White Rose

Rose opened her eyes and looked out in the sky. How she loved waking up in Air Elven-territory. You never knew what was up and what was down. Up seemed to be left today. Rose stood up. She giggled at the funny sensation of falling left and clung to the cloud right above her. Or was that to her right?
White Rose gave up and let herself fall down. Gravity would eventually tell her what was up and what was down. She whooped as the fall down made her stomach seem to go up. This was better than any rollercoaster. She could know. She was one of the few Love Elvens who were allowed to have fun in the human dimension. Her wings were covered there of course. Unless it was Carnaval. White Rose loved Carnaval. Even more than Valentine. Carnaval to her was a day where she could be seen and loved by the humans. She didn't have to sit back and hide in the shadows when she did her work on Carnaval Day.
White Rose finally figured out what was up, she flew up. Back to Air Elven city. When she saw the big city on the horizon she hesitated for a moment. It was such a pretty day, why should she work? Besides, it was Valentine, the one day humans and Elvens did act on their own when it came to love.
White Rose made a decision and hastily checked some of her regulars. After an hour she was done and she headed off to the forest. She placed herself down on an idyllic spot near a big lake. Trees were all around her and she could see just 2 clouds, slowly drifting above her.
White Rose bent down and watched her reflection in the water. Time for some self-descriptions. White Rose had learned that if she practised hard at doing those descriptions she might one day be good enough to fulfil her dreamjob. She desperately wanted to be a librarian. Yeah, she knew they were mostly stuffy old men and women with nothing better to do than complain all day... but in Love Elven city the librarians were all tall and sensible, making them the perfect Elvens to do research in the Human world. Plus, an extra of the job, they got to read love stories all day and even write them!
But before she could do that she'd have to learn how to write properly. White Rose looked into the water and saw herself. She was normal. No, that wouldn't cut it. How about...

The girl is sitting under a tree, her long candypink hair flowing down to the ground, some strands are hanging in the water. Her face is the symbol of Virtue and Kindness. All she seems to do is sit there and think. Her deep green eyes are set on the water, looking in as if she will see the truth there.... Maybe she is waiting for her love to come. Or maybe she is trying to forget one. Maybe she is deeply troubled, or maybe she is just dreaming...

That sounded about right. A little empty perhaps. White Rose hadn't really had an eventful life. She had started training very early, at the very young age of 6. She had shown great potential and the masters knew they had to nurture her talent.
Her talent. There it was. Her talent was to know what to do in any given situation when there were people around. The elders called it: 'A Clearvoyant Soul', meaning she could see through humans and guess there inner most desires. Many Elves wanted it and she just wanted to lose it. It would hold her back from a nice deskjob in the library. People would expect her to go out and work with her gift, her talent. But all things taken, she'd rather put it in the ground and leave it there. Or give it away. maybe that would be better. She held the power to make one Elven happy. But her gift wasn't hers to give. The elders had trained her. They couldn't start over again.
White Rose sighed. She was trapped. She was a strange Love ELven and she knew it. If she had been free to chose, she had become a Forest Elven. They had it so good. Just walking and swinging from branch to branch. Working in solitude on their favourite trees. She toyed for a moment with the idea of leaving and then decided against it. She was needed here. There had been a time when all Love Elvens possessed her power, but now too few were born.
She'd better return to her work before anyone noticed she was missing. White Rose flew back to the Love ELven library. Inside she sat herself down on a stool and tried to lose herself in one of the new lovestories that had just come in that morning.
"White Rose!" someone yelled.
Finally she saw someone getting closer. It was Amoureux. He was one of the few she trusted enough to tell how she felt. White Rose got up and rushed toward him.
"Haven't you heard the news?" he asked excited.
"What news?"
"The newest internship into the Human Dimension."
"No, I was gone all morning. And besides, you know how I feel about those internships."
"Oh, you'll like this one. The Elders have reserved a spot in a Valentine clutch on one of the dragon worlds. If and I say if, that Elven should impress, he or she is free to stay and do whatever he/she wants."
"All you'd have to do was write a report now and again, say once every week. But you'd be free White Rose!"
"Do you think they'd let me go? Just like that?"
"Well, you are almost sure to impress, with your power that is. I think you have a chance."
White Rose embraced Amoureux. He was so sweet. SHe'd have to invite him over once she was caring for a little dragon... there'd be so muc work...
White Rose shook her head. She hadn't impressed yet. She wasn't even sure she was free to go.
"Thank you!" she yelled to Amoureux as she darted through the library toward the study chambers of the elders.
She was breathing heavily when she reached her mentor's door. She knocked and waited. Finally his soft voice said: "Come in."
She entered and nodded as she saw him.
"Ahh, White Rose, you've come about the dragon?"
"How did you know?"
"Seriously, I know everything." he winked, "I was keeping that spot for you."
"No-one else comes into my mind and you really deserve it."
"But won't you miss me?"
"Darling, you'd be doing valuable research! That and I know you aren't happy here."
That came as a shock. She had gone to so much trouble to keep her feelings hidden for the elders. She had smiled and been friendly and she had never complained.
Her mentor looked at her, his all-knowing eyes carefully scanning what she was thinking. Quickly she straightened her back and looked at him, smiling.
"Thank you sir!" she said.
"You leave later today, be ready." he said and waved that she was free to go.

"Good day." she said.
White Rose had been at Cy Dragonstake for an hour now, observing. She was under cover, meaning her wings were invisible and she was a bit taller than usual. She was still fairly small and her hair was still pink, but no-one seemed to mind.
"Can I help you?" the man asked.
"Yes, there was a spot reserved for me."
"White Rose?"
She nodded.
"Please come this way, since we knew you were coming we have already appointed you a room. I hope you don't mind sharing it with a lovesick Wind Elven?"
Startled White Rose looked up. Another ELven? Here?
"You don't have to be afraid of her, apparently she comes from another dimension. Such a sad story she tells. Very sad. And there's a Love ELven too. We expect he'll have no problem impressing. It kinda feels good to have a normal candidate between all the weirdos." the man confided to her.
White Rose smiled.
"Thank you sir."

White Rose tried to look as normal as possible. The excitement of the day could make her forget her cover. No-one was to know what she was. For a brief moment Cherubís face ran through her mind. That dreadful boy! How had he dared compromise all love elvens? It was that thought that kept her busy until the time she felt a soft trimming in her head. White Rose looked up and saw the most beautiful dragon emerge from her egg. The dragoness was white with a rose pattern and pink wings. Her whole appearance was soft and delicate.
"You know what my name is?" the dragoness asked her, her voice a soft pleasant melody with a lot of joyful notes.
White Rose knew very well what her name was. It was the one thing that would bond them the strongest. But somehow she knew the dragon wanted to introduce herself.
"No what is your name?" White Rose asked.
"Undying Devotion." The dragoness answered.
White Rose smiled, knowing she had gotten it right. They would devote their lives to each other as she had once devoted her life to her work. Weekly reports wouldnít interfere with her new life that much.
"Thatís a mouthful." She told her dragon.
White Rose bowed down and took Devotionís head In her hands. She bowed down closer. She had to know.
"Do you know what I am?"
"Whatís a Love Elven?" the reply came.
It wasnít quite what she said, but how she said it that made White Rose realise that her Devotion hadnít been fooled for one minute. Their would be no secrets between themÖ Ever.

Undying Devotion

Lantessama Isle  -  Cy Dragonstake