Chapter 1: Visited

Fyr looked up at the mountain range. It was one of the many mountain ranges of her home planet Gremyne. Though Fyr had never been educated she knew a lot about her home planet. Mostly from the spirits who had visited her. At first she had only picked up spirits from around her planet. Spirits who had been there. But recently she had been picking up spirits who had never been here, teaching her about other planets. They were good travel companions. They always had something to tell and they were always happy to help her out of trouble. 
"I need to get over this ledge." she told her newest spirit and waited for it to carry her up. In her mind she pictured the spirits as the ghosts of wizards who had passed away long ago but had kept roaming around. She knew dead wasn't the end. 
The newest spirit was very friendly but also very young, having a bit of trouble focusing. She felt her foot touching the top of the mountain ridge. A scratch. Nothing bad. On the other side she was dropped into the middle of the lake. She screamed as she felt the cold on her body.
"Wrong?" the spirit asked.
"No,", she laughed, "I just like to undress before I dive in the water." she thought.
"Oh, I don't need too." the spirit said.
"Of course not." Could spirits even get wet?
Fyr enjoyed her swim for a while and then swam to the shore. She climbed out and undressed. The day was warm, her clothes would dry. She lay down on the beach and waited for the sun to warm her. The sky was a very beautiful blue. No clouds to be seen. Fyr felt herself slowly drifting away. She yawned. She put back her long red hair and gave in. The spirit would watch over her.

"Fyr?" the spirit asked.
Fyr woke up. The sun was going down and she felt comfortable warm and sleepy.
"Can we play?"
"Play what?"
"Play with the fire."
Fyr started giggling. Ever since she had found this one it had been interested in her way of making fire. Or had the spirit found her? Either way she had to make a fire for the night.
Fyr opened her hand and a little flame sprung up. It soon got bigger. Without burning herself Fyr embraced the fire to get warm and then placed it on the sand. It would stay burning until it was put out. And it could be manipulated by anyone.
She watched the flames and saw figurines come to life in the flames. The spirits liked acting out stories. Mostly about people they had seen that day. Simple things but all very interesting if seen through their eyes. 
She and her spirit kept playing until deep in the night when she could barely keep her eyes open. The spirit too was getting tired and suddenly told her it needed to go to it's weyr and sleep. 
"See you tomorrow!" she thought back and cuddled close to the fire.

Fyr dreamt she was flying. High in the sky she was. Flying. She was carrying someone she deeply loved on her back. She could hear him too. He trusted her fully, trusting in her wings though she had none. He told her about a lake and promised to wash her. Something she would like very much. He also told her his pet Frezir would be there to help which made her happy even more.
Suddenly, as it always works in dreams, she was somewhere else. It was warm and sunny and she was laying on hot stone. A bunch of people were laying next to her and they were all happy. Fyr wished she could stay there, but somewhere she knew she was dreaming. She also knew that she would wake up soon. She always did when she knew she was dreaming.

Fyr woke up to find her spirit gone. That sometimes happened. Sometimes the spirit got drawn too far away and she couldn't feel it anymore. That was sad, she had really liked the young one.
Fyr sighed. Well maybe it was for the better. She had to get some food and she would look funny if she kept staring in the distance mumbling words. Fyr got up and started through the forest surrounding the lake. She soon found a path. Far, maybe 3 hours walking she could see a small castle. Castles meant people and villages. Fyr started skipping and only stopped once to eat some berries of a plant she knew. 
In the past she had sometimes stolen and sometimes worked for her food. She didn't know what she was going to do this time. It all came down to chance in the end. If she had a chance to steal it and start exploring again she'd take it. Fyr suppressed her conscience. No need to feel guilty. She didn't take much... or so she kept telling herself.
It didn't seem like she would be stealing today. Working had his charm of course, but she liked travelling to much to stay away from it long. And the spirits would keep visiting her. People didn't like it when she talked in herself. 
When she closed in on the village she stopped and stroke her clothes. They weren't too good anymore and she hoped she didn't look too shaggy. She combed her fingers through her hair and brushed the sand out of it. She had swam again before she had left so she should be quite clean.
"There's no time like the present." she said to no-one in particular and entered the villages around the castle.

The first village she passed wasn't good. People stared at her and shooed her away if she stopped to straighten her shirt again. These were the upper- citizens and they'd be dead before they would be caught with a lower person. Well maybe a lower person, but certainly not a drifter. 
Fyr ran right through it without even looking at the fruits growing in the gardens. These were the kind of people that lynched you if you even looked at the fruit. Prejudiced.
The next village was better. A lot of people in the street, food odours everywhere and a market. She had vowed not to steal, but she had to eat if she wanted to find work. 
Suddenly another spirit entered her head. She shivered.
"Why work for food when you can take what you need?" it asked.
"That's wrong." she thought.
"Oh, but you have done it before, haven't you" it said.
"Yes, but only if I couldn't do it otherwise." she tried justifying her actions.
"Liar." it thought.
"Maybe if I just take one apple, that wouldn't be bad..."
"No it wouldn't, you earn an apple."


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Fyr is a Candidate at Cy DragonStake



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