Name: Ika'leh
Age: 24
Gender: male

Description: Squat and sturdy, Ika'leh isn't much of a looker. You can see he's been into many fights and that he has suffered many injuries. His nose is deformed like that of a boxer's. His black hair that he keeps in dreads falls over ears that have been through rough times. His dark eyes look into the world with a permanent scowl. His skin is tanned. He has a lot of muscles and his share of scars.
Behaviour: Ika'leh is rather paranoid of other humans. He comes from a place where others are not to be trusted. hunting can be done in group, but then there's the chance of being ripped off in the end. If you're good like Ika'leh, you hunt alone. It's more dangerous, but there's no backstabbing. Ika'leh is hardened by the rough life he's led. He is a master survivor, but he won't last five minutes in the human jungle.
Family: --
Homeworld: Unknown Jungle Planet.

Short History: Ika'leh lost his parents when they were hunting with another group. Although they and the other families had often hunted together in the past, when times grew harsher and food was less available, they were killed. Ika'lhe managed to get away and has since been surviving on his own.
It was on one of his trips that he first spotted a dragon. A giant beast that spoke to his mind, inviting him to the fire he and his rider had prepared. Ika'leh had been wary, but the dragon intrigued him. Finally he went to the fire, afraid that he might be killed because the beast looked powerful. But the two of them weren't hostile. they even offered him a loyal companion of his own. Grudgingly, Ika'leh agreed to come to Lantessama for the Halloween Clutch.

Ika'leh stood as far away as he could from all the other candidates. Even without understanding them did he know they were dangerous. He was still confused about what was happening. They had told him to stand there and wait. A dragon would come, or so the dragon had told him.
So Ika'leh waited. The eggs in front of them cracked and soon dragons came forth. But none spoke to him as the other dragon had. Most of them looked strong though. Finally a dark brown dragon with brown wings and rastafari hair sprang up from the eggs.
Agile the hatchling worked his way through the crowd, toward ika'leh.
"My name is N'buli." he said.
"Are you my promised companion?" Ika'leh wanted to know.
"I am. I shall hunt with you, and guard you."
"Good." Ika'leh nodded.

Ika'leh ran over the wide plains of his home planet. Above him, N'buli soared through the sky. Together they approached a large herbivore that was taking his last breaths. The herbivore didn't know what hit it when the first of ika'leh's spears bore into him. At this point it could still run, or it could turn on his attacker. But as soon as the dragon's shadow appeared above, the creature froze.
"We've got it." N'buli called, licking his teeth for he would be eating the largest part of this catch.
"Great." Ika'leh signed back.
With the two of them together, Ika'leh had successfully improved his hunting skills. He could catch almost any animal and the dangers for him had lessened significantly. Lately some of the less fortunate of his planet had come to him. Women, children, the elderly. And although he did not allow them to come close, sometimes he wanted to have someone near.
N'buli made fun of the thought, though Ika'leh didn't fully understand him. But maybe in the near future would he allow the weakest to come close. Maybe then he would take over some of the more powerful bands. And maybe, just maybe he would rule them and make a place for those who could not hunt.

Lantessama Isle