Rainbow Atcydia Seren

Seren swam along the coastline of Southern Slithern Sea, and looked for eggs. She had left her native seas on the planet of Syl'Neriss in the vicinity of Gineya Isle to take her chances at finding a mate on this faraway planet. Letting her sleak body drift on the currents, she headed further down the coast and kept her eyes open. Looking for the white of eggs she didn't notice the sleak black-green shape that snuck up behind her and suddenly took hold of her tail. Turning in panic, creating a cloud of sand and bubbles it took Seren a while to register the voice inside of her head: "Dearest mine, don't be startled. I just wanted to tease a little".



Name Seren
Gender Female
Age Adult
Appearance Muted Rainbow Atcydia with a water-patterned hide.
Thoughts Gineya is, like the majority of the Atcydias, optimistic and fun to be around. She likes playing in the vast ocean surrounding the Isle and has seen probably all of it's sandy bottom playing tag with her friends.
Seren presents herself as a big kid, but she can be serious if the situation demands it (though not very long)
Parents Pink Ouanda and Blue Merin
Homeworld Gineya

Seren was adopted at Gineya Isle
Seren has joined the Wyld Hunting Parties
Lantessama Isle