The Trader
Gido stood on the top of the small hill and watched the caravan enter the town. The midday sun shone warm on his dark skin, he combed his short hair with his fingers and called his firelizard Drinda, a beautiful silver-gold from Falas Weyr. He had got an egg because of his swift delivery of some necessary heating devices needed. Drinda was still young, but very gifted when it came to determing someone's character. If Drinda didn't like a man or woman, Gido didn't trade with them.

DRINDA, the gifted :)

When Drinda appeared above his shoulder, he urged his tired runnerbeast into a last run to the town below. Drinda squeeled as she raced ahead of them, sometimes blinking in and out of between. They reached the town, just in time to see the wagon he shared with 2 others being allowed to pass. He greeted his fellow traders and quickly got down from his runner. He led the tired beast to a nearby water bassin to let it drink. It would be a very hot day in the Southern Continent! Their timing had been great, if they had been a few hours later they would have had to let the runners and spans rest, setting them back even more. 
Gido and the 2 others, Dan, a big fellow with pitchblack hair, and Leen, a young woman tagging along before returning to her family of traders, she was on a test apparently, her parents wanted to see if she could manage, in any case, leen didn't talk much. He had seen her hovering around Drinda a lot though. Maybe she would like an egg when they got back to Falas Weyr. He might get one for her. He had promised her parents he would keep an eye out for her as payback for what they had done for him when his parents had died. He didn't consider looking after leen as a favor, he had to admit he had a crush on her. A lot of guys would like her, she was tall and well built, more like a cat, with an inner grace bordering on lazyness, but that was just appearance and attitude. She was the smartest person he had ever met. And he just loved her smile and the twinkle in her light blue eyes when she beat him in cardgames. But she had never shown interest in him, or in any other man in the caravan.
"Gido! Are you coming?" the tenor voice of Dan yelled. How such a big man could have such a high voice, nobody knew, but it was a good singing voice, and he was the only tenor in the caravan at the moment.
"Wait a minute! Fersi needs to be comfortable first!" He started to work faster on stabling his runner, checking hay and water in the vicinity and drying her. When she made quiet happy noises, he left to meet Dan and Leen to check out the town.
This was one of the most crucial things in trading: finding customers for their goods. Amongst the three of them they had woven cloth, leather, some medicins and herbs, tools, metal and the precious skybroom wood to be distributed to the local harper. They went to the harper first, not only would he buy the wood, he would also know where they could get the best price for their goods.
The harper was very helpful and suggested the Weyr to sell some goods. They payed good and would be able to use everything from their wagon. There would be hatchings soon, so they would need new clothes and boots. the tools would come in handy to repair some storm damage from the winter storms and herbs would be bought by the head- woman.

They left early the next morning and entered the busy Weyr shortly before noon. Gido had been in other Weyrs before, and they were usually busy, but this was absurd. He grabbed the first person he noticed by the arm and asked where they headwoman could find the headwoman. The man pointed to a strong looking woman shouting and waving a spoon above her head. Well, he had to go introduce them...he walked up to her, followed by Dan and Leen and said:
"Goodday headwoman. We are traders and Garin, the harper thought you could use some of our goods."
The headwoman looked him in the eyes and was silent for a while, letting the words sink in, when she replied:
"Ah yes! We can use some new goods. I will come to you later."
They stood there, waiting, trying to find out what was happening in the Weyr. Gido and Dan asked several people, Leen just stood, being very shy. Gido smiled, she hadn't counted on a Weyr being as busy as this. Apparently 3 dragons had clutched and they needed to clean out enough space to accomodate them.
"No wonder they are busy" Dan said.
"yeah, the headwoman promised she would be back, so we'll just have to wait" Gido replied.
Before the headwoman came back a blue dragon lifted his head and looked straight at them. Leen anxiously took a step back, bumping into Gido. He helped her find her balance, secretly being glad about the contact, when he noticed Dan stepping away and saying:
"It's you 2 he wants..." followed by chirping of Dindra.
Gido noticed everything around him getting quiet. He couldn't help but feel the blood rush to his cheeks.
"Wants who? Why?" He stumbled.
A man dressed in full riding gear answered:
"You! Ansith wants you 2 to stand for impression."


They were all rushed upon the hatching sands, all 21 candidates, Green Tikiriath and Gold Sigleth’s clutches would hacth simultanious. That meant 16 5 would remain, but they'd probably impress later on, Ryslen had been bursting with activity lately. The eggs of the two dragonmothers lay on either sid of the grounds, making it impossible for the candidates to look at the two sides at the same time.
The first to hatch was one of Tikiriath's, a blue, then 2 red from Sigleth's and again a green from Tikiriath's. Gido was counting and looking so concentrated, he almost didn't notice the Crestless blue appearing besides him.
"Switamth..." he whispered as he felt the blue's presence in his head. They left the hatching ground to feed, but not that is, until Gido craned his head to look at Leen, she was still standing on the sands. With all his hearth he hoped she would impress.

Crestless Blue Switamth


Switamth dove down just in time to avoid hitting the incoming brown. Gido held on to the dragon, promising himself never to question the use of ridingstraps ever after. He heard his dragon asking the brown what was the matter. Switamth sounded worried, Gido sensed it through their bond, and realised it wasn't all Switamth's panic, some of it came from the brown.
"I need help!" he kept crying and crying in his mind. As far as Gido could tell the dragon was fine, but he wasn't carrying a rider.
"Make him slow down Switamth! We'll need to know what happened to his rider."
everything was quiet for a while, then Switamth answered
"Every weyrling is asking! My new friend Grenadoth is confused!"
"OK, tell M'lengo to make the others stop asking questions. Then we'll find out what's wrong."
His instinct, trained by a lifetime of trading took over, he told Switamth to fly to the nearest clearing, leading the brown. Gido noticed the other weyrlings swarming around M'lengo and then take off and disappear. They showed the brown where he could land, the small blue, not fully grown yet, landing right beside him. Now that Gido was closer to the brown, he could see some small scratches on his sides, but nothing that would hurt bad enough to cause a panic.
"Switamth try again, ask him what happened" he said when he saw the two older riders coming closer.
"He went hunting with his rider and several others. Thye had a good hunt, fat wherries!" Switamth said while his eyes turned a shade more orange. "They stayed behind to swim. When they came back wild cats jumped them from the heights. Grenadoth and his rider got caught in the trees. His rider cut loose his straps so Grenadoth was free. But the big cats kept coming, he was too big to land or chase them away because of the trees. His rider told Grenadoth to find help. We were closest." Switamth ended.
By that time the other two dragons had landed in the giant clearing. Switamth had spoken to them at the same time, so their riders were up to speed. They would go to the rider and then contact the weyr to send them the healer and guide the way to the spot.
All this had only taken about 5 minutes, but the riders feared they would find the rider dead. The brown was in such a panic he only thought about finding help. They hoped he wouldn't go between if his rider was mortally wounded.
Switamth was the first to reenter after Grenadoth. They saw the rider, still hanging from his straps. He had fainted. After he had cut loose his straps he had fallen through the trees, getting caught on branches. He had finally stopped falling 6 meters from the ground. Too high for the cats to jump, so they had climbed the trees. The rider had been extremely lucky, as he was hanging on very thin branches, too thin for the felines to walk on. In stead they were now clawing at his straps. He was about to fall when Switamth dove under him. As they flew between the trees, Gido felt the branches scratch at his cheeks, he could see how the brown hadn't been able to fly here. The cats snarled at him, but were powerless in the trees with the branches shaking by Switamths flight.
When they arrived back at the weyr the rider had already regained consciousness and was fit enough to fly in on his own dragon to his own weyr. He was quickly examined by the weyrhealer and was then free to go back to his own weyr.
When Gido got back to his weyr, all he wanted to do was take a bath, but as he entered he noticed Leen sitting on his chair.
"So, what happened? Tell me all about it!"
As much as he wanted that bath, the look in Leen's eyes was enough to make him feel a lot taller and less dirty then he must have been at that moment. He started to tell the story. He was about halfway, telling her how he and Switamth had come out of between when he saw she wasn't really paying attention, her eyes were unfocused. Leen was probably talking to Jybarith. He continued, eyes looking at the ground, he felt a bit sad, he had wanted her to like him more when she saw he had done a good thing today. That's how he didn't notice her smile when her eyes focused again. She took his head and kissed his lips. He was surprised, but then Switamth appeared in his head:
"Isn't this what you wanted?"
He had to agree with that and closed his eyes.


Switamth promised Gido he would be faithful to Jybarith. As he so nicely told his rider:
"I like her, why should I fly other greens?" They would permit one clutch and then Jybarith would chew firestone.


Gido impressed at Ryslen Weyr.
He is Weyrmated to Leen.

Lantessama Isle