A Mother's Dream
Marian lived in the vicinity of the big Dark Moon Weyr, she always knew she was going to be searched, but as it turned out, noone ever came to search her in her familie's hold. She lived in a nice hold. The small Gidon River providing water for the people and animals. green fields all the way down to the sea. And the big mountain of the Weyr often shrouded in clouds. Often Marian could be found daydreaming about the Weyr. Her mother fully understanding what she wanted, but you had to be searched to become a dragonrider.
Her mother was a beautiful woman, and she had passed this on to her second daughter. Marian was tall and slender, having long curly blond hair, deep brown eyes and a straight nose. She had 2 sisters and 3 brothers who all helped where they could, because her father had lost a foot, caught between some machinery before they were born. As long as she could remember he had tried to let them have free time, but the truth was he just couldn't miss them helping. So she better forget her dreams and help.
The next morning her mother asked her to go to the next hold's gather to trade some farm products of theirs to things they needed to buy, like blankets and leather, metal tools. She got some 32 mark pieces to buy her a bubbly pie for diner and in the event that she saw anything else they could use. On the way there she passed the Weyr and saw dragons flying high above her, she waved, although they couldn't possibly notice her. And then carried on with her trading goods. At the gather she made some really good deals and could even return home without having to use her extra marks.
She lingered a bit before the Weyr and sighed, then quickly started walking again, to get home before dark. Suddenly a runner passed her, almost running her off the path and nearly trampling her as she fell to the ground. She heared the calls of the owner, to stop the runaway, but noone was near enough to stop it. A green dragon swooped down and swiftly manouverd the runnerbeast to it's owner, the animal so afraid at the sight of the dragon he could be easily guided back to his penn.
Now the dragon landed in the clearing just beyond her and the rider, a young women of about 22 turns with black hair jumping off and running toward her. "Is everything allright?" she asked and looked at her, looking for injuries. "We better take you to the Weyr to clean you up a bit." was her final judgement.
In the lower caverns a lot of people were making arrangements for the upcoming hatching. "Probably tomorrow" the rider said. "What's your name?" "Marian, I need to get home, my mother will be worried if I don't come back." Marian answered, realising she hadn't thought of her mother worrying where she could be. "Well, Marian, I'm S'in and i think we will get you home in time, but that blue there doesn't stop staring at you. He likes you, would you like to stay for the hatching?"
"Oh, I want to, but I can't I have to help out!"
"Where do you live?"
"Near the Gidon River."
"Ah, Mavi's daughter, are you?"
"How do you know my mother? She never told me she knew a dragonrider." The respect dripped from her voice, because S'in looked puzzled at her and said:
"Your mother is my aunt, she was searched once you know, but she loved your father more and never wanted to leave him, although I think sometimes she must regret giving all this up..."
They flew back home on Sridath and landed in front of the cot. Her mother ran out and hugged her, happy to see her, only then did she saw the dragon. "Oh child, did you get searched?"
"Not exactly, I got ran over by a runnerbeast and S'in took me to the Weyr, but then this blue liked me...and I don't know what to do"
"Marian, it's all you ever dreamed about, go ahead, you will make us proud."
Later as she returns with S'in she thinks and wonders about how her new life will turn out to be...if she impresses....

** ~~**

The Hatching
Marian stood tall after she entered the Hatching Sands. She had some doubts, but there soon would be another clutch on the sands in case she didn't impress. But she wanted to make her mother proud by impressing at her first go. She had been rather late, making sure she looked her best. Suddenly fear clenched her heart: what if the dragon for her had hatched and found someone else because she hadn't been there?
She nervously looked around the sands and wished for the last egg rocking to be hers. She didn't notice the going of the other new dragonriders, not even the brown-bronze Hijseth and his rider Dorin who passed right alongside her. Then finally the egg hatched and Marian waited...those seconds lasted forever...but then she heard it, a small voice, soft and kind:
"I am Vikaseth, will you be my rider."
In one joyous yell she announced everyone that the little green before her was totally her own and named herself Vikaseth. She smiled all the way down to the tables. She was totally pleased with herself and couldn't resist admiring little Vikaseth. She was a lot lighter than the other greens. That made her even more special and she hugged the green again. Explaining with that one hug what words could never express.

** ~~**

Vikaseth rose and grumbled. Her hormones had been all crazy lately and she knew that soon she'd probably rise to mate. Her rider might be ready for such a big event but vikaseth did not know for certain. She knew that if she asked Marian would smile and agree, but if she did not want it from the bottom of her heart Vikaseth would know and then she'd feel horribly guilty. No dragon wanted to harm their rider...
Marian too had noticed the, shall we say snappy-ness, that had every so often appeared in Vikaseth's moods. She too knew what this might mean. She was an intelligent woman after all, she could put one and one together. In truth she felt ready for a flight. Having one might even strengthen their bond. Marian wanted what was best for her dragon.
And thus the two of them waited, and pondered and went about things carefully. Neither wanted to let the other know just what was going on in their heads.
At some point however they could not deny the shiny patches that started to appear on Vikaseth anymore. If dragons could blush, Vikaseth would have when she finally mustered the courage to ask her mate:
"Marian, I think I need a flight."
"Finally!" Marian called out, "What took you so long?"
"You knew?"
"I would be a bad rider, or at least an ignorant one if i didn't. But you seemed to hesitate and I didn't want to push you."
"I was holding back because i didn't want to push you..."
Marian laughed, a sparkling sound that cleared the awkwardness between them.
"I don't think we have much time to prepare..."



Marian impressed at Beach Shards Weyr  
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