Ocean Blues

The twelve off-white eggs lay neatly in the center of the festival hatching cavern. Since Halloween was approaching fast, the walls and vaulted ceiling of the cave were decorated with black and orange curtains. Plastic bats hung from the ceiling, joined by witches and a single yellow glass-in-lead light. It’s faint light was barely enough to make out the tables and seats.
Ten candidates had been found for this holiday clutch. They were all human. The majority of them had come from Earth, but there were also two runic warriors who looked oddly mismatched with the rest of the festively disguised people.
The soft crackling that had been the background noise for the last hour started to overtake the sound of the whispering voices. All eyes turned toward the eggs and a tense, dead quiet atmosphere grew in the cavern. The crackling sounded like thunder when finally the first egg cracked. The hatching continued until finally...
Two eggs remained and they did not seem intend on hatching. They neither moved nor sounded like they had life inside them. Worried, Lucas walked to the eggs and touched them. Besanth his dragon read the eggs through him and the news he gave them was disturbing.
“They’re aquatic!” Lucas called out, “We need to get them to water!”
The cavern that had been so festive before turned to an air of chaos. People followed as Lucas and Cyan carried the eggs outside. Dashing for the lake rather than the sea or the shadow cavern, Lucas hoped the aquatic demons would be able to survive in it.
“Gently…” Cyan urged when she saw Lucas thrust his hands in the water.
A feeble vibration perturbed the water. It took ten more minutes for the hatchlings to weaken their shell enough to fight their way outside. When they hatched a greenish blue female and a sapphire blue male serpent sank into the water. Though they did not come up not a single person or dragon did not hear them when they bonded.
“They made it.” Lucas sighed relieved.
The elated atmosphere returned and the newly bonded and spectators returned to the festival cavern for the waiting food, drinks and socialising. In the chaos, Evilness who’d lingered outside got stepped on. Evilness sighed. Maybe he should have stayed in the first place…

Sea-Green Demon Lussandra  Ocean-Blue Demon Rankore
  Name: Lussandra
Age: Adult
Gender: Female

Description: A true beauty with dark frilly fins and two ram horns.
Character: Secretive, backstabbing.
Mate: Rankore

  Name: Rankore
Age: Adult
Gender: Male

Description: A simple sea dragon with a ridge of spikes and durable fins.
Character: Vindictive, explosive.
Mate: Lussandra

As usual Rankore and Lussandra were having a little game of 'catch that conniving meddler' in the Lantessama Isle Lake. They raced around the little island in the center of it throwing all kinds of insults at each other. Also as usual most of the Isle safe for the least sensitive knew what was going on.
"You b****!" Rankore howled, "You ate my seaweed again!"
"It didn't have your name on it!" Lussandra called over her shoulder.
"It DID this time!" Rankore fumed.
The surface water of the lake was perturbed. Little puffs of steam rose up and most of the residents had given up expecting that the wildlife in those waters would adapt to it's two new guardians.
Suddenly the waters calmed and a welcome silence rose from the depths of the lake. Relieved Lantessama's inhabitants continued their work. Weeks passed and most people had forgotten the incident. most people had started forgetting about the two Halloween demons in the lake since they'd been unusually quiet...
That is until the day that a strange plague took over the lake. Transparent bubbles the size of dragon eggs floated on the water. inside a smaller black orb could be seen. When the people of Lantessama tried to investigate this new development they were immediately stopped by a very very angry growl: "Leave my children alone!"

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