Name: Shimmer
Gender: female
Age: 105 (young)
Description: Shimmer is a young dark elf. She tends to be clothed in long dark robes with little mirrors that reflect the light. She has long dark hair, a pale skin and black eyes. Because of her quick-step ability she is hardly more than a blur when she moves from place to place.
Personality-wise Shimmer is, like all dark elves, enamoured with the thoughts of dead and chaos. She does not cause it, only watches and haunts the ones who commit crimes in hopes of getting a look on what she feels to be the most beautiful of things.
Theme: Chaotic Good, 300 words max.
Dragon: Chaos Silmi'n'tahn

Name: Silmi'n'tahn
Species: Meritan
Height: 5' tall, 13' long
Gender: Hermaphrodite/Neuter (Technically non-gendered)
Bond: Shimmer
Abilities: Invisibility, Magical Manipulation of Organic Matter, Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Camouflage, Gender Bending, Perception Psionics

Sparkly, shiny, the departing essence of dead. Shimmer flew between the glowing specks of light and felt she belonged. Though she had a physical body, it was feeble and of little use. Only those with sensitive eyes could see her. She might as well be a ghost.
Spiralling down to the source of the soul, Shimmer caught hold of the emotions she fed on. Anger, sadness and shock, the feelings of those that were murdered. She'd known. Only people ripped out of life produced such beauty as she'd been attracted to.
“You killed...” she whispered in the ear of the person still holding the knife, “You’re mine...”
Distraught, the man dropped the knife and ran. Shimmer followed him, feasting on his rage and fear. He did not feel like one to kill again. Sticking close, Shimmer laughed, intoxicated. She danced around his head and he even seemed to follow her with his eyes. He might even be able to see her, the little dark blurred faerie that was enamoured with dead.
Shimmer had heard it, the anger of the person killed. Maybe she was to play out vengeance now. After all this person had ripped a life from reality.
“An eye for an eye, ...”.
She giggled again. He would not feed her anymore anyway.
“Die...” she whispered, “You deserve it.”
Bewildered the man turned around trying to find the source of his torment. He could see it faintly. A shadow.
“No escape.”
Trying to get away, he ran up the stairs of his home, but still Shimmer was there. Finally opening the window he lurched out and fell. Only seconds later the essential energy of his soul flew up. Shimmer watched and appreciated it’s beauty.
Within moments after it was gone she felt a new presence aeons away.

Flying like a drugged firefly, Shimmer flew from one edge of the universe to the next, sometimes flying in circles, sometimes changing her mind and going in opposite directions. Most of the time she was following the presence she felt, other times she was distracted away from it. How many time passed is uncertain but when she finally reached that beautiful, overpowering presence it seemed to have been around for quite a time.
Dazed by the tiny white lights on the tips of it's feathery wings, Shimmer flew without speaking. Only when finally the wonder of the ever-changing lights had dimmed a bit did Shimmer notice that there was something attached to the wings. Something living, but not quite like anything else she'd come across.
"My name is Silmi'n'tahn" spoke the dragon of unspecified gender.
"Silly!" Shimmer purred, "Make your wings glow again!"
Somewhat offended Silmi'n'tahn pondered leaving this chaotic little elven behind. But then, the feel of such a tiny presence crawling between it's feathers, of such a childlike spirit admiring it's colours was quite welcome.
"Are you mine?" asked Silmi'n'tahn, unwilling to bond in the common way of dragons.
"You're my Silly." Shimmer nodded.
"Then shall we leave here? Where do you want to go?"
"Left!" Shimmer called, feeling the climatic sense of imminent death.
"Left it is..."

Shimmer is a Candidate at the Ring of Fire
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