Cocktail party

"Are you ready?" Cedros called up to his girlfriend Shalla's room.
Cedros and his best friend Stavros were waiting outside. The two of them were dressed up in three-piece suits complete with bowties. The roaring 20s were the theme of their senior prom and it had seemed fun to dress up like the old days when they'd been looking for a theme. It had been fun THEN, because by now Cedros didn't at all feel comfortable.
"My tux fits badly." he told Stavros, "And I can't breath."
"That's called anxiety." Stavros shrugged.
Stavros didn't know what exactly Cedros was being nervous about. He and Shalla had been going out for two years already. Shouldn't the new-found puppy love have started to fade a bit by now? Apparently it hadn't seeing as how Cedros was acting just to pick up his girl to go to the prom.
Finally Shalla opened the door and came out in a red dress that reached to her knees. She wore long stockings underneath and had on a long fake pearl necklace. In her hands she held a small black bag. Her hair was held up by a very long silver hairpin.
"Eh... do I look ok?" she asked when Cedros froze right in his tracks.
"You look fine, nerve-boy here is a bit wound up."
Shalla smiled and Cedros seemed to melt from it's light and warmth. He smiled back, quite acting like a hopeless fool. Stavros sighed and shook his head. Maybe he should have denied the offer of his best friend to play third wheel. But anyway, off they were. The three of them walked to the prom as renting a limo for two blocks had seemed a bit redundant.
When the school came into view Shalla suddenly stopped and said: "Almost forgot!"
"What?" Stavros and Cedros asked.
"The bowtie." Shalla grinned and decorated her neck with a black bowtie, just like the one the guys were wearing.
"I don't think the girls need to wear them." Stavros said.
"It's black tie." Shalla grinned, "I felt like doing this."
"You look marvellous." Cedros said.
"I love you honey."
"A little more and you know he's going to burst a vessel and become a plant for the rest of his life." Stavros chided.
"And I'd still love him." Shalla smiled.
"Would you?" Cedros asked.
"Of course."
The three of them entered the prom and first visited the bar. A series of (unfortunately) alcohol-free cocktails were at their disposal and soon the three of them were nipping from several virgin somethings. The music shifted to a slow and Cedros held out his hand, which Shalla happily grabbed. The two of them were away for a couple of tracks while Stavros waited. he really didn't have someone top take to the prom and he hadn't really been interested in any of the other singles. He could have asked some random girl, but that would have been awkward. Girls tended to expect some things when you took them to a prom. Like dancing.
Stavros shivered.
"Are you cold?" Shalla asked.
"No, why?"
"We thought about going outside for a bit." Cedros said.
"Don't let the third wheel spoil your fun." Stavros said.
"You're not a third wheel." Shalla insisted and the three of them went outside.
Walking around the school grounds at night certainly felt different. There were virtually no other people around, not anyone who wanted to be seen anyway. Everything was grey and shadows lurked everywhere. What was so familiar in daylight proved to be unseen territory for the three as they stumbled their way between the buildings.
"I hit something." Shalla said, rubbing her toe.
"High heels are not very comfortable." Stavros said wisely.
"Very funny." Shalla replied.
"Want a piggy back ride?" Cedros offered.
"Nah, I'll be fine."
"You just broke the guy's heart." Stavros smiled wicked.
"I did not... argh!"
Shalla tripped again and this time she fell. Luckily she landed softly. Shaking her head and trying to get up she noticed that whatever she'd fallen on had sloped sides. Feeling Shalla suddenly came to the discovery that it moved.
"Eek!" she called.
"What?" Cedros called.
"It's alive!"
"What is?" Stavros asked.
At that moment Dresynith opened her eyes and a faint light illuminated her skin.
"So much for a quiet evening." Maira sighed.
"Who are you?" Cedros called.
"Calm down. I'm a human, just like you three. Dresynith is a dragon."
Maira helped Shalla, who'd managed to fall onto Dresynith's flank and tail, up and then turned toward the three of them.
"I suppose you guys would do. You DO like bunnies, do you?"
And suddenly they were gone.

Eggs lay scattered across Lantessama Isle. Not just dragon eggs, but other types as well. Chicken eggs, chocolate eggs, sugar eggs and reptile eggs. Just about every type of egg was there and most of the residents had a hard time moving around without breaking anything. So maybe it was good that the Easter hatching was scheduled for that same afternoon. The eggs would either hatch or be eaten and whatever was left woumd be disposed off by the end of the day.
The candidates were all human this time around. Three of them had been found on earth, the remaining two were runic warriors. They gathered without much distraction and waited patiently for the signal. The egg hunt was surprisingly calm and uneventful. Each of the candidates took one of the ways leading onto Lantessama. Carrying chocolate they all felt fate would lead them to the right egg.
Stavros, who had taken the road that led to the flitter beaches was the second to run into a dragon. Just as he turned the corner following the mountainwall did he see a brightly coloured ochre creature. It had wings in stead of forelimbs and walked upright on it's two hind legs. In stead of a long tail it had a tuft of feathers. It's entire skin was marbled in a flowery pattern.
"Are you a dragon?" Stavros asked.
"Of course I am!" the chick replied, "My name is Hibiki."
Shalla and Cedros who'd started off together split up near the infirmary. Shalla took the eastern road leading to the Ceadra dunes while Cedros walked on to the Northern edge of Lantessama. Shalla was the one who got to the eggs fastest. One large egg lay in a circle of smaller eggs. Some of these smaller ones had already hatched, but other had not. Picking up some additional chocolate to lure her dragon with, Shalla waited.
When nothing had happened for ten minutes she gently tapped the eggshell as if asking permission to enter, or to wake up whomever was inside. Finally the egg stirred. It shook quietly and then fell apart. A yawning green floppy-eared dragoness fell out.
"You called?" she asked.
"I'd like to bond."
"Do you have chocolate?" the bunny asked.
"I do." Shalla laughed and wondered if she'd been rejected if she didn't have any.
"Of course you would have. Imagine trying to bond a bunny without chocolate! How silly would you have to be? I need to look out for myself too. My name is Celarent by the way."
Cedros, the last remaining candidate had finally reached the Northern edge of the island. He headed for the watchtower seeing as there was little else he could use as a landmark. As he was walking he suddenly heard the tell-tale sounds of cracking eggshell. He looked around but did not see any eggs. But he had heard the cracking. Taking a second look he suddenly noticed two purple ears pointing up from a large clump of tall grass.
"Come out, I see you." Cedros tried.
To his astonishment the dragon actually did rise from it's hiding place and said: "You found me, you must be good at this."
"I played a lot when I was younger." Cedros shrugged not daring to tell the dragon he'd given himself away with his ears.
"My name is Darapti." the dragon nodded, "I shall like playing with you."
"I'm looking forward to it." Cedros replied politely.

Shalla and Green Celarent (f)
Cedros and Purple Darapti (m)
Stavros and Ochre Flower Hibiki (m)

Celarent snuggled up to Darapti, striking her head against his chin and generally imposing his freedom of movement. Not to mention sexually harassing him. Just where was that tail going? Hibiki sighed and felt a bit left out. Lately he'd been getting that feeling a lot. It wasn't that he felt less than the bunnies because they had front paws. He had wings, which were better. No, it was something else.
"But what, I wonder?" Hibiki asked himself.
As usual he was being ignored by Celarent and Darapti who did what bunnies did best. Their riders too were away on a 'romantic getaway' as they called it. Giving their dragons free reign like this Hibiki even wondered if the two humans had left their room once.
Sighing the ochre rooster flew out of the living quarters giving the two bunnies the privacy they didn't seem to mind missing. He'd told them to get their own room but they'd insisted they liked having the entire family together. Hibiki shivered at the thought. He flew around and then suddenly noticed his rider.
He was about to call out when another person entered his view. A woman, pretty. Hibiki was surprised to find that his rider too was having fun while his dragon was feeling off. In stead of going toward Stavros, Hibiki decided to go fly around Syl'Neriss to clear his head.
Maybe half an hour later he felt the gentle probes of his rider trying to contact him.
"What?" the rooster asked.
"You seem a bit frustrated lately..." Stavros started.
"Of course I'm frustrated!" Hibiki called back, "Everyone BUT me's having fun!"
The rooster severed the contact and pitied himself.
"Hibiki!" Stavros called.
"It's just, I thought you might have liked some privacy and then we could..."
"Privacy! So that you could have fun with that woman." Hibiki snorted, "That's not for me..."
"Hibiki." Stavros said, "What woman?"
"The one I saw you with today."
"Who... oh, but I was doing that for you."
Hibiki remained silent.
"I thought you might get stirred up a bit living around those bunnies. hell, even I get stirred up from them." Stavros sighed, "So I asked around and met up with a few women riders that are having mating flights. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but maybe..."
"A flight?" Hibiki asked.
"Roosters are notorious for liking hens as well." Stavros joked, "And your temper HAS been flaring up. So I thought you'd want to blow of some steam."
"Blow of some steam?"
The idea appealed to Hibiki. Chasing females. Sire a few kids... yes it did sound a nice change to having bunnies do tantric exercises in front of you.
"I'll forgive you." Hibiki said, "But just this once."

Lantessama Isle

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