This is a Candidacy Page for Abri Weyr


Name Synli
Age 20
Family Parents: Megan and Jona, One sister: Leora (25)
Pets None
Appearance Gentile looking, rather small, with soft light brown hair and green eyes. Usually smiles all the time.
Intelligence Above Average
Thoughts Friendly thoughts, she wants to help. Sad thoughts


Synli sat down sadly on the bench in the Garden of her cothold. She sighed and wiped away the tear dripping from her eyes. She tried one last time to keep her grieve within, to be strong...but she couldn't. She felt more tears coming and cried. It had been a week since her mother had died. Megan had been only 50 turns, not old. But a terrible sickness had weakened her, and the next had killed her. 6 months of seeing her mother slowly disappearing had made Synli sad. She and her sister had done all they could to help her, to save her, but nothing had helped. 2 weeks ago her mother had called them with her. "Girls," She had said, "I feel I'm weakening too fast now to hold on much longer. I feel sad that I have to leave you so soon, without seeing you two get real happiness. But I know you will. Life has a way of finding you. You can't hide from it. Life can be cruel, but it also can be joyful. Please don't get sad at me leaving, maybe we'll meet again."
A week later she was gone. Synli hadn't smiled since, she had lived in a fuzzy gray world, feeling almost nothing. She had tried not to cry and to keep happy for her mother. But she couldn't keep living like this.
And now she cried, she felt terribly guilty about it. She wanted to be happy like her mother wanted and live life to it's fullest, but she couldn't!
She was still crying when Leora came out and found her. Leora sat down beside her and started to talk to her:
"Shhh Synli. Don't cry. Not now, the day is too nice to cry. It's the first fair weather we've got this entire turn!"
"But I can't keep pretending I'm not hurt! And now I feel guilty..."
she sobbed.
"You don't have to be guilty. I've cried too, that's normal, Mother didn't say you couldn't cry, just that she didn't want you to never smile again."
Leora wiped away some of the tears on Synli's face."
"Let's go shopping tomorrow, maybe that will relax us a bit."


They left early to the nearest hold. Leora had thought it might be a gather, and she was right. The weather was good and there was no thread today anywhere near them. The gather stalls were up by the time they got to the hold. They walked around, looking at items, sometimes buying something. Synli had to admit she felt a little better, but her mother still wandered the edges of her mind. Smiling was something she couldn't do just yet.
Then she saw it, a smooth woven cloth in just the colour her mother liked. It brought tears back in her eyes. She turned around and ran away from the gather, leaving Leora baffled.
Synli ran and ran, not knowing where she would end up.
She must have run in a circle, because she suddenly saw the towers of the hold again. She stopped and looked up. A silver shimmer caught her eye. She didn't know where it came from until she got closer and saw a silver dragon with blue wings and ridges standing on a grassy field. The dragon looked at her, it's head tilted, it's eyes whirling slowly blue. Synli was almost hypnotised by the eyes. She came closer and looked directly in them. She lifted her hand, all she wanted to do at that moment was touch the dragon's skin. Slowly her hand drifted down to the dragon.
"What are you doing there?" The magic broke, he hand went back up, her eyes focused. She looked straight into the eyes of a young woman, looking so like her sister she started to cry again. the woman at first was a bit unsure how to act, then she took her hands and said: "What's wrong?"
"I left my sister standing on the gather and you look just like her, I only ran because something reminded me of my moter and...." Synli mumbled the whole story to the woman, sobbing between sentences. When she came to the part about the dragon, she almost slipped back in the trance.
"Well, Zalaeith likes you too. You see I was here on search, but she didn't find any likely candidates in the hold. i decided to visit the gather to get some leather and when I came back you were here and Zalaeith kept telling me she had found a candidate."
"I would love to go to the Weyr, but I need to tell my sister. Seeing a hatching would be nice."
"You don't quite understand. Zalaeith feels you could impress a dragon. That's why she wants you."

That was too much for Synli in her present state of mind. She fainted. Valecaea told Zalaeith to carry Synli to the hold and went to find her sister. She found her fast, Leora had been worried sick about Synli and was desperately looking for her everywhere on the gather. She was getting a lot of angry looks, but she didn't care. She almost screamed when she felt Valecaea's hand on her shoulder, but managed to keep her mouth shut.
"I know where your sister is, follow me please."


Synli awoke and smiled, she had had the most amazing dream! She had seen a dragon and had been invited to a hatching! She couldn't wait to tell her silly dream to Leora. But Leora was there.
"Why are you here?" she asked.
"Synli, you fainted on the gather."
"But I was only dreaming that!"
"No you weren't, we were there, you ran away from me and I looked for you for hours! then I get led here by this woman who said you had fainted. I'm glad I finally found you!"
She said and hugged her sister.
"But then....The dragon was real too?" she mumbeled.
"What did you say?" Leora asked.
"The dragon! I'm asked to be a Candidate!" she shouted, tears of joy coming in her now sparkling eyes.
Synli felt she had to grasp this opportunity with both hands! it would turn her life upside down, but change wasn't always bad.


Synli didn't quite understand. From what she had heard they still needed one more candidate. And 3 of the others had only arrived that day! But she couldn't argue with the fact that the eggs were rocking. Hard. She took her place amongst the other candidates and waited.
Suddenly an egg cracked and a blue broke free of it's egg. It went straght to the candidate of it's choice. A very good sign. Synli hoped those signs would translate to her own life too. Impressing wasn't the highest priority. She'd have other chances to stand and impress. She wanted to heal first rather than impress. But here she was, waiting, she still considered it to be a dream. A very happy dream. She smiled softly, waiting to wake up when she heard it! The softest voice she had ever heard, but it was there and heard just by her:
"Yllisiath?" She asked, amazed that she knew the name of the little green that went unnoticed by the others.
"I'm no dream Synli."
Synli smiled again. For once believing she might be there for real. For one time forgetting all of her past until she was just there. Together with Yllisiath.
"I know Yllisiath."
"Leora was right, Synli. It is good for you to remember your mother, but she would want you to be happy now."
"Oh, I am!" Synli told her as she got down to hug the dragonet. "And I know Leora will be, too."
An arm still around Yllisiath, she turned to search the stands for her older sister. She waved and left for the food tables.


Time healed wounds better than any doctor and so it had healed Synli's heart as well. The smile that had so often been on her face was there again. Yllisiath of course thought that time had had nothing to do with the change. After all wasn't it her wonderful presence that had healed Synli? To accredit time for such a marvelous thing was silly.
"I still think it was time." Synli said, "I needed to work through things."
"All you needed was me." The green dragon insisted.
Finally Synli shrugged and gave in to the dragon's wiles. After all life with a bad-tempered Yllisiath might make her life as bad again as it had been.
"At least you know it." Yllisiath snorted.
"Maybe it would have been better if you'd used your wonderful healing abilites on someone else." Synli quipped. She winked but Yllisiath hadn't missed the humour in her throughts.
"You heretic." she jabbed back, "I guess you won't see the brilliance in my next idea either."
"What idea?" Synli asked.
"To spread my genes so I won't help just you but a whole score of saddened humans."
Synli laughed out loud, "Only you would think of that."


Lantessama Isle