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Name: Melancholith
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Personality: Melancholith is depressed. He doesn’t know why. He doesn’t need a reason why. Life sucks, and all he wants to do is mope about it. He just wishes that everyone would leave him alone so he could brood...Oh yes, and this background... it sucks even more *tries to scratch away the brightness*
Origin: Cy Dragonstake's April Fools dragon Giveaway

Want a piece of me??? 
Wait till I'm dead! I won't be around much longer. Who cares.

Melancholith, much to his dismay, attracted a flock of bright-coloured butterflies that have been hovering around him ever since. Cursing his bad luck (or the seriously cruel owner that is so lucky to have him and would wish to huggle him to dead if she ever got her clutches on him), he has often called his seven little helpers by derogative names. Dwarves is one of his favourites (since they are... well tiny dragons, plus there's seven of them. Melancholith has watched Snow White, only the ending was wrong, such a happy ending oes not exist in real life), but he has also used: Scum, Dregs of Society, Wimps, Annoying little dirtbags, Crybabies (though truthfully they don't cry, but calling them laughbabies doesn't sound dark enough) and 'You! the death of me!' though it is unknown if he means the group or a single one with that phrase (betting is still open). All in all, it's been a rough time adjusting but deep down we're all sure he loves them (or this particular cruel owner will really get him to come over and receive punishment *smirk*)
Red Do (f), Orange Re (m), Yellow Mi (f), Green Fa (f), Blue Sol (m), Purple La (f) and Pink Si (m)
Origin: Lantessama Summer Clutch 2005

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