Caged Bird
"Tryne!" Lean Shouted. "Mother wants you!"
Tryne sighed, what had she done wrong this time? She straightened her dress and went to her mother's room in the hold. Her father and mother were the Lord Holders of Geria Hold. She was their 5th child out of 9. While she was hurrying to get to her mother, Felinx her green firelizard came up behind her and tried to settle on her shoulder.
"No Felinx! You know mother hates you." she said.
The green firelizard chittered sadly and disappeared to her room, because she got images of the purple sheets on her bed. She passed by some drudges on the way and managed to look into the great hold mirrors to see if her hair was still presentable. Her mother hated untidyness and a sloppy appearance. To her relieve everything was in order. She took the stairs and ended up at her mother's door. She knocked.
Come in" her mother said.
"You had sent for me?" Tryne asked.
Yes. We're entertaining guests tonight. You're to dress up and accompany us on our table."
"Of course mother."
she replied and was given permission to leave.
Her mother always arranged who did what in the hold. If she had to sit on the Lord Holder table and not with the other relatives, it meant there was a boy her age she had to entertain. Tryne was 18 and not unpretty, with long brown hair and light brown eyes. She was wearing a light beige linen tunic and long skirt at the moment, quite decent, but not enough for entertaining, she'd need to change into something more appropriate.
She ran up more stairs to get to her room, quickly stroked Felinx and opened her closet. She started to sweat already when she thought of wearing those gowns in the middle of summer. At the far left end she spotted something in soft yellow with white accents that didn't look too warm. She took it out and saw that it was decent too. Must be a leftover gown from Lean. Sweet of her to hang it here. She hoped she wouldn't make a habit of leaving stuff in her room though.


As she had expected she saw a young man at the Lord Holder table when she came down. She recognised him as Derellan, the son of the Lord Holders of Quivern Hold. When she noticed the smug smile on her mother's face, she didn't quite know what to expect from the boy. The meal started well enough, Derellan was a good speaker and they often laughed. But when she asked him why he had come here, he answered "To see my future wife of course." and tried to kiss her, she stood up as fast as she could, smacked him on the cheek and yelled: "I'm not be married right now, and when I do, it be to someone of my own choosing!" She turned to her mother and said, eyes burning with disgust: "Mother, how could you!"
Her mother, seeing that Tryne was making a scene to embarrass her, quickly gestured to her brothers to take her away. She followed them out. Tryne tried to shout, but Dirk held his hands over her mouth. Felinx appeared suddenly, chittering, diving down and swooping back up, alarmed by Tryne's despair.
They reached her room, Tryne was pushed in, the door locked behind her.
"Stay here then young Lady!" Her mother only used that term when she was really angry. "After all the trouble I had for finding you a suitable husband, you repay me like this? Let's see how you like this!"
She heard them leave, she was alone. She paced up and down her room trying to get rid of some of her madness. She needed to think, find a way to escape. They weren't going to keep her here, nor were they marrying her off to the first available chap around. Derellan had been good company, but not someone who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with! She sat down and started to look for things to do to keep her busy.


Tryne looked up from her boring needlework when she heard a distant roar. She ran, well, that is if you can call it running in the gown she was wearing, to the open window and looked out just in time to see a big bronze and several blues and greens launching themselves from the Weyrridges. Could it be that there was a search?
Tryne sighed. How free dragonriders must be! Able to fly anywhere they wanted to be in the blink of an eye. She sighed. There was no way her father would let her go to ask if she could stand as a Candidate. It was al she wanted to do though. She went away from the window and went to the green firelizard tucked away in her sheets. Felinx lifted her head once when she felt the movement of the bed, but put it down again quickly when she felt the stroking of Tryne.


Bronze Segrath and his rider L'tin landed just outside the large hold. "Now be a good searchdragon, you hear?" L'tin said.
"I'm always good."
"I know, but this is a big weyr and we need to come of looking like professionals, not just like last minute changes because of a broken leg."
he smiled, "I want to do this the right way. Do you sense a good candidate in their?"
"There is one, very willing."
"Ahhh, then I'll go meet up with the Lord holders."
L'tin said and started to walk to Geria Hold.


When L'tin entered the Hold Hall, he saw a big commotion, a lot of people were speaking, few of them were eating. He looked around and saw the Lord Holder table, he went over, bowed and said:
"Good day Lord Holder Feral, I've come to ask you if you can spare people to stand at Ryslen."
The Lord Holder looked puzzled at him at first, then pulled himself together and said:
"Of course I can, it's an honour. Good of you to come at this time."
L'tin didn't quite understand what had happened, but he then noticed the rage in the Lord Holder's Lady. He turned back to feral and said:
"If you could arrange to bring out all young people so my dragon can see if they are right for this clutch?"
"Of course."
The Lord Holder stood up and clapped his hands, most of the people turned and quieted down.
"There is a dragonrider here on search, everyone willing to stand go outside."
Outside L'tin led the people to his dragon. But Segrath shook his head at al of them.
"But there was one willing you said, whoever it was, he or she isn't here."
"She, can't come." Segrath said.
"Then where is she?" he asked Segrath.
With draconic precision, Segrath pointed the end of his tail to a window in the hold.


The bronze dragon looked in her window. Tryne had watched him ever since she had noticed him land. He was big and very calm. He didn't seem to have any interest in her, although she couldn't believe he could see her all the way in here, locked away in her room. His eye made her room alive with rainbow colours, until he blinked, then it was black, as black as between must be. Suddenly the dragon lowered his head, a male head came popping through the window saying: "My, my, aren't you the caged birdy! My dragon thinks you have great potential to stand for a clutch."



Name Tryne
Age 18
Family Parents: Sylda and Feral.
Siblings: Frinch (male, 25), Seandra (female, 23), Lean (female, 22), Dirk (male, 20), Tryne, Wanda (female, 17), Mia (female, 15), Fyldo (male, 13), Danio (male, 12)
Pets Green firelizard Felinx
Appearance Long brown hair, light brown eyes
Intelligence Average
Thoughts Wants to be a dragonrider, wants to be free. She doesn't want to stay locked away in a hold.


Tryna woke up. Relaxed. She took the sheets of the bed she lay on and walked outside. It was still early and most of the Weyr was still sleeping. This was the hour Tryne loved the most in the Weyr. The hour of peace and calm. She woke up most days around this time. She looked up and watched the glittering sun appear above the Mountain ridges.
That wasn't right. Tryne frowned her head. The sun wasn't supposed to move so fast. Then Gold Mezireth appeared above the Weyrbowl and started bugling. It was happening?
She ran back inside, trying not to trip or loose her sheets. Inside the lower Cavern she dropped her sheets on the ground and put on her clothes. Then she took the white linnen hatching gown and raced to the bathing room. She wanted to be first. She wanted to see all of the hatching. Some of her nervousness got through to Felinx, who woke up and appeared right above her. The little green sat down and started humming.
"I know it's happening!!!! You don't have to tell me." The flit looked up and tilted it's head. 'Not croon? Why?' she seemed to be saying. 'It's a hatching, isn't it?'
Tryne ran down the bowl and into the hatching sands. She wasn't the first, but most of the other candidates still needed to get in. She looked around and saw the abandoned dragons waiting to find a mate. They had known first of course, and they didn't have to wear hatching clothes. They were pretty as always.
The eggs started rocking. The first cracks appeared. It seemed like all the candidates stepped forward when the first egg cracked. But only Tryne smiled, and the little cream dragonet smiled back.
"I am Neath, Tryne."



"Neath! Wait for me!" Tryne yelled, Neath was ready to take off as usual. Without her. The cream female loved to fly, so did Tryne, but she couldn't just leap in the sky and spread her wings like Neath.
"Hurry!" Neath said and flapped her wings to encourage her to run faster.
"I'm here!" Tryne said and hastily fastened her riding gear tot he dragon. "Where are we going today?"
"I want to go to the beach!" Neath let her know.
"Yes!!! It's fun at the beach. You can wash me."
Tryne laughed at her dragon's words. They had been to the beach to wash Neath too often to Tryne's judgement.
"Do you have a boyfriend around there?" She asked.
"Not me." a silence followed where the chuckle was supposed to be. Neath was definately hiding something.

They appeared above the beach. It was empty, they'd have all the room they need to wash Neath. Tryne called Felinx in and asked her to find some friends to help. Usually when she used firelizards to help her she got wet from top to bottom, but at least the job was done faster.
The fair appeared above her head and she recognised some of them. Felinx was making friends. Tryne hoped she wasn't neglecting her firelizard, she had been her only confidant back at the hold and deserved better.
"She's happy with us." Neath said.
"Really? How would you know? I don't see you two hanging around together much."
"We sleep together. She dreams happy."
Tryne continued scrubbing Neath.
Suddenly Felinx let out a screech and launched herself from Neath's head. Some blues, browns and bronzes followed her.
"Neath!" Tryne said... "Have we been coming here for Felinx?"
"Of course, she likes the blue with the scar on his side. She dreams of him too."
"You could have warned me!"
Neath dove back down and let the remaining firelizards scratch her neckridges. Tryne leaned on the cream dragon and felt the surge of emotions come over her as Felinx got caught. She wished she had a boyfriend. She wished she wasn't alone at the beach.
"You aren't alone. We are here. As for a boyfriend, I'll rise one day too."
"Don't remind me!" Tryne wished that day wouldn't come anytime soon.


Tryne kept a close eye on Neath, she watched her so intensly she didn't see the obvious. Her dragon was an adult, and would be ready to mate soon. Finally someone asked her where they would be flying.
"Me and Neath? Don't be so silly, she isn't halfgrown yet!"
"She is. Look at her, and then look at the other dragons, she won't get any bigger."

Tryne had shrugged and left the fool to reconsider. Neath wasn't ready yet. She would know!

"Where are we going today?" Neath asked.
"I've got to deliver a message to Ryslen." Tryne said.

When they arrived at Ryslen a female had just risen to mate. It was a green and she was chased by 6 blues and browns. The manoeuvres were spectacular. But the words of the fool kept ringing through her ears: "She won't grow any bigger...she is an adult..."
"Of course I am." Neath answered
Tryne gulped, she wasn't ready yet. But she needed to do what was best for Neath, she deserved to fly.
"Want to fly?" She asked.
"Not yet, my rider," Neath answered, "First I want to see the world."


Valentine Frenzy at CY
Neath had kept her promise. She had been an adult a full 2 years now, but somewhere she longed to fly. She longed to show those males that she was a worthy oponant and that catching her would be tough.
Tryne couldn't keep ignoring her dragon's feelings. She had grown up as well and hoped she would be ready for a flight. Somehow it wasn't very appealing to her. What if Neath chose a dragon whose rider was totally wrong for her?
"Don't worry." Neath said, "I wouldn't do that to you. Besides I chose you, and therefor whomever I chose next will be as right for you as for me." This sample of draconic logic confused her. But Tryne knew Neath was right. She should trust her dragon more.
"Alright, Neath. Hav you got something in mind for your first flight?"
"I do. I heard some dragons talk about a Valentine's day frenzy at Cy Dragonstake. I'd like to rise there."

Tryne swallowed. A frenzy was something totally different from a flight. Before she could change her mind about trusting Neath however she nodded and said: "Cy it is."

Tryne impressed at Ryslen
Lantessama Isle