Faun & Sprite

"Red!" Sprite shouted
"Darnit no! Green it shall be!" Faun shrieked back
"No way! Red is warm and passionate, I can't live in an ugly green house."
"Green isn't ugly! It is lush and shady. Besides, red is the colour of evil!"
"That isn't true! Red is the colour of fire. Can I help it that the evil people like red too, that only means they have a good sense of fashion."
With a wave of her arm, Faun coloured the entire room deep green. 
"It's green and it is going to stay this way!"

Sprite called out in fury and waved her arms, making the room colour deep red with orange and yellow sparks. "Look at how it sparkles now! This is what people like in rooms." Sprite told her sister. It was unusual for a fire and a forest elf to be related, but even in the elven dimension weird relationships are formed and unusual offspring can come from those relationships. Faun and Sprite's parents were a dark and a light elven, an explosive combo to begin with. It was no wonder that their children turned out so different. From the moment they were born, two tiny winged elves in a world of possibilities.
Sprite, the youngest of the two was the fire elf, she loved the colour red and was a devoted follower of whatever whim might strike her. She was as whimsical as a butterfly and Chance, or maybe miracle was the only thing that had kept her alive.
Faun, the elder of the two, was a forest elven in everything. She was calm and relaxed with an affinity for plants and animals. From the moment she could crawl over the ground she had lured in squirrels and mice to play with. 
Of course, that had caused problems. With a dark father and a baby pyromanic sister in the house the animals weren't quite safe with the gentle Faun. Fortunately, her Light mother could heal most of the ehm injuries the critters got.
This was only the first of many fights the sisters had gotten into, the present one being only one in a string of many more to come.
"Green!" and the room turned bright green.
"Even uglier! Red!" a deep red, bordering to black coloured the walls.
"Nooo!" Faun shrieked.
"Both of you stop!" their landlady, a tall air elf called out, "Out!"
"But we have a contract!" Faun shouted while Sprite tried: "I'll kill you!"
"I can't live with you two constantly shouting at each other. I'm sorry, but you'll just have to go."
Half an hour later, the two sprites were out on the street with everything they owned.
"It's your fault." Faun mumbled, "You started it."
"What?!" Sprite shrieked, "I did no such thing! You started it!"
"No You!"
"Get out!" the voice of the air elf sounded from the door.
With an angry look both faeries ceased their arguement, but continued calling each other names in their minds. They knew what the other one was doing, so neither of them stopped, they just stared angrily. Finally the air told them to start walking and they did so because an air isn't an elf you want to anger.
They walked for hours it seemed and finally they reached a strange, magical place with a pond and the oldest trees in that part of the forest. "Where do you think we are?" Sprite asked.
"You're with me." A voice out of nowhere answered, "My name is Pond."
"Oooh, Pond, that is such an unusual name." Sprite started, already drawn in by the trickster.
"You can't live in a pond sister." Faun said.
"On the contrary, you can. Try me." Pond snickered evilly before he drew both elvens in and let them see just how it was to live in a pond. Under the water they were chased by shadows and things with teeth, bad things with teeth. They fought for hours against the evil, fleeing and hiding until Sprite found a way... it was very narrow, but she was just small enough to pass through. Dragging her sister by the dress she emerged from pond on the other side of the magic transporter.
"Where are we?"
"I don't know. I say we go left." Sprite answered.
"Why would we go right?"
"Because you got us here! So it's my turn to decide."
"No way! It was you who got us here!"

"Who are you?" someone asked from around them.
"Who's there?" both elvens called in unison.
"My name is Evilness and you are bothering my children."
"Are you a female?" Sprite asked.
"nooo!" Faun called out.
Evilness lashed his tail at the elvens, nearly knocking them from the air. "I happen to be their dad. They are my eggs you insolate little creatures!"
"Chill." Sprite started before Faun could stop her, dragging her sister down. "I'm sorry sir, but we are lost."
"What's in your eggs anyway?" Sprite asked after she had twisted herself loose.
"Dragons of course." Evilness answered, "Beautiful Dragons."
"Dragons?" Sprite asked.
"Really?" Faun added.
"Of course they're real. What do you think I am?" Evilness asked. Faun could only barely stop her sister from saying something to anger the weird looking plant.
"Directions?" Sprite finally asked.
"Thataway." Evilness gruffed, lashing his tail toward an island, "They'll give you food and whatever there. Stick around as long as you want, just don't sign up for the easter clutch."
"The what?" Sprite asked.
"Shhh! Whatever you say, Evilness, Sir."
"Be gone!"
Sprite squawked and only barely managed to avert Evilness' tail.
"I guess we go that way." Faun shrugged.

It was evening when the call for the candidates for Tairim's clutch came. When the two tiny elves... well tiny compared to the other candidates there, Sprite and Faun were still several times the size of flies, so they couldn't be tiny for real... entered the cavern they were awed by the great display of floating flames that lighted the cavern. It took all of Faun's self control to focus her attention on the eggs. Sighing she looked at her sister who, as usual, had abandoned all previous desires and now found that soaring between those flames was THE best thing ever.
"Come on!" Sprite called out, "It's fun!"
"I won't! You should come down too!"
"Don't tell me what to do! You're not my boss."
Failing to remain where she was, Faun flew up higher, warming herself with the candles' glow and soon forgetting that she was in here to bond a dragon as well.
Below the two frolicking elves the eggs hatched, one by one seasons and semi-seasons emerged and bonded until finally...

Three eggs hatched next in a matter of seconds. The hatchlings that walked the sand were at different corners of the cavern and had no problem bonding all at the same time.
The female of the trio, a Foliage green with summer-patterned wings made her way to one of the two tiny elves that flew around the cavern, playing with the candles.
"Can I play?" she asked.
"I don't know if you can reach this far up." The green forest elven Faun replied.
"I have wings!" the baby summer-foliage called out to her chosen.
"They told us, baby dragons couldn't fly immediately." Faun said with a shrug.
"If the flames can't come to you, go to the flames." The hatchling grinned when she suddenly rose higher on a growing mountain of sand.
"Cool!" Faun told her draon, who told her her name was Folys. Not much later, when the thrill of landslides and candles had worn off a bit however, Faun heard the belly of Folys rumble.
"You're hungry!" she called out, "I'm such a bad forest elven! I should have known this."
"We were kind of in the middle of something." Folys grinned, "As long as I can eat now, I'm happy."
"Follow me!" the forest elven said, rushing toward the feeding tables, followed by the running dragonet, while Sprite still played with the flames, oblivious of her sister and her new play mate.
But even Sprite couldn't ignore a dragon if that dragon wanted to be seen...
One of the eggs hatched. A hatchling rolled out, it's red-orange limbs swaying everywhere. When it finally stopped it became obvious that there were in fact two hatchlings. One autumn and one smaller autumn-winged flame. 
The smallest of the bunch looked up at Sprite, calling out to her: "Sprite! I'm hungry!"
"But it is fun to play with the candles!" the passionate fire elven called back.
"I can always make more for you, but I'm really hungry now!"
"Oh, ok... but I want more flames!"
"Later ok." The hatchling told the immature elf, "My name is Spyrio, in case you wondered."
"Not really."
The dragon sighed and just left for the feeding tables alone, maybe Faun and his sister would feed him now that his bond was so enthralled...
"You know,..." the hatchling said slyly, "I could always burn you to a crisp if I wanted too."
"You wouldn't!" the Fire Elven said.
"Dare me!" the autumn-flame said seriously and in the blink of an eye smoke rose from Sprite's sleeve.
"That's not fair!" the fire elven insisted.
"So is leaving your bond to feed himself when he needs tender loving care."
"Ok, ok... I'm coming." the fire elven replied.

Summer-Foliage Folys (f) and Autumn-Fire Spyrio (m)

Sprite was busy watching Spyrio's daily flame and smoke entertainment show when a certain female summer-foliage season dragoness swished by, dropping some water over the unsuspecting fire-worshippers.
Spyrio, his flame extinguished snorted, trying to get all the water out of his nose and mouth, while Sprite tried not to be swept away by the flow and drown. Infuriated, Spyrio chased behind Folys.
"How dare you!" he yelled.
"You should be careful with fire!" she called back.
"It's not like stone burns!" he called back, swishing past the grey walls of the Lantessama mountains. The two of them were spiralling higher and higher. Between them a battle of earth and fire erupted where Spyrio launched flames and Folys fooled with gravity.
Below the two fighting dragons, their two rider elves were busy fighting on their own. Sprite just knew Faun had told her dragon to annoy him. Faun o the other hand was certain the two of them had had it coming.
"You always do stupid stuff!" she yelled.
"Well, This time we weren't!" Sprite called back.
"And who's fault is it that they're out their now, fighting?"
"What?! Certainly not mine!"
"You're not implying Folys started this on her own!"
"She damn well did!"
A sudden heat overcame the two forest elves. The argument rose and grew hotter. The two elves launched the most colourful insults toward each other and at one point actually started slapping each other and throwing stuff. People knew better than to interfere for both of the elves used their powers, which meant people trying to stop the fight might suddenly burst into flames. Or get crushed by about a ton of soil. Neither of which seemed very appealing.
Suddenly though, the direction of rage changed and Faun cried out. She fell to the floor and lay panting.
"Hey, what's wrong? I didn't even hit you."
"It's them." Faun replied.
Sprite then felt it too. The blazing fires of rage had shifted to something else entirely with the dragons as well. No longer were they fighting, they were chasing.
"A mating flight?" Sprite asked.
"Folys' been edgy for a while. I didn't notice though."
"My fault too, I suppose." Sprite remarked sarcastically.
"Shut up!" Faun called, trying to regain control of the pleasure areas in her brain.
"You won't hold out much longer." Sprite said.
"I take it you're more resistant to passion?"
"As a matter of fact I am. Let me help you inside."
High above them the triumphant roar of Spyrio sounded as he finally caught Folys.

Lantessama Isle