I hold you gently, your eyes so far away
searching for your justice
searching for your innocence
lost as a child adrift on a lonely sea
...on a lonely sea

                          [ Black Tape for a Blue Girl]

Lana (f) and Ivory Demon Dauriantrelle (f)
Björn (m) and
Moss Demon Herkuyiss (m)
Wesley (m) and Silver Demon Occysov (m)
Gavin (m) and
Leather Demon Markise (m)
Miriam (f) and
Fire Demon Vibrancia (f)
Gilles (m) and Arbor Act Natural (Drone) and Fungus Woah (Drone)
Dorothy (f) and Soil Beast (Warrior) and Nectar Beauty (Drone)
Mandy (f) and Decay Bitter (Warrior)