Pasta walked through the open field. Easter would be coming soon and she was enjoying herself. The sun shone down on her arms and she felt the fantastic warmth of the first real summer day. She was whistling a tune, skipping, dancing and jumping on a made-up song. If it was up to her, that day was to go on forever. No worries, no problems, just fun!
"The world is great!" she yelled in one of those spur of the moment kind of moods.
"The world is not great." a voice suddenly answered.
"How can you say that on a day like today?" she asked back
"Because it's easter."
"But Easter is part of the fun! You get chocolate eggs and get to stay home from school!"
"And how do you think the eggs get to you?"
"Well my parents bought them. They do it every year."
"No they don't! That's just a made up story to make parents look good. I bring round all the eggs!"
Pasta looked around confused. No-one could bring around all those eggs. Not in one day, even with the time difference. She didn't see anyone near her in the field. Just the grass flowing in the wind and the clouds in the sky.
"Look down." the voice suddenly said.
Pasta felt something pulling her shorts. She looked down and saw a bunny. A very white bunny.
"What are you?" she asked.
"The EasterBunny of course."
"Aren't you supposed to be brown?"
"See, that's another fable. I'm for real though. And life isn't fun for me on easter."
"Why not?"
"My legs hurt.from all the running."
"I would help you if I could. Really." Pasta said, feeling sorry for the bunny.
"You can." It said, it's eyes strangely glowing smart.
"Oh no, I can't! I can't run around carrying eggs."
"Not alone, but I could get you some help."
Pasta knew she had been lured into a trap. She couldn't refuse anymore, her parents had told her it was bad. But her parents had also told her there was no such thing as the Easter Bunny. Well she could understand they wanted to at least look a bit good in the eyes of their children once they started growing up. It was a rough time for parents.
"I'll do it, but I'll need some serious help."
"Good. That's one night in the year you'll help me and as a reward you get your helper and an extra egg every year. Sound good?" The Bunny asked her looking all innocent again. Maybe she had dreamt the sly intelligence in his eyes.
"It's a deal." At least she could tell people she knew the Easter Bunny. Pascha smiled, not that they would believe her. They would say, 'girl you're 17, start acting you age." But she'd know.
"How do I get this helper?"
The bunny took out a strange device labelled 'Calculator' and started pushing in numbers and words. Finally it beeped and gave off a strange fluorescent pink line.
"We follow the line and we will get there." The bunny said.
Pasta followed the line with her eyes and saw it suddenly bend up into the sky.
"I can't go up there." she said, "Besides there's no air in space."
"Who says we're going into space?" Bunny asked.
"Well the line points up."
"Don't ask questions, just follow it." Bunny said and started hopping in the direction the line pointed. Pasta shrugged and followed Bunny. When they got to the bend up she suddenly felt she wasn't home anymore. Hadn't Alice in Wonderland also followed a bunny into a strange wonderland?
"Where are we?" She asked.
"Where we need to be." Bunny said.
"And that is..."
"No place really, Lantessama only exists outside time and space. But here you will get your helper."
Bunny gestured her to be quiet and follow him into a big cavern. Inside it was dark, to dark to make out anything other than the white tail of the Easter Bunny.
Suddenly the tail vanished and Bunny's head appeared. He blinked at her and gestured she should come quick.
"The humans laid the eggs in a small room. But Easter wouldn't be Easter without an Egg Hunt!"
The Easter Bunny picked up one of the big strangely coloured eggs and walked outside. Careful not to drop one Pasta took 2 and followed the bunny, one egg under each arm.
Outside she could see more clearly and dropped the eggs of all over the Isle. It would be fun tomorrow.
"What now?" she asked when the bunny and she were done.
"Now we sign you up as Bonder and I'm out of here. Have fun with the hunt." he said and winked.
"How do I know which Egg is right for me?" she asked.
"The eggs know."
With that strange quote he left her alone.


The next morning Pasta was rudely awakened by a man tripping over her. Maybe she shouldn't have slept in front of the entrance to the special clutch sands, but he should have looked better.
Pasta turned around and saw a big angry lizard looking down at her. She screamed.
"God let's hope this is just a dream." she prayed.
"The dragons won't hurt you, unless you take their eggs." the man said.
"The eggs yesterday weren't protected." she said, still confused.
"The eggs? You know where the eggs are?"
"Yeah, I helped the Easter Bunny hide them for an Egg Hunt."
"The Easter Bunny?"
"Yeah, fun little bunny, snowy white and very pushy." Pasta got up, "My name is Pasta and the Easter Bunny said I would get one of the eggs if I helped him."
"The Easter Bunny can't grant you a dragon." Lucas said a bit annoyed about the whole situation.
"Well he did sign me in on the Bonder Board."
"Oh." Lucas said. "Well you can help ME now with the other bonders."
Pasta helped and soon the 7 other bonders were ready to look for the eggs. Only two others were human, the rest were, well freaky. A lot of bunnies and bunny wannabes.
When the sign to start was given Pascha made her way to the first egg she had hidden. Maybe, she thought, she had grabbed that one for a reason. She still remembered where she had hidden it. To the back of the Isle behind some dunes. She started running when she noticed another bonder following her. It was the young boy with brown hair. He shouldn't reach the eggs before her.
Suddenly a small bunny passed her, swift as the wind. What was happening? She looked back. The boy was gone. The bunny? Pasta couldn't really make sense of it but all she cared about was that the bunny was heading away from her egg.
Pasta sat down next to it and waited, looking out to the ocean. Finally it hatched. The nose pierced through first. Glistening orange, then an ear peeped through and soon the whole dragon-bunny was out.
"My name's Pascha." it said, "I want to let you know I'll be taking my task seriously."
"How can you know about your task?"
The bunny pushed up some imaginary glasses and said: "I read your mind."
"Can you do that?"
"Sure I can!"
"What number am I thinking of?"
"Hmmm, lucky guess?"
Pascha looked at her bond in a way that made clear it hadn't been luck.
"So how will you help me distribute eggs?" Pasta asked.
"I can bolt." the bunny shrugged.
"Yes, bolt." Suddenly the orange bunny was gone and a small orange lightning bolt flickered toward the tables with food. Once there Pascha returned, waving at Pasta.



Pascha jumped through the meadows dropping one egg after the other, hiding them in patches of grass, behind logs of wood, Inside boxes, in the middle of a circle of mushrooms... He dropped them everywhere for it was his job to help hide them. Soon a group of children would come to look for their eggs.
"Are you ready?" Pasta called.
"I am."
"I should really punish that easter bunny." Pasta sighed, "I help out for more than a night a year."
"I'm the one helping." Pascha quipped.
"Yeah yeah, but I'm here too, on the lookout, and i'm slower because I can't bolt like you."
"I know. You also hide the eggs too well."
"They are supposed to be hidden."
"People are supposed to find them so that none get left behind.
"Perfectionist." Pasta called.
"What child would find the egg there?" Pascha asked, pointing at Pasta's back pocket.
"Hey, it's payment. one egg per job."
"Me too!" Pascha called.
"We'll share."

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