burn my memory, burn my outline
the tears scream to scar your unpierced flesh
shattered mirrors reflecting back your face
'let your defenses fall'

                          [ Black Tape for a Blue Girl]

Chapter4: Kitchen vs Gymn
A quiet knock on the door alerted Mandy that she and the others were expected to head for the gym. She opened her door and came face to face with a shocking sight. Gavin and Dorothy were chatting amiable about books. Not even the charred flesh and muscle of her face could conceil her shock. Dorothy looked down blushing and Gavin just grew quiet.
"Socialising Dorothy?" Mandy couldn't help tease.
Neither of them answered and Mandy decided that she could be pleased by that. She followed the two others down where they picked up Gilles and then they went up several flights of stairs to reach the large modern space that contrasted greatly with the rest of the mansion. Everything gleamed white and silver. Big hunks of metal for once did not bring Gilles in a state of reverie.
"Welcome to the gym." Gavin suddenly said, "Please be careful around the equipment."
"Are you the trainer?" Dorothy asked.
Mandy felt the urge to let out a mocking laugh when she saw Dorothy's eyes widen. Maybe she had been serious about Gavin and those hopes had now been dashed in the ground. Personal trainers after all weren't the types to choose overweight ladies as their lovers. Though Mandy wasn't so sure Gavin was just all about looks. For all his quiet creepiness he had a strange reservedness in his behavior. A thing that rarely coincided with mindless hunks of muscles.
"Are you hogging the patients again?" a high melodramatic voice suddenly screamed.
"This is Wesley." Gavin said.
"I'm the chef." Wesley said looking utterly desperate and lifeless, "Feel free to drop by my kitchen, it's just across the hall. That is if you're not busy trying to lose weight by just exercising. Food is important. I calculate a personal plan for every patient. Alas few people are grateful for my contribution... They do not understand my troubles."
Gavin looked on with the look of someone who couldn't care less. Mandy wondered if this happened often.
"Why don't you answer me???" Wesley said, clutching his head, "Ah, he plays with my mind..."
"Maybe we should visit the kitchen." Dorothy whispered.
"Be my guest!" Wesley said suddenly smiling.
"Feel free to talk about a training schedule when you visit again." Gavin said simply before he bowed slightly and left.
"Now that we're rid of the jock we must talk food." Wesley started.
The remainder of the afternoon was lost in listening about calories, foodgroups and balanced meals.

"blades?" Gilles asked.
"Yes, scalpels to be precise." Björn answered, "I wondered if you might be interested in my collection."
Gilles followed the odd doctor to his room. He opened the door and beckoned Gilles to enter. What Gilles saw was something unbelievable. Every inch of space was covered with shining stainless steal. Taking a step back Gilles suddenly turned quiet.
"I think I'll pass today. The events of the day have tired me more than I thought. I think I'll go sleep."
"Your loss." Björn shrugged.