Welcome to my home. I live in a nice home you know. With roses all around. Oh, I forgot to mention that all my roses are black. Not like the ones you see here. But I was convinced those went better with the background. I don't care, I don't need to live here...oh wait! I was tricked! Wait till I get my hands on that lying Laedrys!
Anyways, this is how I got into this mess:
I was minding my own business in my personal lair in the underworld when some death souls had the not so bright idea to approach me. They had thought that I was a soul just like them. A big mistake to make, Iím in fact a rogue demon taking sanctuary. Every now and so often I need some peace and quiet, and only my rose garden can provide it.
I even look like a soul in the underworld realm...a white transparent print of my usual self. I have long black hair and like to wear red gowns. I am always barefooted because I canít stand the lack of freedom shoes bring with them. My feet are strong and sure to walk on. Of course, no-one ever gets tired in the spirit realm.
But the not so bright souls evidently didnít notice my wings. I have them, though they are usually folded back along my body. You should have seen the look on their faces when I unfolded them and looked at them with my red-glowing eyes. Iíve never seen a soul flee more rapid. Thatís how I knew I was ready to get back to my normal realm. I liked to see them run.
As soon as I had figured that out, I left my roses and walked to the Styx. My roses are enchanted and canít die, so I didnít need to worry about them. It's not fun to enter and leave the underworld, but it also means that the realm is a fairly save place. I dove in and swam till I felt the pull of the tides. That meant I was at the halfway point. I opened my eyes and soon found the portal to my home dimension. A portal of the deepest black, with shouts of despair coming from it. I had been away too long.
Not much had changed in my dimension. I found the way to my regular home without getting lost once. I did notice some new buildings, but that wasnít unusual. I stopped and looked at my house for a moment. Itís dark grey with black lines and white masonry. A huge door leads to the hall, which is also huge with 2 twin stairwells to my rooms on the top floor. The downstairs rooms are the general living quarters, a kitchen and a room to entertain guests in. But the upstairs rooms are my pride. Not many have seen them. My library is in there, with some very rare works of medieval Satanistic art. And then there is my bedroom. A large room, I like the freedom of almost empty rooms and the resonance of sound in them, with a bed and a man-sized mirror. The man-sized mirror is how I find my victims. Sometimes it lights up, sometimes I look for them. But always does it find me the right kind of creature to toy with. It then opens a portal for me to step through. Iím only half the size of a full-grown human man, so itís quite easy to step through. Sometimes I just reach. Some of the men even come directly to me when a portal open. Those are the best toys. They are the ones that havenít known fear before. They are naive and very afraid when I start on them.
Today however, I wasnít in the mood to play. I had just returned to my home and that called for a night of celebrating in my library with wine and art. That would get me in the right mood to conjure up some interesting moves. I smiled in anticipation.
But the night didnít exactly go as I had planned. My mirror hummed. Something it hadnít done in ages, but meaning it had found something that could have a great consequence on my life. I didnít exactly believe my mirror had access to "the greater plan for all of us", but then, I didnít exactly knew the borders of itís powers. When I looked through I saw the strangest event I had ever witnessed. A full scale flight with mythical dragons, but all having some strange extra. Especially the ones with all the heads spoke to me....ahh, the countless ways I could torment humans with a creature like that....but they all captured my eye and I knew the mirror had been right. This was going to affect my life.


The way the mirror eventually decided to change my life was less oportune as I had imagined. Even if she goes well with my rose-printed wallpaper and is delightfully caustic, no-one would get scared from watching Aphida. Quite the opposite. Since I've returned to my home with her, a lot of people have stopped to ask her for directions, or just to ask to pet her. *I* do not let people touch my stuff. Aphida usually bites them, which is rather entertaining, but they still touch her. And it is hard to try and ooze the air of an evil plotting demoness when there's a pink-white-yellow creature by your side.
"Ah quit it. You're just acting anyway. Just tell them you still live with your mother and hide in the basement whenever she's mad at you for painting your room black."
See how she affects my life? *sulks*

Rosy Aphida


Roselle impressed at The Odd Frenzy at Dragon Soul.

Lantessama Isle