Ideki & Araki

Ideki was cold. He had been running all day from the storage room to the Smithcraft Hall. Ideki came from the Southern continent, where it was always warm. But he had been apprenticed to the Smithcrafthall in the north for this term as a way to get the best out of both halls. He could see the idea was good, but he hadn't expected the winter to be that cold in the North. He rubbed his hands together and thought of his native hold and his parents in an attempt to get warm. His mother had dark blond hair, the same ice blue eyes as him and a milky white skin, even in the hottest summer she stayed white. His father was more like him, only with the dark brown eyes of the rest of his family.
He had been apprenticed 4 years ago to the southern smith Hall, he was about ready to become a journeyman, but the masters had agreed he might benefit from a year in the Northern Hall, which could only mean 2 things. Either they thought he had enough potential to make it, or they thought he was hopeless and wanted to see if the Northern Hall could make something out of him. He hoped it was the first. He looked up at the sky and noticed it was getting really dark. If he had been on the Southern continent he had been sure it would squall, of course, he didn't know what it meant here, he would soon find out. As he made his 20th run that morning it started to snow. So that was what dark clouds meant! He smiled, it was his first snowfall, but he didn't know what to do now. He decided to keep working until the snow prevented it, or it got too cold. They wouldn't be able to say he was lazy!
Soon he was the only person out there. He decided it would be safe to enter the Hall now. But before he reached the entrance he saw a blue dragon trying to land. The side winds were very strong and he could see the rather big blue having troubles with it.
He motioned to the back of the building, near the mountains, where he knew the side winds would be calmer, sheltered by the high ridges. He only hoped the dragon and his rider could see him. They apparently did.
The rider slid from his dragon and he and Ideki hurried to the Hall. It was really snowing hard now. They entered and were welcomed by the smell of hot clah.
"Shards Ideki! You were still outside in this weather?!" Then the Journeyman noticed The rider. "Who's this?"
"He's a bluerider! I saw him having troubles and went to help. That's why I'm so late."
"Ah, that's not bad then, even though you might get sick." He turned to the rider.
"So who are you and what are you doing here?"
"I'm Aras, blue Zokth's rider and I'm on search. I was caught by this weather coming out of between and tried to land. If it didn't get any better, we would have gone back between and tried back later, but we could thanks to..."
He tried to remember the name, "Ideki."
"These storms usually don't last long in the beginning of the season. Won't your dragon mind staying outside?" The journeyman said.
"No, he doesn't feel the cold." Aras said.
They waited 15 more minutes for the snow to stop falling and everyone went outside to see the dragon. Ideki was one of the last and stayed close to Aras.
"So, which Weyr are you from?"
"Blue Sky, one of the South, the weather there was a lot better."
They got closer to the dragon. "This is my dragon Zokth" Aras said. He stared in the distance for a while, smiled and said: "It seems you will be able to view the Weyr up close, Zokth says you are a good choice for the clutch."
Ideki thought for a split second about his apprenticeship, but decided being a dragonrider would be far more rewarding to him. "Oh! That would be awesome!"

PaRT 2: eXCiTeMeNT aT THe WeyR
The cold of between faded and the warm sun of the Southern Continent greeted him. Ideki felt immediately at home as the surroundings shifted by below. The volcano walls of Blue Sky Weyr suddenly filled the horizon and Zokth started spiralling down to land.
When Ideki slid down from Zokth, helped a great deal by Aras a gold blur suddenly appeared in his sight. It was gone before he could turn away.
"What was that?" he asked.
"What?" Aras asked.
"Something gold flew by."
Aras shrugged, "I'm guessing a flit."

Araki watched as Aberdeen flew back to him.
"What can you tell me about the new candidate?" he asked. The gold flit perched herself on Araki's shoulder, making herself a rather comfortable nest for her head against his short blond hair. Everything about Araki was short. But it had helped him around the Weyr, gathering information about everyone that might help him one day. It never hurt to have insurance. 
Aberdeen showed him a picture about the boy that had arrived. He wasn't exactly interesting. She had scanned his pockets and looked under his coat when it bolted up in the wind of sliding from a dragon... but she had not seen any marks.
"Good work dear." Araki said just a tad bit disappointed. He fed Aberdeen some pieces of meat as a reward and then started the climb back to the Weyrbowl. 
Araki knew all the ridges and cracks in the Weyr's surface. His mother, a greenrider name Raneen, hadn't been around much as he was growing up. Like other children he had been fostered. He still saw his mother but they didn't share a deep bond, Araki thought he might be a bit more friendly if she wouldn't be so negative about spying on people. It was not like he was doing it to hurt them. He was doing it to approve his situation... a whole different thing. And most of the time it didn't even get him anything...
Araki would soon find out he had underestimated the young Smith's apprentice that had just entered the Weyr. Halfway down a rather dusty path Araki heard a sneeze. It was the only thing that gave the other boy away.
"Who's there?" Araki asked.
"Ideki." Ideki answered the truth.
"What do you want?" Araki asked rather unfriendly when he recognised the boy he had spied on.
"To talk to you... What was your flit doing?"
"She was having some harmless fun." Araki said, getting an idea. "Like this." 
Araki whistled and relayed to Aberdeen what he wanted her to do. The rather playful gold was all too happy to go along. Her wings flapped and little claws of dirt soon flew around Ideki, splattering and obscuring his vision. Worse yet Ideki started in a cough of sneezing from the dust he had inhaled.
Araki was gone with one sweep from his cape. He had an advantage to this boy, but then Ideki shouldn't wander around the Weyr.
Araki was just around the first bend in the cavesystem when he heard footsteps behind him. He cursed under his breath and accelerated. The steps behind him got louder as well. This called for a desperate measure. For a small moment Araki felt sorry about giving up this gag he had been planning... but he'd give anything to get rid of this persistent newbie.
He turned the corners that would take them deeper into the lower caverns, right until the edge of the dangerous halls. There he hid behind a fallen rock and threw some pebbles in the back. Only seconds later Ideki ran past. Araki pulled a string fastened to set of buckets. 
"Aaaaaah!!!" Ideki screamed as the cool stale water hit him. 
"Gotchya!" Araki screamed and launched the other way, pulling another rope that let down a pile of rocks covering the entrance.
"Hey!" Ideki yelled.
"I told you not too follow." Araki said, "If you're nice I might help you get out."
"Wait till I get out... Then..."
"What then? I think I'll leave you in here for a few hours."
Araki said leaving.
Araki took a few steps... He was not planning anything of the sort. That would get him in trouble. He grimaced.
Suddenly a voice behind him sounded.
"Hey Araki! What are you doing here."
"Exploring Aras..."
Araki said, trying to look casual.
"Don't let me find you're making trouble again. I got you into this hatching but I can take you out again."
"I know." Araki said.
"Scoo." Aras said turning another corner.
Araki sighed. Araki half suspected Aras to be his father, but he had never been sure... neither had his mother. There was some similarity between them though. He really didn't want to get into trouble with him.
Carefully he looked around the edge and saw Aras standing at the edge, waiting for him.
"Ehh... Aras? I need to stay here, I'm showing that new boy around."
"Ideki? Where is he?"
"He went in a cave a bit further, I'd better get him out."
"Do that... It's dangerous down here, don't let me catch you here again."

As soon as Aras had left Araki hurried back to the cave. To his dread the small rocks and debris had already been cleared. Ideki was out!
A fist hit him on the head and dark flooded in around the edges. The fool had hit him.
"I wasn't going to leave you..." he said.
"Try that ever again..." Ideki said leaving the threat open.
"Well yeah... I can't promise you I won't."
Ideki looked at the other teenager mollified. The nerve.
"What?" he asked irritated.
"What if you go crazy? What if I need to save you?" his eyes twinkled, "What if you act like a real jerk and you need someone to pull you back to the ground."
"It's all a joke to you..."
"It really was..."
Araki said, looking up. "Truce?" he asked rubbing the back of his head with his one hand while he extended the other.
Ideki took the other's hand, not knowing if he was going crazy or just stupid.
From the edge of the caves a voice came back to them.
"Are you still there? I told you guys to get out."
"Yes Aras!" Araki shouted back.
"Not a word." Araki said to Ideki, "I have dirt on everyone here... I can teach you more than they." he winked.
"I think you are one of those people my mother warned me against. A bad influence." Ideki grimaced.
"I guess it wouldn't hurt."

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Name Ideki
Age 17 at impression, currently 20
Family Parents: Deriva and Okishy, only child
Pets None
Appearance Half long black hair, bright blue eyes, dark skin.
Intelligence Average
Thoughts very cold thoughts :)

Name Araki
Age 16 at impression, currently 19
Family Weyrbrat, his mother is a greenrider named Raneen
Pets 1 gold firelizard named Aberdeen 
Appearance Blond and short with a glitter in his eyes.
Intelligence the Sneaky kind
Thoughts How to best humiliate people.

Ideki and Araki are candidates at Blue Sky Weyr
Aberdeen also came from Blue Sky Weyr
Lantessama Isle