Vliun & Dera

Name: Vliun & Dera
Age: 17
Gender: Male & Female

Description: Vliun is a regular highschooler. He's got fuzzy brown hair that doesn't do what he wants it to do, pimples when he forgets to put on anti-acne cream and some complexes about his height. He's rather timid, but he's one of the boys who gets along with everyone. He is neither popular nor bullied. He has good grades and isn't a total loser when it comes to PE. As such he was a good candidate for playing Romeo.
Description: Dera is a soft-spoken, bright girl that's just a ted of an underachiever. She doesn't like school much, but comes and stidues when she needs to. Her hobbies include skating and chatting. She has a wide social circle. Though she can't be called a classic beauty with her curly bright red hair, her milky blue eyes and her bad habit of biting her lips, she was nominated as Juliet because she was single and most of her friends have stage fright.
Homeworld: Earth

Short History: Vliun and Dera were in the midst of trying to practice Rome and Juliet, the play for the annual parent's day. Trying I say because the costumes weren't finished even if they had less than a week to go. They both still had troubles with their lines, except for the part that everyone knows by heart because it's a common quiz-question. And mostly, the two of them felt a bit uncomfortable around each other because there definitly was some kind of chemistry between them even if they didn't want there to be.
So standing together on stage, feeling awkward and also excited, the two of them both wished with all their hearts to be somewhere else. A passing butterfly flit heared their wish and took it upon himself to grant said wish by transporting them to Lantessama for the Summer Holiday Clutch.


Certainly, the holiday cavern would have been cramped again with the candidates that had signed up for this year's summer holiday clutch. There were two dragons, neither of them the general small size of Lantessaman dragons who would have certainly felt cramped inside the tiny underground cavern. With them inside there would hardly be room for the humans, elves, faes, imp and butterfly shifter to also find a comfortable place to follow the hatching from, let alone enough airspace. 
Out in the open, around the fazzle garden, everyone had plenty of room and none of the candidates had to worry about not being able to see the eggs that were laid out in a casual pattern. In between the smaller and larger eggs, fazzles were indeed crawling, walking or dangling, as if they thought the meadow wasn't colourful enough for these eggs. Flowers in all colours seemed to have sprouted overnight and them moving only made the whole feel more like a magical forest. Maybe the summer imp Ha was responsible for the sudden bloom in flowers, or for the eggs' sudden eagerness to hatch. Maybe it was the elves, or just bad timing. Either way, it didn't seem like Lucas would be able to finish his decorations before the first egg cracked it's shell. 
The butterflyts chasing Colora in butterfly form passed over the meadow again where another two butterfly dragons had hatched. these two, a yellow-orange female and a red-purple male seemed to be a pair. Cyan was ready to pull out the sponsors list when the two trailed of to the candidates. The pair seemed to be headed to Dera and Vliun, a pair of high schoolers that had been in the midst of practicing 'Romeo and Juliet' when they had been transported of to Lantessama. Wormholes and transdimensional passageways were pretty convenient to the average dragon-adopting place.
"Dera," the female said, "I am Shiontrelle, would you take care of me?"
"My name is Skiye, Vliun." the male said, "Please care for me."


"Ok Shiontrelle." Skiye crooned.
"Oh Skiye." Shiontrelle replied.
"Quiet!" Vliun called to the two dragons wooing each other at the entrance of their living quarters. He and Dera had been trying to get settled, but lack of sleep caused by insomniac dragons proved to be a big hurdle. It was hard really, as earthlings to adapt to a place where there was no TV, no PC, no M&Ms and all those other great letter abbreviations. Even if the Lantessamans got together occasionally to buy some new stuff, like the recording equipment and the big movie screen, or the espressomaker in the cafeteria, it was still a huge step back.
"Did you get them to sleep?" Dera asked from the bed.
"I don't now. For now they seem to be resting."
Dera sighed happily, stretched herself and waited for Vliun to join her. The two of them had returned home after the hatching. They'd finished highschool and had made preparations to vanish. That time had been nerveracking. Try to lie to your parents about moving to some little remote place where there wouldn't be any communication possible. Cellphones didn't work on lantessama after all. The only other option they'd had was to fake their own dead. But Dera wanted her parents to see her children, wanted to spare them the grief of losing a daughter.
"Maybe one day." she said.
"What?" Vliun asked.
"Tell our families and friends what really happened."
"Maybe." Vliun said, but he sounded doubtful.
"Quiet!" Skiye called from the entrance.
"Oh I'm going to kill them!" Vliun called, "Whatever do I have to do to get a bit of rest?!"
"You want us gone for a bit?" Shiontrelle asked.
"I want calm nights."
"That can be arranged." Shiontrelle grinned and took off.
"Where did they go?" Dera asked.
"We'll be taking perch in the hatching sands soon. Tata!" Skiye's voice sounded in their heads.


Background found with google one day long ago and now I cannot trace it anymore. It's name is: LBJ088.jpg
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