burn my memory, burn my outline
the tears scream to scar your unpierced flesh
shattered mirrors reflecting back your face
'let your defences fall'

                          [ Black Tape for a Blue Girl]

Chapter3: Introduction of the Blades
Gilles admired the  dull blades one more time before leaving his room. He straightened his shoulders and walked upright as if he'd already left the realm of mere mortals behind. Today was the second day he was here and his natural abundance of self-esteem had reached a new high. Today they would meet the surgeons of the clinic, the very people who could make his dreams come true.
Gilles clutched the invitation in his hand and went over the message once again.


"Tired of searching for a surgeon who will make all your dreams come true? Don't have money to pay the outrageous fees they ask? You've been chosen to attend a weekend at the clinic of wellness and beautification, no strings attached. Enjoy our facilities and make a decision later."


For someone as Gilles who wanted to endanger his health to have foreign objects implanted in his body, this was really his only option. He could tell the two women were here because they didn't have enough money to pay for their surgeries. They might think the clinic wanted to some charity to get their institution in the news. Gilles knew there was something fishy about it though. As long as the surgeons seemed to know what they were doing he couldn't care less. Determined he went to meeting room.
When he entered, Dorothy and Mandy were already sipping tea and eating scones. Gilles detested that English custom but he saw a can of coffee on the table and decided to ignore it. After their surgeries they might be beauties. Dorothy didn't do it for him, she was too goody-two-shoes, but that redhead got his hormones rattled.
Getting his coffee, Gilles noticed that this room too had been subject of a strange interior decorator. It was downright morbid considering they were in a clinic. The windows had been darkened, but you could still see that the room was very large, a mess maybe. Only a little part of it was visible in the light of two dim lamps. But just beyond that circle of light Gilles could distinguish some odd shapes. Shapes his mind recognised as arms, legs or torsos. Gilles took a few steps back and saw the silhouettes fade into darkness.
"Welcome." a voice said.
Gilles turned around and saw a gorgeous blond, who'd feature in naughty school-teacher fantasies in Gilles future dreams. Gilles smiled at her, but got an ice-cold stare in return. Feeling that the world had been turned upside down he sat down and waited.
"My name is Lana." the woman spoke, "I'm one of the two surgeons in this institution."
Gilles started to feel that whip would suit her. And maybe shackles. She could have been the one who'd decorated the halls with them in the first place. Gilles noticed motion at the edge of his vision and he focused on a second person entering. A gentleman in a suit, carrying a set of blades in his jacket pocket was clearly the second doctor.
"Björn." he said, "I'll be delighted to make your wishes come true."
Dorothy shifted on her seat, unsettled by the man's weird glare.
"We shall now tell you about the procedures."
"Firstly you've all been invited to make a decision here. Nothing has been planned yet." Björn said sounding regretful, "But we urge you to enjoy the facilities. If you have any questions you can ask us. At the end of the weekend you'll be asked whether you want to leave or whether you'd like to stay and undergo our plans for you"
"This afternoon you can visit the gym and the kitchen. We believe in training and eating balanced meals to help your recovery. Tomorrow you are expected to attend Miriam's salon. She's our beautician who will help you with your new image. She's also available for questions about clothes, hair and make-up. After that you'll be free until diner to make your decision." Lana continued.
"Any questions?" Björn asked.
The three patients looked around, but neither of them really had questions.
"My time here is up." Lana nodded and without a second glance she left.
Björn followed her, but not before he made eye-contact with Gilles. He smiled unpleasantly, and then flashed a few scalpels, "I believe we have much in common." he chuckled, "Maybe we need to converse about our hobbies and interests sometime. Tomorrow night after diner maybe?"
"Yes, I would like that." Gilles mused. It would be good to get to know some of these people a bit better.