The Ways of Honour

Treason's Choice
In the hours of darkness
Right before a new day dawns
Plans are made, alliances forged
and lives sacrificed as pawns

It is a deadly game of chess
A strategy of truly dire needs
That breaks the bonds of Servitude
To victory pray it leads

The Ways of Honour
Of this mercenaries band
Lead them into Life's uncertainties
But rather Oblivion seems to be the end


Alden - Mechlen - Aliani
Tinien & Anerpen - Bergen & Hegoen - Oud've & Tongren


Tavern Talk

Alden's Part

Mechlen's Part

Aliani's Part

-- Risking Life Recon
-- Near Dead Experience Stealth
Choice of Treason The Cold of First Light --
To the Top The Plateau Burning Signs
-- -- Action
Alden to Lantessama Isle Mechlen to ??? Tinien and Anerpen to ??? Bergen and Hegoen to ??? Aliani to  ??? Oud've and Tongren to ???
Hatching Hatching Hatching Hatching Hatching Hatching
The Truth          

Lantessama Isle

Credits: Background found with google
Font used is called 'Neverwinter' and can be found here.