Gajni, Defender of the Forest

Gajni swinged down from the vine she was holding and carefully sat down on a branch of the great and mighty Oak Tree. Oak was maybe the oldest living tree in the forest and he and Gajni could talk for hours. Their favourite topic was humans and how they destroyed everything.
"What is it Gajni?" Oak asked.
"I saw them again through the Pond." Gajni answered.
"Don't trust everything that pond shows you, it likes to fool people."
"I know, but I don't think he could be kidding about this."
Gajni stood up and flew back to the pond. Oak had a point, Pond usually tried to trick her into swimming so he could pull her under. But he was also the only window the forest had into the world of humans. Lantessama the place was called and the people there had seemed nice enough. They didn't build in wood, like so many others, but lived in the caverns of the great mountains. They also stayed close to the island and flew above the woods in stead of chopping clear roads. But now Pond told her their great beasts called dragons were flaming down trees in the forest to make room for people. That outraged Gajni, the forest beside Lantessama, she knew, was almost as old as the Elven forest. The trees still remembered they once had been able to speak and walk.
"Oak says you are joking." Gajni said as she approached Pond again.
"Oak doesn't know where his roots are." Pond said, making Oak look senile, which he wasn't.
"These people have always been nice."
"Well, now they are burning down trees and ripping out plants to see them die!" Pond yelled, "I wouldn't lie about something as vile as that!"
"I know, but me again." Gajni said.
Pond cleared up his waters and showed her. Twenty men or more were walking through the forest, marking of trees. After them came the dragons, green, blue and purple that spit fire, burning the trees. Suddenly Pond showed her one woman ripping out some daisies, she looked at them, sighed and threw them away. Gajni felt herself get angrier with the minute. How could these humans do this?
"How do I get there?" she asked Pond.
"You'll have to swim." he said.
Pond laughed and looked at her with glittering eyes that couldn't wholely be explained by the water. He was definately planning something. But Pond couldn't be making this up! Maybe he was anticipating on how she would punish the humans. She wasn't a great magician, but she could do some tricks that the humans wouldn't know how to handle.
"Let me through." she told Pond and dove in.
The water was cold and wet, making her shiver, but she swam further down. Suddenly a slashing pain hit her all over her body. Her arms and legs felt like they had been caught in a blender and her head almost felt like it was severed from her body. Finally after what had seemed hours of pain she fell to the floor of the forest.
When she was fit enough to look around she noticed it was nearly evening. The humans were long gone. Or she wasn't at the place Pond had shown her. She got up and examined herself thouroughly. Apart from some bruises she was ok. She never wanted to go through the pond again. She looked up, the sky was so very different than the one in her forest. How would she ever get back?

The next morning Gajni set course to the Isle. She would tell them what she thought about them! She would have every human wrapped with weeds if she had to to get their attention! The sun rose and it was almost noon when she finally reached the Isle. It lay there, bathing in the sun.
Gajni walked to the nearest tree and asked if she could get across the narrow sea. The tree was silent. She tried the one next to it and so on, but none of the trees answered. Gajni could see they were alive, at least they hadn't killed these trees yet. If they wouldn't help her, she might as well ask some weeds. Weeds loved to help her.  She bowed down and whispered some words in the forgotten language of the plants. Soon long strands of ivy and stricky weed found their way towards her. Further they went, to the Isle, making a path for her over the sea. She thanked the weeds as she got across, and looked as they disappeared again.
"Hello." a woman said.
Gajni turned and saw the woman that had ripped out the daisies. She felt her anger return and jumped towards her, clinging to her blond hair, trying to rip it out. The woman cried out in pain and tried to throw her off, but Gajni was stronger.
Suddenly a load roar exploded next to her ear. She had been so set on staying on the woman she hadn't seen the big gold dragon approaching. Men and women all around them were trying to pull her off but she only let go when the dragon roared again.
"Easy Zaranyth," the woman said, "There must be a reason for this."
The woman looked at Gajni, expecting an explanation. She kept staring and started tapping her feet.
"I came to punish you for killing the trees." Gajni finally admitted.
"Sorry to disappoint you, but we haven't touched a tree in over a year."
"I saw you ripping out daisies and throwing them away!" Gajni yelled, angry again that they were making a fool of her.
"I would never... ohh." The woman said.
"So you admit it!"
"Yes, but only because we had to... the trees were ill, a virus, a pest we still don't know what it was, but it spread faster than we could blink. We had to take those measures to save the forest. What you saw was me finding more affected forest. We burned down the ground to make it fertile."
"How much was lost?"
"A third. Hopefully less."
"Then I'm stranded here without reason." Gajni said and turned around to try and find a way back to her forest. She should have never left it alone without having some guardian do her work.
"I don't know where you are from, but you could always try to impress a dragon. You would do great in the Garden." The woman said, "My name is Cyan."
"Gajni." Gajni said and followed her to the back of the Isle.
"Well Gajni, these are the greenhouses, we've crossed Dragons and plants. No plants, nor dragons were harmed, I can assure you." Cyan said as she saw how Gajni looked.
"Not a leave was bruised?"
"Well, maybe when some of the pther candidates passed through, nothing big, most of these plants I grew myself."
"And they will be able to take me back?"
"Most likely."
Gajni looked at the eggs and picked a purple egg that looked very interesting.


About a week later Cyan came bursting in her room at Lantessama. She seemed very excited, yelling for Gajni to come out.
"What is it?" Gajni asked.
"Your egg has hatched!" Cyan yelled back, nearly jumping up and down.
"But I only checked it yesterday? I didn't see any cracks."
"Well plants do grow faster than dragons." she said and started to comb her fingers through her hair. She seemed to look for something.
"Here it is!" she said and handed over a small snakelike creature with small winged ears.
The dragon looked at her and closed his eyes. Yes he, Gajni knew he was a he. How had she known.
"You know everything about me as I know everything about you." a sleepy voice answered.
Gajni looked at Cyan astonished. "He talks!"
"Well of course, I didn't touch the mental speaking genes. I'm not stupid!"
"Sorry..." Gajni started.
"Never mind, I was kidding, get him some food before he totally falls asleep." Cyan said pushing her towards the kitchens.


Gajni opened up her eyes and screamed when she found herself floating in an unknown room. Next to her Vinigar opened one eye, sighed and grabbed his bond with his long tail.
"Calm down." he said.
"Calm down!" Where are we!" Gajni called out furious.
"We are at Star City."
"And why are we here?"
"We were invited."
"Well, me. There is a female Edelweiss running and I am going to catch her."
Dumbfounded Gajni looked up at her Ivy male and started laughing. "How can you catch her? You don't even have legs."
"I don't have wings either, but I seem to be able to keep up with you." Vinigar replied with a swish of his tail.
Averting the blow, Gajni retreated to a corner of the room, "Ok, point taken, but my wings aren't all that great."

Star City Dragonry

Gajni adotped her Flower Dragon at Lantessama Isle