Carrot and Apple

"Yes Apple?"
"Are you as bored as I am?"
"Yeah... being grounded sucks."
"Maybe we should sneak out?" Apple suggested.
"I'd love to! But how?" Carrot said, leaning back in her small wooden chair.
Apple and Carrot were twin Forest Elvens. Always on the lookout for trouble. Carrot, a red haired, green eyed 14 year old vixen was the fear and secret desire for every free Elven out there. Apple on the other hand, a blond haired, green eyed 14 year old mechanical genius was always busy making some sort of nifty device or gadget. He had made fireworks, gas bombs and the never failing electric shocker that had given them hours of fun on unsuspecting visitors. They were fast and unseen.
"Well Mom and Dad have to go sleep sometime... plus I've been waiting for a chance to test these audio devices. Snore please."
Carrot shrugged and snored a few times.
"Perfect. Now they'll think we're sleeping."
"Do you really think that'll work?"
"Of course it will, has any of my plans failed recently?"
"The Oaken case." Carrot said.
"Who knew he'd be vanish?"
Certainly not me."
Apple snorted and stiuck out his tongue against his sister. She would never understand the supreme skill he possessed. Even if her lure spells were better than his. Apple set the device to snore, stuck some pillows below the sheets and opened the window.
"We'll be back in the morning before they miss us."
"We better." Carrot remarked as she climbed down the ivy plants.
Carrot had to admit her brother had got them out of the house without being caught. He always had to be right... maybe that was why he always forget his plans gone wrong. Carrot never forgot those. Carefully she followed her brother's shadow until her eyes adjusted to the night.
"Where are we going?"
"I don't know, we'll see when we get there."
"A real genius.., yeah right." Carrot whispered under her breath.
"What did you say!"
"I said I don't want to roam around all night."
"I know! We can go swim in the Pond."
"Mom and Dad told us to stay away from that pond!"
"Shhh... They also said we were grounded."
"Have you swam there before?"
"Thousands of time. I'm still here, aren't I?"
"I guess."
"No-one will be there. Pond isn't much liked."
"It must be bad if no-one will tell us the reason for that."
"Ahh, they're just petty."
Carrot shrugged. She didn't want to go to Pond, but she didn't want to wander alone at all. She had no choice but to follow Apple. Apple on the other hand wouldn't have mind walking alone. He loved being on adventure. And swimming in Pond sure was an adventure, unlike what he had told his sister he had never swam in Pond. But Pond had invited him, so he couldn't be that bad, right?
Steadily they got closer to the forbidden part of the forest. The air was warm and sweet from the smell of the nightblooming flowers. Moths and bats flew around them, looking with curious eyes as they followed the familiar paths in the forest. The trees were sleeping and snores sounded all over.
"I now know why nobody comes here after dark... It's too loud." Carrot said.
"You snore too."
"I do not!"
"Then why would our parents believe we were in that room snoring? I tell you, you snore!"
Carrot didn't answer that and crossed her arms, her wings flapping faster to reach a higher altitude.
"Oh come on. You do."
Carrot turned her head and ignored her brother.
They weren't far from Pond and Apple, though he hated to admit it, didn't want to go in Pond alone. He had heard rumours of elvens vanishing after they had gotten to Pond. Pond denied it and other elvens swore they had swum in Pond without harm.
"Who is the-ere?" a voice sung to them.
"Pond! It's me Apple."
"You aren't alone. I see another."
"That's my sister Carrot."
"Hello Carrot." Pond said.
Carrot shivered. She didn't like the thing using her name. She flew down behind Apple and said: "We should go home."
"Why go home so soon?" Pond asked.
"Carrot is scared of you. But I told her you were friendly."
"I am friendly. People just like to gossip. Come in, I'm cool."
Carrot and Apple suddenly felt warm and sweaty from their summer stroll down to Pond.
"Come on Carrot. It won't take long."
"Oh ok. But just a quick swim."
Apple dove in, followed by Carrot. Pond smiled and closed his surface releasing the underwater sharkens. How he loved messing with elvens. 
Carrot suddenly felt a presence in the water behind her. She swam faster and turned. She nearly screamed as she saw the shadowy ghosts following her. She gestured to Apple, trying to get his attention, but he was followed by his own creature. Carrot did the only thing she could, she swam deeper in the Pond, trying to reach the light at the end. 
Finally she ducked through and entered a cloudless sky. There were trees below her but she didn't recognise them. Not much later Apple appeared beside her.
"So Pond was friendly eh? I wonder what murderous is in your dictionary!" Carrot yelled.
"Trying to kill us, not before that. I'm not prejudiced." Apple remarked and flew closer to the water.
Carrot sighed and made choking gestures behind his back. Why did he always talk her down?
"I think people live on the Island. Maybe they can get us back!"
"Sure they canů just as they can catch us and keep us as pets."
"Don't be so negative."
Apple flew over the small part of the ocean separating the Isle from the main continent. He looked back and smiled as he saw Carrot following him. His sister always followed.
"Apple. Please be careful."
"I always am."
Carrot didn't even dignify that with an answer.
"I bet some people are in this cave." Apple said, "And not too many."
Carrot sighed and followed her brother in the dark cave with the stairway down. They followed the hallways and finally reached a new room filled with eggs.
"I bet there are elven-devouring monsters in those eggs." Carrot said. 
"Sissy." Apple said and sat down on the foodbench.
"They've got great food." He remarked and gestured his sister to come.
Carrot had to admit she was hungry. She fluttered down and sat on the bench. She was just eating a juicy carrot when people started entering the cave.
"Please arrange yourselves in a circle to give the dragons enough choice." A man said.
The people behind him followed.
"See! Human sacrifice." She said.
"Then why are they all smiling and laughing?"
"They are probably drugged." Carrot decided.
At that time an egg broke and out crawled a small dragon.
"They are just the right size for us!" Carrot squeeked.
"Then why are those big clumsy humans getting them?" Apple cried when the dragon chose one of the humans beneath them.
"I don't know... some of these must see us." Carrot said and waited. 
Nearly at the beginning a small green apple dragon jumped to Apple and looked into his eyes. The green was so pleased he didn't even bother to tell his name to the waiting crowd, but Apple did.
"His name is Jonagold!"
A great deal of eggs later a small soft orange female finally made her way to Carrot. She had been eyeing the hatchlings from the moment her brother had impressed one.
"My name is Caroteen and if that isn't confusing I'll stop trying."
"No, please continue. Maybe we'll even get good enough to keep Apple out of trouble!" Carrot said, looking resentful at her brother. If they got him confused he might do as they wanted.

CAROTEEN                 SPLIT

JONAGOLD                   QUASI

Carrot and Apple impressed at Lantessama Isle's Summer Cocktail Clutch