burn my memory, burn my outline
the tears scream to scar your unpierced flesh
shattered mirrors reflecting back your face
'let your defenses fall'

                          [ Black Tape for a Blue Girl]

Chapter7: Such Sweet Sorrow...
Several weeks had passed when Miriam, who'd been busy working on her end of the plan for Mandy, Dorothy and Gilles, found a note in her mail. The letter was a simple one. A plain white envelope, a single sheet of paper. The message on it, wasn't.


I know it has been long, but I thought it was time to seek contact again. You mmight think I'm dead, but I'm not. Two years have gone past since I disappeared. I did not get in an accident nor did I get amnesia. I'm ashamed to say I've been alive, free and aware of everything during that time. But then I do feel I was not able to contact you until a certain special someone of mine had matured enough.
Hard as it may be to believe I stumbled on a gate that led to another dimension. I don't know how far i travelled but when I emerged I had found a world where dragons lived. I know you are the most openminded of my friends, which is why I chose to write you now. You see this letter also carries an invitation. A request to come visit me and join in a yearly  Halloween party.
I shall come to you on the 31st at noon. You are free to go or not. You can also take some extra people with you if you think there are others interested.

Yours truly,


 Surprised and excited Miriam contacted everyone in the clinic. A Halloween party to celebrate the success of their clinic and the patients' surgeries might just be a wonderful idea.
Not much later everyone was gathered in the meeting room. It was Mandy who drew attention to her now, even more so than Lana. With her fiery hair and gorgeous face she would turn every man's head. Dorothy was nothing much next to her, but she'd worked even harder to regain her figure and she'd succeeded. No-one would call her skinny, but no-one in their right minds would call her fat either. Her blond hair had been given a trendy cut which complimented her face. Gilles stood out on his own way. Two little metal horns portruded from his brow, Gleaming spikes stood on his shoulders. His knuckles sported sharp knives. Several less visible adjustments had been made. He was really pleased with the operation even if he knew it had most likely decreased his sex-appeal to the 'normal' person. But then he wasn't normal, he wouldn't look for a normal partner.
"I have a suggestion..." Miriam started.