"Ori! Where did you put my shoes?" Uriel shouted.
"Where I always put them, dear. Under the table." Orinoco said.
"I donít know why you insist on putting them there." Uri said as she bend down to get them.
"I have my reasons." Ori said and grinned.
Uri got up and saw his grin. She grinned menaciously as she got closer to him and slapped him soft on the shoulder.
"You havenít changed since the day I met you!"
"Nah, I know youíve tried, but Iím just an old rusty fool."
"Old? Maybe, but rusty?" Uri kissed Ori and smiled. "Definately not rusty."
"How long have we been together again, Uri?"
"Hmmm, since we were 15, 13 years."
"Thatís long."
"Yeah, but it have been the best years of my life."
"Of course it was for you, you got me. I on the other hand..." Ori ducked fast and ran as the 1.70meter blonde and blue eyed vixen came after him.
"Iíll get you!" She shouted and giggled.
She caught up with him and tackled him. Forcing him on the sofa where she sat on him and shouted "Victory! Now tell me again what horrid things youíve had to live with since you married me?"
Ori gave up struggling and instead turned to face Uri. Uri, not having expected this, nearly fell. Ori grabbed her arms and helped her regain her balance. Then he counted on his fingers:
"Tidiness, Help when I need it, Regular meals and A gorgeous woman to look at. Who wouldnít complain in my position?" He smiled and took her head in his hands. "I love you, and I always will." Then he kissed her.


"Uri, I think we should consider this." Ori said.
"What dear?" Her yell from the bathroom came, where she was soaking in a bubbly bath.
"Gem Dragon Adoption."
"Eh? Repeat, I can't hear you!" she sang some wickedly false notes which nearly broke the glass of the mirrors. Suddenly a medium built dark man with black hair and brown eyes reflected in one of them and Uri stopped singing. She smiled.
"Now what was that important thing?"
"Gem Dragon Adoption. I found the folder on the counter, where did you get it?"
"I didn't leave anything on the counter."
"But that is where I found it." Ori looked confused. His eyebrows joined together above his nose. Uri took the bright folder out of his hands.
"Let me see."
"I thought you'd kept it because we can't have kids. I know we are happy together, but there is something missing."
Uri's expression saddened as se said
"I know, we would be the best parents ever...but we just can't."
"Adopting children also works you know, I don't even know where you can get a dragon. Maybe it's something virtual?"
"No, look at the pictures! These are real."
"I guess. Let me read it, you'll just get it wet."
The folder switched hands again. All possible colours of the spectrum intertwined, yet it didn't seem ugly and shouting. It looked very vibrant and pleasant. Ori felt a strange vibration as he turned back to the first page and started reading.
"Apparently these dragons have no legs, only wings and come in a lot of different types. They look cute too."
Uri, now out of the bath and dressing herself grabbed the folder and looked at the descriptions. She nodded.
"A lot indeed. They sound pretty too."
The folder only consisted of 5 pages and they couldn't find an address or telephone number on it anywhere.
"I wonder where we could get extra information." Uri said.
"Me too. Maybe we should try the net?"


"I can't believe the net didn't have anything on them." Uri said.
"I still can't figure out how that folder got on our counter." Ori smiled, "Maybe fate handed us a solution?"
"We could still try a regular adoption, you know a human child." Uri brought in.
"Yes, but now that you know we can have dragons....don't you feel we should at least give it a try?" Ori asked.
"Hmmm, you tend to see fate in everything, I married a hippy, I'm afraid. I suppose you want to go visit a fortune teller?"
"Don't tease, I just think this is too coincidental to be anything but fate."
"Maybe you are right. We'll try, but you will have to protect them from me if it turns out to be one big scam!" She smiled.
"It's a deal. Now how will we get there?"
The folder lighted up and suddenly they weren't at home anymore.
"I didn't think it would be this quick." Uri said.
"Second thoughts?"
"Not really, just letting the magic get to me, I'm thinking I should have given new age a second thought."

Several weeks later, Orinoco and Uriel awaited the hatching of the clutch at gem Dragons. The two of them had settled in as best they could, getting to know the place, the people and the customs. But now the thing they had waited for was finally going to happen.
Eggs lay half covered in sand, but unlike previous times they'd visited these eggs, they were now rocking. Some of them sowed cracks and most candidates had already gathered. Eggs started hatching one by one and suddenly Orinoco heard:
"My name is Oan."
Orinoco smiled and said to Uriel: "I got one!"
"So did I!" Uriel replied back, cradling a sleeping green gem dragon, "Her name is Ada.

Orinoco's Obsidian Oan (m)
Shiny, hard and sharp and can be chipped easily. These are friendly dragons who are hurt easily. (NOT for the introverts.) Powers: sharpening objects, and making helpful tools.
Chances of Bonding: medium-high.

Uriel's Jade Ada (f)
Most are dependable and as stubborn as the rock they get their gems from. Occasionally there will be a strange one like white jade. Powers: a healer, this one keeps itself and those around it healed instinctively.
Chances of Bonding: medium.

Name Orinoco
Age 28
Gender Male
Family married to Uriel
Appearance Dark, medium built with black hair and brown eyes.
Name Uriel
Age 27
Gender Female
Family married to Orinoco
Appearance Tall and blond. Build like a mannequin.

Candidacy Page for Gemstone Dragon Adoption
Lantessama Isle