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Mother, father and 2 baby twin brothers.


takes after her mother, long black hair, green eyes


takes after her father, strong willed and stubborn

Pendella walked around in circles while she played nervously with her fingers. There were eggs,...she had a chance of getting one for herself, but then, she might not. Her trip to this place was a blur. It seemed like only a week ago she had been home, helping her mother around the home and babysitting the twins. Pendella was 22, she could have been married by now, but she was too strong for any man in her village. She had an opinion about everything and could debate for hours. She had long black hair and green eyes. She looked like her mother, but resembled her father in behaviour. Often they had laughed about it and called her a Molotov mix. She was ready to take on the world in those days.
She had left her home shortly after, taking a trip round the country when she had gotten sidetracked, and now she was here, waiting...
She sighed. She stopped walking and managed to take a seat with the other candidates. They had come from all over. She couldn't spot anything in them she didn't have. But then again, she hardly knew them, They had been here for quite some time now and she had only gotten here recently. The clutch was ready to hatch, maybe the dragons had already picked and she would be left standing alone, defeated. Pendella knew she couldn't succeed at everything she did, and she had no problems with not being able to needlepoint and such, but this was different. A dragon would decide if she was worthy.
She stood back up and started walking again, softly whispering. She had managed to live without dragon for years, she would manage if she didn't impress, but then again, she would know she hadn't. And maybe that would be what would break her in the end. There was nothing Pendella could imagine that was worse than being denied by a dragon. A man, she could handle that, she didn't need any of those proud bags of air. With their talk of battle and glorious victories... drinking contests they meant with that. None of them knew the struggles of past heroes, men and women, more women than they realised who had fought for their country.
Pendella sighed... With a dragon she might one day become a heroine. Someone that people talked about in stories and sang songs about. That would be the day... The day she could show the world and any man she was as good as any of them and even better than most. A secret smile appeared on her face. She would just have to believe in herself. Self-confidence was her alley.
Suddenly she realized the other candidates were all sitting down and staring a bit in the distance. That wasn't like it was before. Some of the others also had been awkwardly moving on their chairs and nervously smiling at the others. They were listening! She stood very still and heard it. A soft moan from deep within the castle...
The doors swooped open and a voice in their heads said: "Enter."

Pendella took a deep breath, opened her eyes and looked with a bit of doubt in her heart at the shaking eggs. Today was THE day, the day when she would either know what she had missed for years, or could still only dream of the loss. With a last quick prayer to impress she took a step forward into the circle with the other candidates and waited. 
Then, in an explosion of noice, all the dragons burst free. Pendella jumped. A brown and pink dragon had come up to butt her hand with her nose. 
“You need not be afraid Pendella. You have courage and I will bring out that courage in you. I am Myanith.” Pendella kneeled to stroke the baby dragon.
are right, Myanith, I do have courage.” Pendella said as she and Myanith moved to the side. In that blissful moment she realised just what she had missed and finally understood how one could take their life when either of the team died.
"I have courage..." she whispered again, "Now that you are in my heart."

With a careful nudge (which still nearly knocked Pendella over), Myanith urged her rider to give her some attention. Impatient, Pendella looked up from her study books.
"What is it, Myanith"?
"I know you're busy training and studying to become a more dependable rider, but we could just go train outside... practice some flying."
"Not before I know all the safety measures. I can't afford mistakes if I want to make wingsecond."
"That's important too, but lately I've been feeling a bit strange."
Pendella looked up, concerned and asked: "Then should you go flying? Wouldn't it be better to visit a doctor?"
"I don't feel weak or anything." Myanith shrugged, "Just strange."
"Is you skin flaking? Maybe you're just growing."
"How much bigger do you think i'll get?" Myanith smirked, "No I just want to fly as fast and as high as I can, shine in the sun and laugh at the moon. It's a weird feeling, but not anything bad."
"Maybe we should take that flight..." Pendella mused, "And maybe I should get you signed up for a mating flight, I think that's a glowy spot right behind your ears..."

Lantessama Isle