& Yvera

It was a cold windless day when Lucas ushered the candidates to the edge of the forest. From all over the universe 7 possible beings had made their way to Lantessama. It was Winter Season on the isle, the water was calm and blue, the temperature still well above freezing. All in all the Isle wasn't the right place to hatch this clutch.
"What a good idea to do the hatching on the fringes of IceLand." Cyan aid, turning to her better half. She inhaled deeply and sneezed when the cold made her nose itch. 
"And what have you got planned?" Lucas asked, pointing to the basket Cyan was carrying.
"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you." Cyan said smiling mysteriously.
Cyan put down the heavy basket filled with earth and her plant surprises. Almost immediately small leaves and branches extended outward. Cyan sighed, they sensed the soil. She picked up the basket again before it was pinned to the ground.
"I see movement!" Lucas called her to get closer.
And indeed, the first lines were already appearing on several of the eggs. They were rocking softly and the dragons that had conveyed them started humming. Within minutes the cracks widened and here and there green skin ruptured through the shell. Suddenly one of the hatchlings found enough strength to break through entirely. The small dragon that fell out was entirely holly-green with bright snow-flake wings and a red santa-hat. 
The hatchling, a young male, looked at the candidates an impressed after a short interval. More eggs hatched and the green creatures, sometimes bald, sometimes with fuzzy hair either found a bond or a sponsoring agency to leave to.
A duo of dragons suddenly walked between the eggs, seeming to have appeared out of nothing. They were sparkling white, unwinged and smaller than the other hatchlings. They were about the size of cats and Cyan doubted they would ever get bigger than a large dog. It was unsure if they had hatched from the eggs or had just appeared in between. 
As mysteriously as they had appeared, they vanished. Suddenly duo lines of white snowflakes whirled around the candidates and then disappeared, followed by a purple-white breeze that for a second chilled the surroundings.
Little ice-crystals had appeared on the eggs, but they soon fell apart when more dragons hatched and the hatching itself continued into it's second half.



name: Nachth
gender: male
age: adult
description: Nachth is a pale, nearly white dragon with an opal sheen on his body. He has long white spikes of ice on his head and tail. They're quite sharp, but he tries to be careful with them. Nachth was the size of a cat as a hatchling and has grown to the size of a dog at present.
personality: Nachth likes to have fun. He enjoys the warm cold of ice-storms and flurries. He likes the controlled chaos of nature. He himself is rather chaotic as well. Though he insists he has a different type of order than anyone else's.
lifemate: Yvera

name: Yvera
gender: female
age: adult
description: Yvera is a pale, nearly white dragon with an opal sheen on her body. She has long white spikes of ice on her head and tail. They're quite sharp, but she tries to be careful with them. Yvera was the size of a cat as a hatchling and has grown to the size of a dog at present.
personality: Yvera is cool and collected. The only softspot that she has seems to be Nachth, who with his exhuberant personality is her opposite. Yvera likes to think things over. She loves the fresh snowy plains before anything touches it, pure and white and untouched.
life mate: Nachth


Lantessama Isle.