Fall, Knowledge is Everything

Fall looked at her sister basking in the shaded beams of the sun. Looking at herself. Again. She shook her head. She just couldn't understand they were sisters. How could she be related to such an airhead?
"Trying to find Narcissus?" She asked.
Showing her complete and utter stupidity Water answered:
"Of course not, he couldn't be prettier to look at than me."
That proved it. Water just couldn't be her sister, they had been switched at birth. Maybe she wasn't even a Water Elven. Fall sighed, she would have loved to be an Air Elven, they at least knew how important knowledge was.
Fall decided to leave her sister before she herself would get dumber just by being around her. Maybe Atavi would be around. Fall thought she had been pretty good in concealing her relationship with the Air Elf. No-one knew about him. No-one would care, but somehow if she thought they would it added to the feeling.
Fall smiled and fluttered through the underwater city. Outside the city she drifted up and jumped out of the water. Elves could live wherever they wanted, but being out of the water did make her shudder. She knew out of experience that this would pass when she got used to the cold. She combed her fingers through he hair and got out a few strands of seaweed. It was considered a thing of beauty when seaweed was willing to live in your hair, but it would die out of the water and Atavi thought it made her look like a drowning victim.
She suddenly saw Atavi going to the forest and ran after him. He hadn't seen her or he would have stopped and she was still too far to call out to him. She ran a bit faster. He was already in the forest and she couldn't see him anymore.
"Hey! Wait for Me!" she yelled, gasping for air, "Atavi!!!"
Finally he turned and waited.
"Hi! I saw you walking and I thought I'd join you." she said, blushing a bit, because walking wasn't what she had had in mind. She kissed him and then took a step back. The look on his face stopped her from giggling. Atavi was angry.
"I don't want you following me!" he said and ran off.
Fall watched him run off and felt hurt. She hadn't been following him. She had wanted them to make out. Nothing bad there, she thought. Or maybe they would find something interesting to talk about and have some discussions. Atavi always loved to discuss things. But he left her standing there, like she was just some silly girl that didn't mean a thing to him. And that couldn't be. No.
She flew up and pinpointed him walking toward the big ravine that divided the forest in 2. She wondered for a brief moment why he hadn't flown of, but she would have spot him immediately if he had done so. 
Fall started following Atavi from a distance. Ever closer they came to the ravine and Fall wished she hadn't come. The place was deserted for a good reason. Thick sulphur fumes drifted up from the depths of the planet. They made it hard to see and breath. but Atavi kept going and so did she. 
Suddenly a thought crossed her mind: What if he is meeting some forest Elven? But, no, that couldn't be, as small as she was, forest Elvens were even smaller, they would only reach to Atavi's knee. 
Finally Atavi stopped. He was right at the edge of the ravine, looking down. Another terrifying thought entered her mind: He's going to kill himself!
"Atavi No!" she yelled and landed 2 metres away from him.
Atavi tried to come to her, his face still mad when suddenly he tripped, his expression changing to a startled o. He fell.
Fall raced to the edge of the ravine and looked in. Why wasn't he flying? She quickly dove after him. About halfway down she finally caught up with Atavi.
"Fly! Atavi, please fly!" she said.
"I can't.." he mumbled.
"I never learned ok!" he yelled in her face, his voice bitter and envious.
"You will have to! I can't get you up!" she said.
Anxiety fluttered around her heart, like summer butterflies. She looked around, hoping to find some help. But no-one was around. 
"Spread your wings!" she yelled.
Atavi obeyed, at  least his racing speed down was slowed. The fumes carried them both, but that was an illusion, they were still falling. Finally Fall spotted a ledge, big enough for them both.
"There!" she yelled and pointed, dragging Atavi by his arm. They almost didn't make it. 
On the ledge the air was thicker than in the ravine. Fall started coughing.
"In here." Atavi said, holding his sleeve in front of his mouth and eyes. 
Fall let herself be led in a cave. The floor of the cave rose. Atavi made her go up and soon the fumes became less.
"Thanks for saving me." he said.
"No problem, but how are we going to get out?" Fall asked.
"Go up, I guess...this must lead somewhere..."
Suddenly a light flashed and the walls of the cavern rumbled.
"Something's wrong!" Fall said as she stopped and listened.
"Keep going." Atavi said and they were off again.
At last they saw daylight again, but when they got out of the cave they knew something had happened when they were down there.
"Atavi, this isn't our world."
"No, I've read about these exits. Exits to other dimensions and places. I don't think we can go back." he said as he looked back into the dark.
"What do we do now?"
"Find out where we are."
At the base of the mountain they saw a crater, filled with people and creatures they could only name dragons.
"I've read about these places!" Fall said, "We could get dragons and go back home!"
Fall started running down, closely followed by Atavi. 


Meanwhile, two other eggs had hatched, revealing a blue and a red. The blue, being rather large for his color, struggled to right all of his limbs while the red strode purposely towards Fall, her whirling opalescent eyes a bright blue-green. Fall! Im glad youre here, I can help you get home after Ive grown up a bit. Oh yeah, my name is Raetalen. The red added as an afterthought. Fall shot a glance at Atavi, but he stood off to the side, far away from the eggs.


A beautiful and deadly fire dragoness, Raetalen has spirit, and attitude, and is never afraid to show it. Her elemental powers are reserved only for Fire and some wind magic.


Fall impressed at Fire Ridge Weyr