Name: Theodore
Age: 32 (when he died)
Gender: Male

Description: Theodore always wears a suit (brown is his favourite colour), he makes sure his hair and mustache are well-trimmed. He keeps the glasses that hide his hazel eyes spotless. He always keeps a good posture and walks determined.
Behaviour: Theodore is a gentleman. He grew up in a time when upbringing was considered a way for children not to embarass their parents. He is wise in the ways of ettiquette and manners. He might come over as traditional and passť, as a ghost he has witnessed the newer eras. He clings to the way of life of his own because he feels it's still the most superior.
Family: Long deceased
Homeworld: Earth, Victorian Era

Short History: Theodore died when his house collapsed during a large earthquake. His prants had died long before and Theodore had yet to marry. He was already being frowned upon for his degenerate lifestyle by the present fishwives. It was not that Theodore was living a deviant lifestyle as much as that he was a shy, caring person. He was rather clumsy and his shielded upbringing had not helped to get him to act sophisticated around women.
As an earthbound spirit, Theodore haunted the grounds where his house had once stood. years went by and Theodore had to face the passing of time. His house had been rebuilt, demolished and replaced by ever bigger buildings that had no room for Victorian Romance. When he was asked to stand for the Halloween Clutch and to gaina  kindred spirit, he jumped at the chance.

Before the Laedrysses could discuss a few of the problems, or the new impressions another two dragons stepped forward out of the dark. These two definately belonged in the category Lesser Evil. In fact they belonged in the category Lesser. There was no evil to be seen in their eyes. The female, a soft beige dragoness with blond hair rather seemed sad. She looked around at the three remaining candidates and picked out the old gentlemen.
"Theodore, " she said, "How I have yearned for you..."
"Then let us not dawdle, milady Thassia. I have our transport ready." They vanished in thin air before Trix could even blink. She sighed appreciating after her brain had registered the exit... she wished all evil impressions could go as smooth as that one. 

Thassia felt happy being cared for like this. Theodore was standing behind her, combing her hair with a brush. Sometimes he would comb his cool ghostly fingers across her scalp, making her shiver.
"I will look great." She said, pleased.
"A Lady should look her best no matter what time." Theodore lectured.
"You know it."
"Though I doubt they meant a man should comb her hair."
"Shh, I can't reach it myself." She blushed.
"I know. Besides we can be considered to be a married couple."
Thassia laughed and gently embraced Theodore's transparent waist with her tail, "You sweettalker." she said.
"No-one's ever said that to me." Theodore said, not blushing for his cheeks didn't possess the blood needed for that anymore, but he looked down and was clearly a bit embarassed by the statement.
"I love you, you know." Thassia said.
"I love you too."

Lantessama Isle

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