Name: Anyka
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Looks: Anyka has medium brown hair and brown eyes to match. Her eyes are fairly uncommon in IceLand where green and blue eyes are the dominant colours seen in humans. She inherited her eyes from her mother who she greatly resembles, but remembers nothing about. Her skin is pale from the little sun it gets around winter, but tans nicely in summer when the sun is reflected by the snow. Unlike some of her friends she does not burn, a feature for which she is envied. Her face is round and open, not exactly beautiful, but showing her caring nature and her love of life.
Behaviour: Anyka is very positive in nature. She believes in luck and faith and as such has let her life drift on the current of the greater picture. Though she has been treated less than she deserved by life, she tries to accept it and move on, to remain happy and relaxed.
Goals in live: Anyka has not much thought about a life of her own yet; She is perfectly happy where she is, searching the surrounding lands for food and eggs, giving her plenty of time to think and fantasize.
Favourite timepassings: Walking and Hiking, at times spying on her the people from her village. She knows all ways in and out the village and can move unseen through the houses.
Job: Scavenger
Family: Her father Joryk (40) died in the raid upon IselWegn, her mother Ysela died giving birth to Yannick. As long as she can remember she has taken care of her younger brother Yannick (18) while their father was away hunting. They don't have many other living relatives remaining, but that has never bothered her. She has good friends around the village and all the support she needs from her father and Yannick.
Homeworld: IceLand, village of IselWegn on the planet Syl'Neriss

Name: Yannick
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Looks: Yannick more resembles his father than his mother. He has light brown hair and deep blue eyes that are normal in IceLand. he has recently started growing a beard to emphasize the difference between him and his father Joryk. He is short for an IceLander, barely taller than 1.70 metre, but has enough muscle on his body to prevent anyone from teasing him because of it. The most outstanding feature about him are his flexible brows that seem to be able to move in ten different ways making his face look very expressive. 
Behaviour: Yannick is still a teen, with all the behaviours that accompany that stage in life. He is slowly starting to rebel against his father, though seeing as they are a tight family he doesn't do it as ostentatious as he usually might have done. He flirts with girls and is basically busy with his looks more than with duty, though he understands the concept and finds it important. He will grow to be a trustworthy man one day, but he has still quite a way to go... of course the tragedy the three of them suffer that chaotic night, might speed his development into the person he was fated to become.
Goals in live: become a hunter like his father because he feels that hunting is the only way in life to be truly respected. they are the brave that risk life and limb to ensure the survival of the group.
Favourite Timepassings: Working out with Spear and bow to practice his skills. Aside from that he also enjoys the occasional flirt with a girl about his age, after all, he is reaching the age to marry...
Job: Was applying to be a hunter
Family: His father Joryk (40) died in the raid upon IselWegn. His mother Ysela died giving birth to him. Yannick has passed through that awkward guilt stage where he felt that maybe it would have been better if he had not been born to save his mother, but he has worked through it, deciding that he enjoys life too much to wish it away for someone he doesn't really know. in stead he just is thankful for giving him life. Yannick has an older sister, Anyka (19).
Homeworld: IceLand, village of IselWegn on the planet Syl'Neriss

Name: Sveryk
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Looks: Sveryk has black hair that has started greying already, from the stress he jokes himself though he loves his work. His eyes are a light, confronting blue that give a view of the intelligence he is so known and respected for. He is quite a noticeable figure, striding through the village with the long pole he needs for walking, his cape wavering behind him. His handicap, he is a cripple, has been with him from the day he fell from one of the cliffs on the move to the Eastern Winter villages when he was only 10, makes him walk rather stiffly, as if he is striding all the time.
Behaviour: He doesn't show his age and maybe that is what helped him get to where he is, being respected and obeyed. Maybe that is for the better since the set of his jaw line and his bushy eyebrows show that he is not an easy character, he is stubborn and bold with no respect for his elders. Sveryk might be untraditional, he has worked harder than anyone to be accepted since the frail of body are usually the first to die in times of crisis. He wanted to show that he too had something to share that the village needed. 
Goals in live: Sveryk started out with the need to be respected and needed, but now his goals have shifted to keeping the village alive and prosperous. And even with the disaster of the raid leaving their village rather small, he won't give up his responsibility of protecting them.
Favourite Timepassings: Sveryk lives his life for the greater good, he does not like to squander time with meaningless pleasantries. 
Job: Judge and Problem Solver
Family: Killed in the raid, Sveryk is the only child of Yrene (53) and Styven (55) though they tried to give him a brother or sister, they never succeeded in their tries, leaving them slightly overcompensating on their only child.
Homeworld: IceLand, village of IselWegn on the planet Syl'Neriss

Lantessama Isle.
Anyka and Yannick are
novos at the Ryslen Flurry 2004
Sveryk is a Candidate for the Vella Crean Blood Court