters and devils in the back of his mind.
Exhausted Dwaallicht fell to the ground. Thewis called for her but she could not answer. Suddenly he was beside her, talking.
"Dwaallicht." he cried, "You used too much power."
"Don't cry..." Dwaalicht was able to whisper.
"You're dieing. How can I not cry?" Thewis sobbed.
Suddenly a warm glow rushed into Dwaallicht's body and she felt her strength return. It was Thewis who'd shared his life essence with her. Dwaallicht hadn't known he could do that. But it wouldn't have mattered. This life essence came from a human too.
Crying she opened her eyes and asked: "Why?"
"I can't let you die." Thewis cried out, "Run away. Vanish, but don't die! If you go now I'll say you died and you'll be free. you can do what you want. Please Dwaallicht, don't die."
Silently, Dwaallicht rose in the air. With this much power she would be able to hold out for a week at least. With a last look back she said farewell to her home, her territory, her family and her people. Her heart cried out but it was the only way.
"Goodbye." she whispered.


Dwaallicht travelled, not knowing where she was going meant she also didn't have a plan or a clear direction she wanted to take. She just hovered here and there, following whatever caught her eyes. During the day she rested in the shade of trees or houses, during the night she carried on, dimming her lights and staying away from humans.
Then suddenly one night, she came across an unusual sight. A ring of mushrooms, commonly known as a witches circle, seemed to be glowing, beckoning her to investigate. Dwaallicht was not prepared for traps, after all, wasn't she the most vilest of creatures alive? Whatever could hurt her?
So she flew into the circle without worry and was transported... It's hard to say what distance she travelled in that one instant. Lightyears might be a correct assumption. And as she surfaced on the other side, she was met with clear green eyes that pulled her in. Before she knew it, she pulled on that energy...
"No!" she called.
"Don't worry." a voice called into her head, "I'm not that fragile that you could harm me."
The creature in front of her opened it's arms and hugged her, Dwaallicht being dwarfed by the size of the dragon.
"Come and play with me, My name is Hoaka and I shall take good care of you." 

Dwaallicht is a candidate at Ring of Fire
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