Shonnor is a man in his early twenties (at impression, he's 32 at present time). He was raised on his fathers domain, but never found his place in the world...Now he roams around looking for a place to settle down with his three firelizards, all males which can sometimes cause disturbance when they come across a handsome female flit...

The Impression...the story of Shonnor.
Shonnor, was traveling through the East Rock Territory. As it name suggested: it was full of rocks...His flits happily flew over them, but Shonnor had to climb them. He definitely wasn't going to stay here for a long time. He noticed the sky was already darkening, and he had only gone about 3 miles, definitely not far enough to reach the stone cave he had planned for shelter that night! He was safe from Thread though, there should be various caves around. He send Wyl out to find a nice dry cave (with a water basin preferably). He could count on the Brown, he always did his tasks very fast and without faults. But he was the oldest and very well trained. He had been very playful and nosey when he was small though.


He sent Dinar to find some wood and told So-Un he was growing well. The little bronze chirped happily, possibly because he was permitted to stay on his master's arm...In a week or two he would be old enough to start training (when he didn't only eat and sleep anymore).



He climbed some more and saw Wyl hovering above a big opening. Then he noticed the Blue dragon standing, somewhat hidden behind a big rock. Company would be nice for the evening.
He shouted a hello as he was close enough to the cave and saw a young man coming out. He had light brown hair and was rather tall. He waved his hand and helped him on the last few meters to the cave.
"This is a long way to wander, stranger" he said
"I wanted to see the world, and I got hired to deliver some letters to people here. But traveling isn't getting easy around here."
"No, I'd be happy to give you a lift. I have to stop in the holds anyway, there is a clutch on the sands and me and Ansith have to search possible dragonriders."
"that would be really great!" he shouted, glad to have the opportunity to ride a dragonback.
"I'll get us to Ryslen Weyr. There we will sleep more comfortable. Say, how many firelizards do you have?"
I've three, Wyl, the brown, Dinar, the blue and my little Bronze one called So-Un, speaking off, he's getting hungry again!"
"We'll have some scraps left for him in the Weyr...Ikara never can say no to firelizards."
As they approached Ansith the dragon started to behave weird, or so Shonnor thought, he stared him right in the face and made a really funny noise.
"What does that mean?"
"It means he likes you...Ansith almost never is wrong you know. You should attend the hatching, if you want to."
Shonnor thought a while and said: "Let me first get to see a Weyr from the inside. If I like what I see, then maybe it's the time for me to settle."
Together they flew of on Ansith, the three firelizards following. Shonnor liked the Weyr very much. There was a lot of work to be done, but still sufficient time to fly (or teleport) to some nice spots and have some alone-time... He thought he would fit in good in this Weyr.


A few weeks later the hatching began, at midnight. Every candidate was hastily woken and put on the sands, the Light Green Lovanith looking, well protective and eyeing everything in her immediate surrounding.
All of a sudden one egg hatched and a blue dragon popped out. It crashed into another egg that cracked open and revealed a Light Green, that instantly was approved by the three flits of Kalla, Kalla trying to hush them suddenly stood quiet as the light Green had made her choice.
The blue, wanting the attention of the croud roared, loud for a hatchling and looked at Shonnor, his eyes swirling with red, for he was hungry, very hungry and Shonnor could feel it.
"Shonnor I am Nimith", he said and together they left the hatching grounds. Happy with each other.

Blue Nimith

The rest of the hatching story can be read here, but Shonnor didn't know who else had impressed until the next day when training began...


Shonnor lived in the Weyrling barracks with the other new dragon pairs. Every morning started in a hurried run too the food piles when every dragon woke up starving. Then they were bathed and oiled. The afternoons were spent in easy exercises, for now at least, Shonnor looked longingly at the older weyrlings who were training. Chewing firestone and learning formations. He looked back down on the nearly sleeping Nimith as he was scrubbing him good to get some of the sand of. "Please Nimith, stay awake a little bit longer, I need to oil you"
"But I'm so tired" a little voice in his head said, "and this feels so good"
Those last words ended in a deep sigh of relief and pleasure as Shonnor rubbed a cracked bit of skin. He lovingly helped the young blue out of the water and started to rub him with oil. Now Nimith was really gone, it was good he was still relatively small, he could carry him in the barracks if some of the others lend him a hand.
Every new day Nimith seemed to have grown a bit larger, and that was probably true, because the sleeping barracks got smaller with the day.
4 weeks had passed since the hatching, and all the hatchlings had become rather big and strong. they could stay awake (a bit longer, they still liked sleeping). But they still needed a lot of food to keep growing. Soon he would be able to support his weight and then they would learn how to fly together. That was Shonnor's happiest dream: to fly on Nimith and see the terrain fly by underneath...he was always happy when he dreamed that, and he hoped Nimith dreamed about it too.


When Nimith grew too big to stay in the Weyrling barracks they moved to a nice small weyr in the cliffs. Nimith and Shonnor easily established a routine, wich was a first in Shonnor's life, he was a bit tensed at the start, but Nimith helped him through. The Blue sensed the need to wander in his mate and usually turned his big glowing eyes toward him asking:
"Don't you like me enough to stay, Shonnor?"
Followed by crooning when Shonnor scratched the eyeridges saying
"You are the best dragon ever, Nimith, how can you think I don't like you when I am still here?"
In the mornings they trained with the others, practicing with firestone and flying between. But the best times they had when Nimith fed, because then they had the time to fly straight to the Weyr, sometimes taking minor diversions to check out the scenery. In the afternoon Shonnor usually had to help around the Weyr, since he was older than the other weyrlings and had some muscles that usually meant carrying around sacks of supplies and helping stack them in the storage caves. It was only then he realized he had been lucky to be found on search, in most weyrs candidates were only allowed to the age of 25 and he was 23!
When he and Nimith were found skilled enough in flying between without supervision they could deliver messages and persons. They both liked that, getting to places, hearing stories. Nimith tried to be friendly to every passenger, but usually those got scared after the rather big blue threw his head around to give a friendly nudge. Nimith not quite understanding needed to be reassured every time. The weeks passed and Nimith grew to his full length, he was big for a blue, but not the biggest around and always sweet and caring when it came to humans...though not every human understood him, he kept on being nice.
Now having his own weyr, Shonnor's Firelizards were more around as well, they hadn't liked sleeping in the barracks, so they usually stayed outside and being around 12 weyrlings learning to chew firestone also didn't appeal to them, so Shonnor saw little of them in the mornings, in the afternoons they usually fluttered around him. In the weyr he shared with Nimith, they usually found a place on the blue's body to sleep. Luckily for them Nimith was a calm sleeper. So-Un was now a sturdy looking adult bronze chasing all female flits around, green or gold. He wasn't trained all that properly because Shonnor had had little time, but he could start now, the bronze already obeyed most of his commands, it was more a matter of "what does he mean?" then "will I do it?'.

SO-UN as adult


Shonnor jumped off Nimith, his dragon catching him halfway down to the ground.
"Nimith, what's this?" Shonnor asked, swaying head down with his legs held firmly by Nimith.
"Just trying to get your utter most attention."
"Well you got it. What did you want to ask? And quickly before my head bursts from all the blood."
"I'd like to fly"
"You know I'm always ready for a change." 
"Oh... I just thought you liked it here."
"I've seen most of it, both on foot as adragonback. I could go for some new adventure."
"Tell me a bit more about this female you want to chase."
"She's well worth the excitement. Even if some might say that she isn't that spectacular, I still see what they can't. She's really awesome. She's got a lovely personality too...I just hope there won't be too many skilled dragons after her." Nimith winked.
"Yeah it would be great if you could win once... For you as well as for me." Shonnor smiled back, "I hear all about this wonderful experience of making love when your dragon has won a flight yet in the 10 years we've been together that hasn't happened yet."
Nimith looked down ashamed.
"Ah, I was just kidding. Let us go pack our bags and leave for our destination. The trip will be worth it, even if you don't win. Maybe we can stick around afterwards?"


Shonnor impressed at Ryslen.

Lantessama Isle