Milo & Rachel

Name: Milo & Rachel
Age: 23 & 22
Gender: Male & Female

Description: Milo has blue eyes and blond-brown hair. He's rather blasé and seems to care about little in his life. This in fact is an act because he's a neatfreak perfectionist at home. Everything he owns has it's own place and he cleans multiple times a week to ensure that no dust can leave lasting imprints on any of his collections.
Description: Rachel is a voluptious woman with brown hair and green eyes. She enjoys dancing and going out. She is very social and has a lot of friends. She is far from being neat, but she likes to keep at least some semblance of order in her things. She's a very optimistic person.
Homeworld: Earth

Short History: Milo and Rachel had been dating for quite a while. The initial blind romance was over and they were learning to deal with each other's bad habits. At that moment they were still debating wether to move in together or wait a bit longer before taking that step. They knew they could make it work, but they also knew it would be stressful to spend so much time together. To help them make a final decission the two of them decided to take a month-long vacation to a fully furnished house in a rural area. They would be together all day and would need to work to get the food they needed to make food with. The idea sounded ideal, but hard rain storms had cut off the area where they lived and both electricity and phone lines soon decided to stop working. In this desastrous scenario Milo and Rachel were able to keep from killing each other. With their vacation seemingly a big success they decided to leave as soon as the roads cleared. Something however decided they hadn't tried enough. After an eventful drive around a lake they somehow found themselves on a misty road. With their car breaking down and walking, they crossed dimensional boundaries and found themselves in a whole new world. They were picked up by a finder in the forests on Syl'Neriss and brought to lantessama to bond.


the Valentine candidates were standing around the neat cluster of eggs, holding cappuccino or tea in their hands, the cups steaming from the heat.
"Now that everyone has a drink, I suggest we wait." Lucas said, "These dragons will be cat-like and we all know how cats can be if they want to make an entrance."
Most of the candidates smiled and nodded, though the two sentient tigers seemed to be a bit offended by Lucas’ statement, but couldn’t really deny that it was true.
It was then, that more than one egg split open, as if to counter Lucas’ words. Soon 4 lean cat-dragons with big ears, pointy teeth and a long versatile tail stood between the remaining eggs.
Three colours seemed to be dominant in this clutch: pink, white and red, and nothing else could be seen in the hatchling’s hides. Though every hatchling seemed to be duo-toned, having one main colour and another in a splattered, spiralling pattern above the first.
The second and third hatchling, seeing their brother bond, moved out as one to different sides of the small cave. They were both females, one a soft pink with delicate white markings, the other a deep red, also marked with white spirals.
It was the red that beat her sister to the candidates. She gazed moments before her sister, deep into the eyes of Berkana, knowing her, loving her.
"My name is Margenna." She said, "Love me."
With those words uttered, her sister reached her future bond, Rachel, looked deep into her eyes and said: "Drama queen, isn't she? I'm Alanys, Mine."
"You're something else."
Rachel smiled down at the pink hatchling.
"I'm innocent." She said, blinking her eyes in a way that said another thing entirely.
Rachel winked at Milo and then led her bond to the feeding tables where the pink dragon immediately attacked the cappuccino machine for a good cup of coffee.
That left one dragon on the sands, a white male with pink marks. As he moved out from the sandy pit to the candidates standing around it, his paw got caught behind a wandering strand of ivy, tripping him. Cyan got the impulse to say ‘I told you so’, but in reality she had never said anything about safety measures. Cringing as she saw two eggs fall over and knock against each other. Two dragons hatched. The second male, calmly strolled toward Milo, his white hide reflecting the red hearts hanging above.
He said, "My name is Venuso and I have chosen you."
"You're very sure of yourself."
The man answered, "But I guess that is cat nature."
"Shouldn't I be sure of myself?"
Venuso asked, "And that's not the only thing in the nature of a cat. I'll make sure you get to know my other good sides."
"I can't wait."

& Venuso

Alanys purred in her sleep, thrashed her paws out and then looked so satisfied you couldn't help but think she had caught a dreambird. Venuso, who had been sleeping next to her, was woken up by her violent moving. He yawned, looked around and then went back to sleep within seconds after he'd put his head back down.
"They're really cute, aren't they?" Rachel asked.
"They're just like real cats." Milo agreed.
"But cats grow up so fast." Rachel sighed.
"They told you too?"
"It seems like only a little while ago that they could just play innocently together."
"And now they're carrying babies of their own." Milo shook his head.
"I feel like a mother." Rachel smiled.
"Aren't we a bit too young for that?"
"Not really." Rachel grinned, "Alanys told me it won't be logn for us either."

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