1. The Crash
Kaninchen, a young blue space bunny of the planet Bern’Kiron, was in trouble. If his mother knew where he was, she wouldn’t be calling him Kani, a thing she usually did when he made her proud. Of course, he had already been looking at several months of cold glances and sub-optimal carrots since he had taken one of her space ships and had gone joy-riding.
Kani had known he wouldn’t get unpunished out of this one, but having to make an emergency landing on an alien planet seemed to be a bit much. After all, it was only a joy ride! The blue bunny pushed in the info button of his Easy Cruiser 2X4 to prepare for the crash. Apparently he wouldn’t be landing in water, a good thing since plush bunnies aren’t notorious for their swimming skills. Of course landing on land did mean he might get squished against the front window of his cruiser, but Kani didn’t have time to think about such unpleasant things. The bunny braced himself and prayed his helmet and seatbelt would protect him from massive harm.

Tessa looked up at the sky as a bright star flashed past. She laughed out loud and clapped her small hands, jumping up and down in excitement with her curly brown hair bouncing on her back.
"Pretty Star!" she called out and tried grasping it from the sky, a thing she knew she couldn’t do, but people in the movies always seemed to stay you could reach the stars if you tried hard enough, so Tessa always tried. She was six years old and had just learned to write her name. Next year she would learn to read and write, Tessa could hardly wait, because then she would be able to read stories by herself, in stead of waiting until her mother and father finally found the time to read them to her. Maybe if she managed to catch a star she’d learn to read faster.
Delighted, Tessa felt the star brush against her fingers, then it stopped glowing and disappeared in the back of the garden.
With big eyes Tessa looked at the bushes growing against the fence

2. Search Party

3. Bedtime Stories

4. Playing in the Park

5. Landing Site

6. Dragged Home Screaming

7. An Unexpected Ending

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Lantessama Isle
The Bunny Run 2004
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