This is a Candidacy Page for Cy Dragonstake


The curtain of the stage opened. Out comes a man holding a long thin flute. He bows, puts the flute at his lips and starts blowing it, making an enchanted kind of music you have never heard before.
The music takes you back to lost worlds, to forgotten times...A female voice starts singing about the wind in your hair and the love in your heart. The voice is as pure as the singer is unseen. 
Further back the music takes you. You are young, restless and deeply in love. You have to see your lover. Now. The flute and the voice play separate parts now. The flute tells you of a man, handsome and strong. His thoughts far away from the road he's travelling. The voice starts singing a lullaby for a newborn child. A longing sounds in her song...and a sadness. A sadness so hurting it makes you cry. 
A curse you gasp, instantly knowing their ill-fate. The woman, believing her lover is death and the man knowing she is lost. Knowing he will never touch her hair again, or look in her eyes. Knowing he will never see his child. 
Hours go by as the flute and voice carry on their tune. The man always playing, the voice always unseen. Then as the day fades into night and the night fades into morning they both stop. Some last notes speak of a hope. Hope laying in distant planets and Fragile Dragon Wings. 
The flute tells you of a man rushing forward on a horse. Straight forward until a castle appears. The man rushes in, leaps off. Steadily the sounds get louder, almost drowning out the voice. Then suddenly the flute stops with one last sad vibrating note. The sound echoes round the theatre as the voice takes over. Telling you about her child. A girl she tells, Hair as gold and eyes as blue as mountain lakes. You smile softly as you recognise the image of beauty reflected in those notes. 
The flute takes over again. In the castle you see him run around, opening doors, looking for her. His heart has lead him here. But he can't find her. And then, in the last door, smaller and even more neglected than the rest a squeek sounds.
The flute echoes the squeek and carefully opens the door, looking around the corner. A tremor alerts you about the imminent danger. But then the sound dies down and you hear a melody as clear as a spring stream. It rushes and bubbles and takes over the melody. Happy it sounds, setting a permanent undertone for the tragic lovestory. At this point you realise the man has found an ally. A strong dragon that will take him back to his lover. You laugh out loud as you hear about the tricks the dragon plays and how it eludes time space and basic physics in getting his bond home.
Suddenly lightning splits the sky and you recognise the distinct pattern of Wings. Big wings as yellow as a golden sun. You are blinded, but you can still hear the two lovers  when they materialise on stage.
"Stillness." he whispers to her.
"Echo." she says.
Your eyes become clear again and the entire stage is gone. The flute and voice have disappeared, but for a moment you can still hear the happy dragon flying in the sky... happy that he can return the little family home.


Echo adopted yellow Telosh at Cy
Stillness is standing at Cy


"It is good for us to be together again." Stillness said to Echo.
They kissed and Stillness left, entering the sands. Outside Echo and Muse stood waiting.
"What's she do, Daddy?" the young girl asked.
"Get a dragon."
"Like Telosh?"

Inside Stillness waited. The eggs were rocking. The rhythm of each egg was different, but still the rocking of each egg added to a delightful melody.
The first egg hatched, a blue with beautiful lightning stripes on his wing. But he wasn't for her, she knew. His music wasn't hers to see. A second erupted, a speckled green. She wasn't for her either. Her music was to happy to be hers. The green agreed and went to one of the two other girls. But the next, a soft speckled yellow dragon was just right for her. She could hear her music, notes as soft and dripping as a forest after rain. Yet the dragon didn't knew where to go.
"Who are you looking for?" Stillness asked.
Then somehow, the little yellow dragon heared the music. The voice and the flute and a soft tambourine joining her melody in a new song of promise.
"I was looking for you. Only for you."
Stillness gasped for breath as she and the dragon linked their minds.


Stillness led Anraea out. Her soft speckles shimmering in the moonlight.
"New dwagon?" Muse asked, running towards her mother.
"Yes, dear, her name is Anraea."
"She's pretty."
Anraea, glad with all the attention looked around to see her new family. Finally her eyes meet up with the slightly older Telosh.
"Hello." she said, "My name is Anraea, what's yours."
"Are we friends?" Anraea asked because Telosh wasn't as happy as a yellow was supposed to be.
"I am, for you, but I remember."
"oh!" she said as she saw what had happened to him. That was no way to treat a dragon. She ran towards him, pressing her little body close to his and said:
"You'll never be alone anymore. Without you I wouldn't have found my Stillness."


Anraea lifted her heavy head from Telosh' body. She was still tired, but something told her she should wake up. She had grown very fast the past months, she was a teen, still very playful, because yellows never lost that trait, but also a little more aware of what was happening around her. Their riders were out, probably watching the Valentine Frenzy that was taking place.
A soft burst of anger flared up inside her. She hadn't been allowed to fly because she was yellow, puh, like she wouldn't know what love was.
"You are just a teen." Telosh commented, awakened by her angry thoughts, "They wouldn't have let you fly anyway."
"I don't see you flying." she said.
Telosh got a bit unpatient with this foolish talking. Anraea had no idea what had happened when she had impressed Stillness, she was still too young to understand. Stillness and Echo were bonded almost as strongly as he was with Echo and Anraea with Stillness. He would never fly another female and thus he needed to wait. But tell that to this silly little teen who was going to be his mate in a year or so when she was grown up!
Anraea paced around her room and looked outside, trying to catch a glimp of those red-white-orange dragons. But they were either too high or too far away to see.
"Come back and sleep." Telosh yawned and closed his eyes again. But Anraea wouldn't. She sat down in the opening leading outside and watched, gazing at the sky, trying to find some sign of a dragon mating. Her silhouette remained there long after the Frenzy had happened.
"One day"... she thought.



Anraea lay lazy looking at the water. She could go for a swim... But she was too tired. She had been training with Telosh. That dragon never let her have any time for herself! Well she had time now, but she was tired. She closed her eyes.
Suddenly the little feet of Muse came running into Anraea's chamber. Muse stopped when she saw the big hunk of speckled yellowness and exclaimed:
Anraea lifted her head and looked at the
child. Waiting. Muse always made her point, but never at once. The girl looked around in the chamber, picking up stuff and putting it back down. She was humming a tune.
"Mommy want you."
Anraea got up and flew out. When she looked back she saw Muse staring out the big window she had flown out of, waving. She flapped her wings and swirled her tail in a reply.