Alana Pyra

Name: Alana Pyra
Age: 15 (now 17)
Gender: Female

Description: Alana is tall, slender and has long red hair. She has a cold stare which intensifies her blue eyes. Her facial structure is very elegant. No-one could say that Alan is ugly . But then, she's not exactly pretty either. The way she talks with mad large gestures, the way her voice rings into your ears and the way she makes you feel like a tiny little insect really do not aid in making her look good.
Behaviour: Alana is an obnoxious, demanding, high-strung person. She was spoiled rotten by her absent parents. She got everything she wanted and there was no-one to teach her right from wrong. After a while receiving things didn't give her much of a kick anymore. Destroying things however, first hers, and then the things and even pets of others brought her joy.
Family: Parents whom she doesn't visit.
Homeworld: Earth

Short History: Alana had been setting fire to things in regular intervals when something struck her as odd. She felt certain that someone was always around when she started a fire. She didn't know if it was a man or a woman, but she got the feeling that there was someone amongst the people she saw that she'd seen more than one time before. The thrill of the fires made her memory exceptionally well. She knew she was right.
First she tried to lay low, thinking the police was onto her, but the call of the flames proved too much for her to resist. So she set fire again. Cars, dumpsters, storehouses, the occasional cat. And she watched. Not being a person who waits quietly, Alana confronted her follower, a woman smaller than her by the name of Maira. She hadn't seemed dangerous at all. Not even her dragon had seemed dangerous after Alana had met her.
And so Alana was found for the Lantessama Halloween Clutch.

A small light suddenly lighted between the candidates. The fire wielding cheetah kin Eqahkali held up his light to distinct more then a mass of wriggling black bodies. Suddenly three more lights appeared in the cavern. Three dragons unfolded their wings and a blast of orange-red light lit the cavern like it was midday. 
The first dragon, with oddly shaped wings approached Eqahkali, careful not too burn anyone with his flaming arms and legs. He sat down in front of the kin, lighting his face from below giving him that spooky ghost-story effect.
"My name is Vlodzon... Shielding Light Vlodzon. I am not as powerful as you," he said, "But I am trustworthy." he continued winking at his two fiery siblings still standing on the sands, "unlike them."
The male Fire hissed when Vlodzon said that but was held down by the female that just glared and then stepped into the group of more violent candidates. She headed towards the two smallest of the group of humans and chose the little pyromaniac girl called Alana. There she coughed up a small ball of flames and 'accidentally' set a table cloth on fire just behind Eqahkali and his Vlodzon.
"Oops..." she said, "Alana, I am Vuur'Zee."
"You're fun!" the girl giggled and then left the holiday cavern.

Fire Vuur'zee (f)

Alana and Vuur'zee had been chased out of Lantessama after the two of them had kinda 'accidentally' set fire to the fazzle garden. Too bad the dragons had been quick to act. Aside from some singed leaves there really wasn't any major damage done. And Alana detested the creatures.
"Plants." she sneared.
"Only good for burning." Vuur'zee agreed.
"And kicking." Alana added.
"Well we won't have to see them anymore."
"True, but I really wanted to burn them." Alana pouted.
"There will be other things to burn... maybe humans...maybe dragons..."
"You know how to make a young girl's heart pound." Alana giggled.
"I do my best."
"What did you have in mind?"
"I say a mating flight." Vuur'zee grinned.
"Aren't those dull experiences? Besides i don't feel like being pawed by just anyone."
"I intend to use every godgiven talent of mine to make sure no chaser leaves that flight unscathed. I intend to only let the dirtiest, most malicious, powerful dragon with concrete skin and a mind viler than mine take me."
"You do make it sound like a challenge." Alana shrugged.
"You get a say in it too."
"No old or ugly guys then." Alana said, vain as always.
"I don't know how many vile, handsome, evil masterminds are out there."
"It's a challenge after all." Alana said.

Lantessama Isle
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