Yarissa's Tele Love

Do not try to change to another site, do not try to shut down your computer, for the next half hour, I control all you think and feel…and all that time I’ll be talking about Yarissa and her obsession with Chad Kroeger.

"How you remind me"

[Scene one:]
We enter to see a girl sitting in front of the tv. She is watching the unplugged show of Nickleback, nearly drooling over the screen. Her short wavy dark blond hair hanging loosely to her shoulders as she gazes into Nickleback's frontman Chad Kroeger's eyes.
She sighs and smiles dreamily in the distance. Her blue eyes are glazed over and she seems to be in some sort of trance. Suddenly the images freeze and then slowly blink out, reduced to a little dot.
"Mo-om!" she calls out.
"What is it, dear?"
"There's something wrong with the VCR!! It won't play my Nickleback tape!"
"Honey, you could star in that video... haven't you seen it enough?"
"You can never see enough Chad Kroeger."
"And you don't think that's unhealthy? To idolise that man in such a manner?"
"It's not unhealthy!" Yarissa called out, got up and left for her room, slamming all doors she encountered on her way.
Inside her room, rightly decorated with posters and other Nickleback memorabilia, Yarissa felt her peace of mind return. She had a tv there and a VCR. She went to her shelves and selected another one of Chad Kroeger's choice performances. If her mother didn't like her watching downstairs she'd watch them here. See if she'd care.

[Scene two:]

Nickleback Concert: The Movie

[Scene three:]
Feasting on popcorn, soda and of course the always delectable Chad Kroeger, Yarissa was having a blast. She was glued to the screen and chiselled every move Chad made in her brain. Suddenly a weird glow appeared inside the screen, inside the concert almost. But that couldn't be. There weren't white spots on at this time in the video. Yarissa knew.
Arching closer to the screen, she suddenly felt a weird pull. Before she could stop herself, Yarissa was drawn closer and closer. And then, before she could even scream, she was gone.
/Director's voice: "Yarissa? I think that ending might need some serious rewriting. No-one's going to belief theis girl got suckd into the tv to meet her idol. Yarissa? Where are you?"
/Assistant: "I... think she's gone, sir."
/Director: "Where?"
/Assistant: "The TV."

[Movie Continued:]
Yarissa looked around dazed. The last thing she could remember was saying her lines and preparing for the visual effect smoke and sounds that would signal her trip through the tv. But now she was outside, enjoying a pleasant breeze. What had happened?
"Oh no..." she groaned, "I fainted!"
"You did indeed." A voice beside her said, "You just appeared out of nowhere and collapsed on the beach."
"There aren't any beaches near the tv-studios." Yarissa answered absent minded.
"There aren't any tv-studios around here, we're lucky to even have the special movie screen Lucas brought in.
"Who'se Lucas?" Yarissa asked.
"Only one of the Laedrysses, but I expect you wouldn't know that."
It is only now that Yarissa looks up at the woman speaking to her. She is about Yarissa's age, a late teen, early twen, with short black hair, dressed all in blue. But there's something about her clothes that makes her seem off. None of the clothes she recognises, there are no brand names on them, no trademark symbols. Just patterns and... is that embroidered  stitching?
"Where am I?" Yarissa asks.
"At Lantessama of course... didn't you do anything to get here?"
"No... I was standing in front of a tv and then I was here."
"Strange... maybe you should talk to a Laedrys about that."
"What in God's name is a Laedrys?"
"I believe the old English term is leader. The people running this adoption agency."
"Where can I find one of those...."
Yarissa nods.
"Try going round the mountain to the greenhouse. Laedrys Cyan is bound to be working. You seem like a plant person."
"A plant person?"
"Never mind." the young woman says, turning around and whistling. 
From the sky a dark blue form descends. The beast flaps his wings to soften it's landing before it finally sets it's paws on the ground.
"Feet." she suddenly hears, "I'm a noble animal... if you could call me an animal at all. I prefer entity. And I have an advice for you, little girl. Visit the holiday cavern. You might find what you need there."
"The Holiday Cavern?"
But the voice has gone. Yarissa shrugs. Maybe this leader-type person, Lae-whatever would know what talking voices in your head meant and where to find the holiday cavern. The thought occurred to Yarissa that she had fainted and gotten into a coma or something, dreaming of a world that existed only in her mind. Yarissa was surprised at what she had conjured up.
The walk around the mountain was tediously long, considering that this all was a dream... but maybe comas were different from dreams. Either way, her mind was still functioning if it could measure distance and time. Finally she reached a set of glass greenhouses surrounded by flower patches and groups of trees. The little valley situated between two low hillsides was absolutely heavenly and Yarissa lingered for a moment before heading in.
"Hello?" she asks.
"Who is it?" she hears a call from deeper in the maze.
"My name's Yarissa, they told me to visit you."
"Oh." A head popped up next to her, "I'm Cyan... why did you need me?"
"I came here... don't exactly know how, and some girl said I looked like a plant person." Yarissa said, making no effort to explain it.
"I see." Cyan said, "Anything else I should know?"
"Oh, I heard a voice, it said I should visit the holiday cavern."
"Drats... The colour of the voice was blue I reckon?" Cyan asked.
"How did you.... oh right, you're part of the dream too." the girl smiled.
"I'm part of nobody's dreams... well maybe my husband's, but not yours certainly."
"How can you be sure?"
"Because I'm certain you can't figure out what number I'm thinking off."
"Is it 5?"
"32, you were way off. Proof enough for you?"
"This could all be a trick by my head."
"Could you really come up with genetically altered plants mixed with dragon DNA on a world drawn in the Elsewhere which we saved by bringing the dragons to it?"
"I don't think so. This place is very real. And if you were found by Saranna, who I think you talked to earlier, and her dragon Eklith, then I think I cannot interest you in a plant dragon. You obviously came here for a Valentine dragon."
"A Valentine dragon?"
"Yes, do you have anyone you care about more deeply then friends?"
"There is one... but he's unreachable."
"Ahh! Very soap-like! This will be perfect."
"What is his name?"
"Chad... Kroeger."
"How did you know!"
"We're not completely cut off... Could you bring me back the latest album when you return home? Or make a copy of it? I'm always lagging on my cd collection and I'd like to add cd's as much as I can... and Nickleback is one of my favourite groups."
"Ehh... sure."
Yarissa left the greenhouse, armed with another set of directions and a description of the man she was supposed to look for. A description that sounded odd like a certain singer she adored. Wavy blond hair, brown eyes and tall. But before she could get to this Lucas guy, she had to cross the garden again.
She decided to walk straight through a field of flowers to cut some distance from her route.
When she reached solid ground again, she was covered with 4 small creatures, hanging from her neck, arms and back.

Names TBA, as well as two more fazzles :p

"Leave one arm open you 4!" Yarissa called out, "That's the arm reserved for Chaddie!"
As if the plant-critters knew what she was talking about they left her right arm open and covered her entire left side.
Walking with the 4 critters was surprisingly easy. They hardly weighed a thing and they helped her keep branches and leaves out of her hair and face. The only thing irritating about them was their constant squirming. Maybe she should let them have her right arm too.
Yarissa reached the grass plain again that Cyan had called the center of the Isle. Yarissa crossed it, ignoring the strange looks she got, attracted by her 4 fazzles, though she didn't know then what they were. Finally she saw a man who resembled the Nickleback Lead Singer uncannily.
"Lucas?" she called.
The man turned, smiled at her with his perfectly white teeth and she was lost... 
"What did you need?" Lucas asked.
"Eh... Uhm...eh..."
"You visited Cyan..." he started for her, pointing at the fazzles.
Yarissa nodded, "And she told me to come here."
"Ok. Then I assume you're here to hear about the Valentine clutch."
"I am."
"Ok, Please follow me, but try to keep your eyes from falling out. Am I wearing something of yours? Anything I should know?"
"You look like someone... I know."
"Very much."
"That's odd... well everyone has a doppelganger running around." Lucas said, smiling again.
"I suppose so."

[The Sequel: Hatching]
Lucas carefully went down the ladder that elevated him to the ceiling of the holiday cavern. He had finished putting up the last of the decorations that would transform his little part of Tri Peak Isle into a lover's paradise... well a soap-lover anyway.
Cardboard figures of most historical and modern-day Earth soap characters lined the walls, hearts hung from the ceiling and white-red-pink guirlandes streamed down from every possible side. The food tables were covered by pastel pink cloths and white curtains covered the bare rock of the walls of the cavern. All in all the place looked far too pink for any man to enjoy, but the hatchlings would love it. It was just the type of environment -classic high school dance style- that they craved for.
Outside on the beach the large movie-screen had been set up to show old episodes of soap series and later that night, some classic romantic movies. Muted sounds of gasps and screams trickled down in the cavern, even with the walls covered in cloth. There must be quite a large crowd watching the episodes. Of course, soaps were addictive, Lucas knew that if he went out he might stay there too... always trying to find out what was going to happen next in the absurdness of it all.
Candidates trickled in, most of them the usual colourful batch that always showed up for these events. Lots of wacky humans, a pink vampire and even... a rukel. The Laedrysses had seen the interesting creatures before, some of the resident riders had acquired one or two, but they had never dreamed one would be able to bond. What would be next? Mutated fazzles?
Two eggs spilled onto the sands, knocked over by a previous pair. Two males falling out of the shattered shells. The two had not much pink in their hides and stood out in the decorated room. The pale yellow-bluish one was the first to make his move. He sailed past his brother, the tables with food, though he couldn't resist to sniff the smells radiating from them, and several of the candidates before he stopped.
"How you remind me..." he whispered.
"Could it be?" the girl in front of the opal-dawn dragon asked herself.
"The name's Chad."
"Chad... My Chad?"
"Feeling way too damn good."
Yarissa would have danced if she had had the room. She would have sung her favourite songs if she would have dared... but nothing, absolutely nothing could compare to what she was experiencing now. She was in heaven.

Opal-Dawn Chad (m)

[Beyond the Movie: Adulthood]
"Chad Honey!" Yarissa called.
"Give it a rest, I know you only call me that because it makes it look like you're together with your idol." Chad said, "What do you want now?"
Yarissa pouted, "I like you too."
"Really now?" Chad asked.
"Very much."
"Enough that you'd let me do whatever I want?"
"Of course. You're free to do as you please. As long as you sing with that awesome voice of yours."
"Then, I'm taping over your Chad kroeger concert tape."
"See you don't like me."
"Anything else, but not that..."
"Then we're going for a mating flight."
"Eeeeh!!! You mean trying to fly a dragon with a rider other that isn't Chad?!"
"You said I was free to do..."
"You're free to go out and get an icecream."
"I want to fly." Chad crooned with his deepest, most aluuring voice.
Yarissa felt weak in the knees.
"But... but..."
"Face it, Chad won't be coming. He wouldn't have a female dragon. And I have needs."
She couldn't resist that voice.
"Yes honey."

This page was compiled by Laedrys Trix for her sister who is waaay to happy when she sees a Nickleback clip. All images found on the world wide web, and song playing is called 'How you remind me', which of course is a Nickleback song, I wanted to find another one, but this was the only good one I could find *sigh*

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