Chapter1 - Babysitting

"It's mine!" Lucia shrieked, in the midst of a tantrum any 2-year old would be envious off. She and her brother Alexis were fighting as usual.
"It's definately mine. I saw it first." Alexis replied, he was the older of the two and less loud, though not the least bit less determined to get out with what he knew was his.
As the two continued to quarrel over what seemed like a dried up twig, a middle-aged man tried his best to salvage the situation. Weren't these two children afraid that they were out alone in the night? It was dark, they were sitting on a beach with the tide coming in, but neither of them seemed bothered by the situation. In stead, they continued fighting.
"Excuse me, but that twig hardly seems worth the arguement." the man tried, "Where are your mommy and daddy so I can take you to them?"
Lucia blinked, "Mommy and Daddy are out tonight. they'll be back for us later."
"Such parents..."
the man shook his head, who left his kids alone in this day and age? There might be perverts around, childmolesters who would take these two and sell them on the black market where they would end up as toys for some wealthy, old, fat landowner. The kids sure as hell didn't look as if there parent's could not afford to hire a nanny.
"Patrick's our nanny." Alexis said, and before the man could ask about how he knew what he had been thinking, the child added: "And why do you think we're fighting about this twig?"
"Well, what else is there around?"
"You of course."

the little boy smiled in the sweetest fashion, a bit shy, as if he was asking someone to give him back his sleeping plushie even though he would deny that he was still afraid of the dark. It was this smile that prevented the man from realising the danger he was in.
"Patrick left us all alone." the girl added, tears drawing traces of reflection across her cheeks. "Why did he leave us?"
The man bowed forward, "Now now, he'll be back, or your parent's will be soon enough."
"That's unfair!"
Alexis called out, "You used a charm!"
The corpse at Lucia's feet twitched a bit when she let it go. A single drop of blood glowed at the edge of her mouth when she smiled: "I did not, he just couldn't say no to a teary girl."
"The world is so unfair!"
Alexis answered, "I was this close to making him take me."
"You were miles away.... there's still some left if you want to."
"Oh no you don't."
a commanding voice sounded, "Lucia! Alexis! What did I tell you guys?"
Both child vampires got up instantly when their caretaker Patrick appeared from behind the shadowy bushes. He was holding a drowsy child in his arms.
"We were not to leave the bushes and no-one was allowed to see us."
"Then why is there a corpse here? in this day and age, who knows what diseases he might carry. haven't I told you before you guys should be careful?"
"But I was hungry..."
Lucia tried.
"Don't try those fake tears on me, missy."
"I'm still hungry..."
Alexis pouted his mouh, looking at the girl in Patrick's arms. She was maybe 10 years old, healthy with a tan from playing outside. She had long blond hair, and looked as if she was shy. Just his type, Alexis thought.
Patrick threw the girl toward him and Alexis caught her without fail. After all, he was a predator and his depth perception had always been keen. Within seconds he had killed her by sucking her veins bonedry.
Patrick, meanwhile checked the other corpse. He sighed with relief when he could find no obvious signs of illness. If Lucia ever contracted something, Patrick knew his life would be in danger. Even though he was immortal, that status only came to be because the Lady and Lord Posthume granted it. Once they took that protection from him, he'd be death within a week, as old age would slowly claim his body. Patrick had no intentions of ever having that happen to him.
"Afraid of dieing?" Alexis asked with a boyish grin, "Who would have ever thought that.
"Quit your mindreading, sonny."
Patrick snarled, "I haven't forgotten you were about to dig in either. Maybe I'll just have to report this to the Lord and Lady and let them punish you."
This threat wisened up the two disobediant children. The punishment would be far harsher if their parents gave it. Patrick, even though a human and a frank one at that, that had never been as respectful as he should have been, was still a powerful allie to have.
"Let's go back to the castle." Patrick said, pleased that his threat had worked so well, "I think I have just the punishment for you two... My study is in need of cleaning." he snickered when he saw their faces, "I don't have time to clean it when you two are too busy getting into trouble then stay where I tell you to stay."
Sighing heavily, the two children accepted their punishment, because they knew fully well that he would tell their parents, even if it meant him dieing because of his failiour. They switched into batform and followed Patrick back as he opened a door to the other realm...


Lucia, Alexis and Patrick are candidates at the
Lantessama Halloween Clutch 2005