Name: Targer
Age: 35
Gender: Male

Description: Targer has made an effort to look inconspicuous. He keeps his black hair short. He has brown eyes, but he often wears glasses or sunglasses to obscure part of his face. He has a regular height, regular built and he looks like any other man his age you could see on the streets.
Behaviour: But of course Targer isn't normal. He's a hitman for hire. He knew early he wanted to be paid to do cruel things. He enjoyed it. Being paid for it would be a plus. And a way to spread his acts over the entire world. Being paid for acts of violence keeps the police at bay because none of the cases can be linked to you.
Family: --
Homeworld: Earth

Short History: On his last job, Targer was supposed to kill a certain politician who was proving to be quite the menace to some of his colleagues who were more corrupt. This politician would definitely hold a witchhunt in the cabinet and turn up dirt where it should remain untouched.
Having investigated the politician, Targer awaited to kill him and his family at his home. But when he arrived there, it wasn't his target he saw, but a woman with a large green animal. The dragon, because that is what she called it, was able to read his mind and could stop him before he even tried something.
Without much effort Targer was taken to Lantessama. He was put under some sort of observation, but he was promised that after he left, he'd get a dragon and as long as the fact that he owned a dragon wouldn't be known, that he was free to do as he pleased.


About halfway through the hatching this time there was no rest, no silence. Halloween was drawing to a close and more dragons urgently bonded. Next to make the leap was a tiny white-feathered red snake that flew toward the hitman that had arrived only that day.
"Targer, " it buzzed, flying from one side of his head to the other, "I'm violent spirit Feather."
Then more silently it whispered, "We should have some fun... You feel angry, very angry..."


White feathers fell to the earth were just a moment ago a man had been standing. Before the man could scream he vanished. White feathers touched the ground and shone mysteriously in the moonlight.
"You did great Feather." Targer said.
"Of course I did." Feather replied.
"Where did you drop him?"
"Oh he should be ok. As long as we don't wake too long. I believe that planet has carnivores appearing during the night."
Targer smiled, "They would make the hunt more interesting."
"There's a lot of forest to hide in too." Feather added, "Perfect for sneaking."
"You love to be devious." Targer said shaking his head, "Wait for me to get my payment and we'll hurry over there for some fun."
"Don't make me wait too long." Feather giggled, "Or I'll leave without you."
Targer smiled, knowing his dragon wouldn't actually go without him. the two of them enjoyed hunting together. On Earth Targer had always been bound with time. He couldn't relax to hunt/torture because he stood a greater chance of being found. Now, with Feather around he could take his time and draw out the process for days on end before he would eventually have to return to his life.
"Wait for me my dear." he whispered.

Lantessama Isle