Water, Beauty is a Gift

Water looked down and saw her reflection in the water.
'Damn I look good.' she thought.
Water brought her face closer to the water, careful to not let one strand of her blue hair disturb her reflection. She had been busy all morning to look as good as possible. This afternoon all she would do was sit and stare. She sighed. Perfect. She relaxed her wings and let her mind run free through her thoughts.
"What shampoo would give my hair more shine?" she thought, "Is there a way to make myself look any better?" The answer to that thought was a definit No. Water was perfect and she knew it.
"Trying to find Narcissus?" the voice of her sister Fall asked her.
That girl didn't know what fun was. All day long she just sat and read a book. This Narcissus was probably someone she had read about...
"Of course not, he couldn't be prettier to look at than me." Water said and returned to her reflection. She couldn't have handled that in a better way. Fall would leave her be and she would finally be able to rest.
Water got away from the pond after one last look and placed herself on some nice patch of seaweed in the park. People would visit, see her and feel happy to see such a beauty as was hers existed. And she needed a boyfriend of course. It just wasn't right that she hadn't found anyone yet.
Water looked up and watched the ripples of the surface. If you looked really good, you could spot figures in the ripples and sometimes people even said they had seen upworlders looking through the water.
A small dot got her attention, a person was floating upwards. From the looks of it it was a water elven. Water gazed and tried to think what was familiar about the figure and suddenly she knew it. The backpack! That was Falls backpack, but where was she going?
Somewhat intruiged, Water decided to follow. Not every day you got the chance to catch your sister redhanded on something she wasn't supposed to do. She grinned at the thought of Fall restricted to the city while she was free to sit in the park. Quickly she grabbed her things, a mirror, some lipstick, some extra clothes and rolled it all in the blanket she was sitting on. She swam up as fast as she could.
When she reached the surface she saw Fall walking towards the big forest up ahead. Trees were really weird out here, and it was cold. Water shuddered and draped the wet blanket around her shoulders, trying to preserve some warmth.
She hurriedly got up and followed her sister. Fall didn't even look back to see if she was being followed. Silly Elf. Water kept her eyes on Fall as she walked toward the forest. It looked very big and green. She looked up at the trees and shuddered, how could they just stand there? She could clearly see signs of neglect on their trunks, fungus and scars patching the bark.
Suddenly she heard her sister shout: "Hey! Wait for me!"
Water froze. Had she been seen?
"Atavi! It's me!" Fall yelled.
Water released her breath and went on. Who was this Atavi fellow? She wanted to know. Water crawled closer, feeling a bit bad about getting pine needles in her hair. She reached the clearing where her sister was standing and saw her kissing the larger Air Elf. She gasped for air. Her sister had a boyfriend! The world was unfair. She was the prettiest. At least it was an Air Elf, those were boring, she could understand Fall liking them. He would probably know who that Narcis guy was.
Water crawled back. No point in her staying here now. She was hurt and alone. How could life be so cruel? She ran back in the direction she thought she came from. About half an hour later she knew she was lost. She sat down and started to cry.
"Why so sad?" someone asked.
"I'm lost!" she shouted.
"Well, I can show you the way out of the forest." the voice said.
"You could?" Water asked, hope shimmering through her tears.
"Of course, come closer, My name is Pond."
Water followed the voice and soon found herself near a big pond. The water was calm and she could almost see the bottom.
"Dive in, The way out is through me." Pond said.
"But I can see the bottom." she said.
"If you dive in you will see the gateway, go now before it closes." Pond urged.
Water dove in, she was a Water Elven. She couldn't be afraid of a short swim to the bottom. She started swimming and saw Pond was right. Under the surface the water stretched down for miles. She swam into a long shaft and followed it to a small light at the end.
Suddenly she felt something was wrong. The water flowing around her body told her their were other things down here. They were closing, fast. Water looked back and saw two shadows approaching. By the looks of it they weren't friendly. She started swimming faster, the light ever growing in the distance. She felt one grasping for her leg, but she quickly pulled it in. Finally she reached the light. No time to reconsider, she plunged through and hoped for the best.

Water sat up and immediatly grabbed her head. It hurt! she nearly fainted as she thought about what damage that fall could have done to her face. Visions of broken noses, crooked teeth and eye patches came in her mind and she almost screamed in terror. She grabbed her mirror. Some bruises, a scratch or two, but nothing permanent. She could live with that.
Water looked around. She was somewhere she had never been before, she had never left the water, so that meant she could be almost anywhere. She was still somewhere in the forest though. The trees stood high above her, swaying soft in the wind. Water got up and started walking. She only hoped she wouldn't ruin her shoes.
About half an hour later she came to a beach and saw an Island in the distance. The Island wasn't that far from the shore, she could easily make it. She flew up and landed safely on the other side.
"Hello?!" she yelled.
"Yes?" a voice asked, male mid twenties and handsome.
Water immediatly flew towards the handsome stranger. He looked so exotic, who knew where he had been... she blushed and batted her eyelashes.
"I'm lost good sir." she said.
"Another Elven?" he asked.
"There have been others here?" she asked, turning a bit red, she had hoped she was the first Elven he had seen so she could sweep him of his feet with her beauty.
"Yes, a foresty one. She's waiting for a flower dragon."
Good! Earth Elven weren't known for their beauty. She smiled and looked up at him, making her eyes twinkle.
"Can I too have a flower dragon?" he must like them, he had had a special glance in his eyes when he talked about them.
"My name is Water." she said, extending a hand.
"I'm Lucas." he said as he shaked it. That wasn't what she had expected, she had hoped he would kiss it. She looked back down to the ground and followed him to another part of the Isle.
At the back of the Isle Water saw a forest with a big clearing in front of it. Next to the mountain sides were about 5 big greenhouses bursting with plants.
"Hello!" a young blonde woman said as Lucas and Water entered. She seemed to be very busy and hardly even noticed them.
"Water would like one of your eggs." Lucas said.
"Does she? Let her grab one from the crates, you know where it is." The woman said.
"Follow me." Lucas said and directed her to a big section of dirt with some eggs on it. There was a light orange one that immediatly got her attention. Orange wasn't a color you saw much underwater where blue and green were common. Water picked it up.
"Place it in a pot and wait until it hatches." Lucas said.


About a week later Water noticed some cracks in her egg when she came to visit. The young woman that had said her name was Cyan looked very excited and helped her with the necessary precautions.
"Don't keep it up! You don't want your dragon to fall." she said and watched as the cracks became bigger.
Suddenly it split right in half and a long snake-like creature came out. On her head were soft leaves in a light pink colour. Her wings were wet, glistening green, sticking to her body.
"I think this is a Cyclam hybrid." Cyan said and happily petted the little dragon on her nose. What are you going to call her?"
"Jealous Eyes. Many people will look at her with jealous eyes." Water said.


Jealous Eyes grew up as fast as a weed, which she took as an insult. But that was how hard she grew. Within a span of weeks, her snaky body had reached the length of 5 metres. Her wings were fully able to support her and she could leave her flowerpot behind. Being mobile was supposed to be an improvement... but not really when a plant dragon knows that Water elvens have the best water!


Water adopted her Flower Dragon at Lantessama Isle